Praise and Worship at Remnant Fellowship ChurchIt’s already January 8th of 2012, and we have a lot to look forward to this next year.  But first, a look back…  Last year (2011) was a busy one and included the Walston, Chrisman, Langsdon, Burba, Eikenberry, Benesch, Howell, Morgan, Henry, Sheridan, Beld and Pittman weddings.  We all traveled to Denver and Memphis for the Rebuilding the Wall tours where Gwen and others spoke and a large group traveled down to Ware State Prison in Georgia for the concert and talk.  Festivals and events included Purim, Palm Sabbath, Passover, Pentecost, Desert Oasis, Family Camp, Day Of Trumpets, Day Of Atonement, Feast Of Harvest, the Dedication Assembly and the Festival Of Lights, not to mention all the concerts, youth events and activities.

New products and ways to reach out were started including this Remnant News website, the “You Can Overcome” TV show, many new sermon audios from Gwen, the Truthstream app was released, new music and Youtube videos, the RFLife college club starting at MTSU, Gwen Shamblin’s new Facebook page, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards as well as many other websites and social media opportunities.

It was also a year of some major worldwide calamities…  Mississippi River and Thailand flooding, the long-lasting BP gulf oil spill, many wildfires and the Arizona dust clouds which haven’t been seen since the Great Depression,  Japanese tsunami and resulting nuclear crisis, devastating tornado’s (Joplin, Tuscaloosa, ect), ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Occupy Wall Street movement which spread all over the country, record setting American unemployment and the European debt crisis, an all-time high of American’s on food stamps (45 million), and the ever present obesity epidemic.

Remnant Fellowship TV Presents You Can OvercomeLooking forward, only 10 episodes into the You Can Overcome TV show and the stats are showing over 4,500 viewing locations in all 50 states and 12 Canadian provinces as well as in several other countries, many of those smaller countries that show up are coming from Youtube views.  We’ve got a possible grant opportunity for the church coming up which is huge so keep praying for that.  Preparations and planning are already underway for the next prison concert/talk (Macon, Georgia) where Joseph Smith is currently.  Weigh Down Ministries is currently working another new product which will be a game changer for the upcoming year – the Weigh Down app!  So far the design is for a one-stop shop of everything you need Remnant and Weigh Down, including radio stations, Truthstream access, online class access, “Before and After” photo sharing options, WD Chronicles, Remnant News, and much more all in one app on your phone.  Gwen is working with her team on her much anticipated new book – “The Death Of Sovereignty”, keep praying for that one as well.  And as far as books go we’re quickly heading towards converting them all over to the popular e-book format.

Wedding reception celebrationWe’ve got new families in town (like the Beene’s from Oklahoma who finally sold their farm), and visitors are consistently showing up at church services and watching the online TV show.  And it’s not only Nashville church that’s growing, but our international Saints are working on their end of evangelism.  Soon you’ll be seeing websites in other languages operated and updated by some of our international volunteers and members.   We’re also currently in the process of reaching out to the massive 3000+ member Weigh Down Facebook group and helping them with their questions and issues using our team of Facebook counselors.  It keeps growing by a 100 members a month and the momentum hasn’t stopped so that’s a big deal and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming months. Keep praying God turns this year into a breakthrough year of purity and growth for the church.  So much to do… and it’s already January 8th!  You’ll notice that even the church building itself is going through an over-hall for 2012, the stage we’re all so accustomed to seeing on webcasts is being expanded with a slightly new design.  Hopefully this will be beneficial for our sound system and stage traffic all the while making the webcast experience improved.  Speaking of the stage, we’re also experimenting with an electronic drum kit soon for the sanctuary, which gives the tech-team more control over the volume level in the house.  So we have a lot of big things we’re hoping to get accomplished in the new year, God willing.  Here at the Weigh Down Ministries we feel very positive about all of the exiting things God has planned.  If you want to get more involved with any of the projects or committees let us know, there’s always a need.  Let’s keep our resolution of making this the best year for God yet.  -MS


  1. This is awesome! So much to praise God for!!!!! Thank you for gathering all this information in one spot! And SUPER excited about the possibility of a Weigh Down app!!! 🙂

  2. MistyWolcott says:

    This is all so exciting for God’s kingdom!!! Thank you Michael for your recap and updates! Thank you for all you do!

  3. jzcuriel says:

    Thank you so much!!! In total Awe of how amazing God is!!! Excited to see what all he has for this year!!!

  4. Gayle Mahnke says:

    We never could have foreseen all that God is doing!!! What He has in store is obviously going to amaze us as well!! We all want the world to know God Almighty and to honor His generous love with a whole-hearted devotion. What a wonderful life!!!!!!

  5. SteveLomas says:

    Amazing to reflect back on all that was accomplished in 2011. I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for 2012! 🙂

  6. LisaRobinson says:

    What exciting news for the new year!!!! So much going on! Thank you for sharing so we can pray it through!!!

  7. jmw777 says:

    God is amazing, what a blessed year, Thank you God!!!

  8. VVeeder says:

    I LOVE this news website that I can come to and get truth and know it will update me without having to weed through things my mind does not need to know or see! Thank you for doing this!!! So excited to see what God will do in calendar year 2012 for HIS mighty Kingdom!

  9. Alexandraocva says:

    Praise God for such blessings, and for the heart of Gwen, her family and the leaders who day by day give their all for the truth!!!! I can’t wait for the new things!!!! So convicted to do more and more!!!!!!!!

  10. 4EverChanged4Him says:

    It is ALL God and only God that can accomplish all of this Kingdom work in one year through hearts that LOVE HIM more than life. It is a privilege and honor to be a member of this awesome Body of Christ. I praise our God for Gwen and our leadership and this Body. Praying for our Church and God’s continued blessings for the purity we present before Him through our words and actions.

  11. phgunger says:

    Thank you for this article. It is encouraging to see that anyone who supports this movement is so incredibly blessed. Our lives have been so changed by learning new ways to focus upwards and how to stop living with a sideways “what-about-me” mentality. Thank you Weigh Down Ministries for a taste of the feast to come.

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