Over 230 locations worldwide tuned in Saturday evening, November 12th, to witness a Remnant Fellowship worship assembly, which also happened to be the Covenant Wedding of G Pittman and Britney Thomas. It was a beautiful evening of music, heartfelt vows, and a powerful message from Gwen Shamblin entitled “The Definition of True Love… It Builds”…

“The world is devoid and yet desperately trying to find this love.   Even though they seek and search, most are only offered the fading, shallow, superficial one- dimensional love.  Out of the abundance of the heart so mouth speaks – do you build or destroy?  Are you one-dimensional or two-dimensional?  Are you afraid to love because it will not be returned?  Do not be afraid or self-protective. God will reward and protect you.  God has loved like this for infinity and yet he still survives. Love will abide. How do you get this love?  When the perfect comes, the imperfect will fade away.  Jesus Christ was perfect in altruistic love.  Why is praise of man so wrong?  It is because it destroys. Satan came to destroy – Jesus came to build.

“We do not take this covenant ceremony of what God has put together lightly. While the world is crying for stability – “Doesn’t anyone stay together any more?”  “Doesn’t anything stay the same anymore?” – we have learned that only God and His Kingdom are stable, for it teaches us true love and hope in the unseen.  I praise God for this union today for it is based on a solid foundation…the Rock of Jesus Christ and his true love, as you can tell by their vows said today before God and man.   Far beyond the physical into the spiritual union. The only time two people can become totally one is when both of them have died to their own wills and are now living the selfless life of Christ who came to build and not destroy. It is true that God can do miraculous things when there is only one spouse who is dead to self and alive to the Spirit of God and Christ and lives for the Kingdom of God, but we teach at Remnant Fellowship to unite those who have been born again…those who have surrendered their own ambition and are new creations.

“My prayer for G and Britney and all unions to come is that they would find, discover, and uncover the mysterious act of love and never turn away from divine love of building up the unseen – having faith and building up the other person. We warn that what God has built – a human life, a church, a kingdom and a marriage – what God has built and put together – let no man separate or destroy. Do not be afraid of the altar of love that builds, for it will be worth it all in the end, for love never fails.”
The remainder of the evening was spent in celebration and dancing before the Lord. This was a night that will not soon be forgotten, as the message of true love impacted many and encouraged them to go further in both their relationship with God and their relationships on earth!

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