Remnant Fellowship Breaking News: History of the ONE TRUE GOD is Here!

The Origin of Good and EvilEvery individual and every family now has a must-read book to add to their ongoing reading list.  It is Gwen Shamblin’s “History of the ONE TRUE GOD – Volume I: The Origin of Good and Evil.” This just released, foundational book is only the beginning of what will be a multi-volume, life-changing series, and it truly is for every man, woman, and child everywhere.

​As stated in the book’s preface, author Gwen Shamblin explains that “the intent of this book was to chronicle history from the ongoing Spiritual War of the Heavens with Satan, to the earthly war of lies on Adam and Eve, to the establishment of Jerusalem. The book continues with a brief overview of church and religious history to the present religious state of America.”

​How is the book different from the sea of “religious” literature that currently exists in the world?  Gwen goes on to explain this later in the preface as she writes, “The main purpose of this book is to expose false religion.  Too much of history is penned from the twisted perspective of man, but ‘History of the ONE TRUE GOD’ is humbly scripted from the standpoint of God.  For example, instead of answering the hard questions from man’s perspective—questions concerning God’s wrath, His holy separated people, the authenticity of His Word, the actuality of the flood, the church, the Laws, the Commands, the religious wars, the deadly disasters and the death of the innocent—the hard questions disappear as they are answered from God’s viewpoint, as quickly as taking the plank out of your own eye gives you vision for the reality of others.  This book emphasizes the breaking heart of The Creator and defends God as the only Being who wants all men to live forever.  It points the responsibility back on the heart of man rather than blaming the benevolent Creator of All.”  Those few sentences alone speak volumes about the book…in contrast to the vast catalog of “Christian” literature in existence that does not even attempt to see God’s pain and His point of view.

Those who have seen and read the pre-press copies of the book testify unanimously that the book is eye-opening, rich, descriptive, moving, and heart-changing.  These early readers also testify that it is the CLEAREST explanation that they have ever read about the heart of God and the true meaning of all things spiritual.  The graphics and pictures selected for the book also add a powerful component to the written words.  Insight, understanding, and conviction all begin in the preface and flow unceasingly throughout this first volume. As the knowledge and intrinsic words resonate with readers, there is no doubt that the words being written and the wisdom contained therein are from the Heavens.

​“This book has opened my eyes to the spiritual battle that has been going on since creation! My jaw is on the floor with conviction to make my relationship with God my main priority everyday!” said Jessica Walters, Weigh Down Outreach Representative. Erin Moore, one of the key team members who worked on production of the book said, “This book is so clear, and it is crucial to be able to pass this down to future generations.  To be able to walk through the first several chapters of the Bible and have them explained so clearly is an incredible gift, and I am so thankful to have it!”  Another key production team member, Ryan McCauley, put it this way, “You will understand clearly all the strategies that Satan uses to get your focus off of God, and this will help you maintain your relationship with the Father and Source of Life.”

​This book is easy to understand and will keep you coming back for more, but more importantly than that, these Truths will convict the reader to change as a result of applying that lessons learned from the words.  This is not a fictional piece of work.  The spiritual warfare is real and Satan is real.  This book rights many wrongs and explains many misunderstandings about who God is, how history has unfolded from the very beginning, and why every man, woman, and child should be connected to God and stay on guard against every trick and lie that Satan uses to confuse and enslave mankind.  In short, this book has answers.

Find your copy of “History of the ONE TRUE GOD – Volume I: The Origin of Good and Evil” on the Weigh Down Ministries Online Store in both E-book and hardback formats. And stay tuned for future announcements about this powerful ongoing series.

Click HERE to pre-order the hardback edition or purchase the digital edition now!

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  1. jzcuriel says:

    This book is opening my eyes and children’s eyes even more on this Spiritual battle that started with satan and continues to this day. It is amazing to see the visual art work that truly brings everything to light!!!

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