A new site that’s getting some attention on the web is Pinterest.  It’s like a virtual pinboard, where a user can set up a “board” and pin pictures and links they’re interested in.  Each board can have any theme you want, (think recipes, clothing, ect…)  When you’re browsing the web and see something you like, simply hit the “Pin It” button, which you’ll have to insert on your Bookmark Bar.  This posts a photo onto your board. Inserted into each of the photos is a link to that particular site you found the picture on.  (See the photos on this article to get an idea of what a typical board looks like). Some people are using it for saving recipes, style ideas or for any other type of interest.  We could probably see some evangelical uses for Remnant members on this site.

One of the catches is that you have to be invited to sign up, whether by a friend who’s already a member or by the site itself (you can request an invite).  We’re trying to make it easy for anyone in Remnant to join by posting this article, so you can all link up together and find current members.  Then let the creativity begin…  Pinterest has definitely made it easy to interact with other users because you can “like” their pics or boards, as well as “follow” other users who have boards you’re interested in- it will send you a notification every time that person adds a “pin”/photo, link to their wall.  You can also leave comments on each photo or board you come across. And it’s easy to share your board with the world using the Facebook share button or the Tweet button.

Why don’t some of our members get involved and see if it’s a good method of evangelism.  Send in or post links to your boards on this article thread.  If you’ve got some really great ideas for using your board for Remnant we may post them in a later article. Also help us out by giving feedback about the site and any other ideas.  Finally, if there are any Remnant members already on Pinterest, if you choose, post your info here so those who are wanting to join can get an invite. Oh, and did we mention there’s also an app for Pinterest.  Thx- ms

Here’s the website to get started…   http://pinterest.com/




  1. Gkaunisto says:

    COOL! Another way to spread the good news! looking forward to figuring this out. Thank you Michael!

  2. Zionnana says:

    I am looking forward to using this to Evangelize, especially Internationally.

  3. Zionnana says:

    Did I forget to say thank you Michael Shamblin for this great idea. Will be looking forward to using this technology.

  4. MistyWolcott says:

    I am excited to see how this helps to get the truth out! Here is a link to a board I created several weeks ago. Thank you Michael for all you do!!!

  5. MelonieLevernier says:

    One of their categories is Prints and Posters and most of the things pinned there are quotes, etc that are printed/designed creatively. We could find some saints that have the gift of creativity/graphic design/art that can make up some beautiful prints of life changing quotes that we have all been taught by Gwen. ex. “You fall in love with what you focus on.” We then put them on the Weigh Down or Remnant site, maybe even offer them for sale (I would love some to hang on my walls), then pin them from those sites to individuals Pinterest boards. That way when people click on the pin it will take them to the Weigh Down or Remnant websites.

  6. paulasmith says:

    Giving it a try – thanks for the encouragement, Michael!

  7. perer001 says:

    Excited about trying this new technology!! Thanks Michael!

  8. VVeeder says:

    🙂 Requesting my account today. Thank you so much Michael for every inspiration God gives you and that you share and go after!

  9. skibakermom says:

    I can just see this used as pictures of saints as they are incredibly shrinking for God! Kind of like time lapse. Catchy visually. Probably would be integrated to fb at some point too. Awesome for evangelism.

  10. hartleygina says:

    http://pinterest.com/ginadhartley/remnant/ What a great way to share this wonderful message. Amazing love follows thru here.

  11. Thank you for posting this! I’d heard of it and wondered what it was!:)

  12. JeannieBracken says:

    http://pinterest.com/tnbluebird/books/ This website is great! Here is just one of my “boards” where I’ve started to post Weighdown/Remnant things. It is also a great place to find ideas that are fast and easy to bless other people with, such as gifts or recipes for meals. It has made searching the web and keeping ideas for later when I have the time to use them.

  13. Overcomed says:

    Love this site! I love that it can be used to spread the TRUTH!! I am excited to see how God uses it for His Glory!!

  14. ChrisO says:

    This is so much fun…there have already been a few people who have reposted from my posts…may this help spread the words of Truth we are so blessed as to hear each week to a wider audience!

  15. ChrisO says:

    This is so much fun…there have already been a few people who have reposted from our posts…may this help spread the words of Truth we are so blessed as to hear each week to a wider audience!

  16. llayres11, Vicksburg, MI says:

    What would be neat to spread the Good News is to start a freedom page with before and after pictures posted along with weighdown materials!

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