Remnant Fellowship Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Jay and Lacy Dalgarn

On Saturday April 21st we celebrated the Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Jay and Lacy Dalgarn. As we walked around before and after the ceremony it was clear that a pastel elegance resonated throughout the halls of the Church and down the beautifully decorated aisle. With hanging lights, greenery, and gorgeous pinks and blues perfectly placed throughout the Church, God’s amazing design and creativity shone from the Heavens!

God’s perfect plan continued to flow throughout the Assembly time. With many family and friends in attendance, the service began with the wonderful musical gifts of our Remnant musicians. As Lacy gracefully walked down the aisle, the praises to God were evident in the glowing faces of her parents, Rob and Tiffani Day.

“It was clear that God’s Hand was all over the entire day. From getting ready with Lacy to spending time with our family, the entire day was perfect. I am so happy for my cousin. I love her so much and her Godly example has been a testimony to me and encouraged me so much! God is so good to those who are seeking his will!” explained Mariah Carlisle, cousin of Lacy and one of Lacy’s Bridesmaids.

During the Ceremony, which was delightfully led by several of our Church Shepherds, the Groom and Bride spoke their humble Vows to one another and were graciously encouraged by an amazing message given by Gwen Shamblin. Discussing this God-ordained unity of a husband and wife, Gwen gave a clear and fantastic explanation of what a humble and pure relationship under and with our loving God should look like.

In an excerpt from the message, Gwen poured out her heart regarding the Covenant relationship between a husband and wife.

…It is incomprehensible to imagine uncountable numbers of unique personal connections with God—but the Truth is that the God of the galaxies has incomprehensible and infinite capacity for love and communication with all…this God-fearing team is on their way to a lasting, superior marriage and a blessed life. But you might say that one decision cannot make a marriage last. But I say it depends on what decision you are talking about. You would be right if you were talking about just purity and respect for each other, but that was not their core decision. Do not be confused. At the center of true religion is profound resolution that God is Sovereign, the ruler over all. This decision could be made at any point in your marriage and it will make a profound difference. It is so powerful that it completely turns your world upside down and unlocks all selfish addictions.


  1. God_is_so_alluring! says:

    Amen! Attending this Godly ceremony and putting into practice the words (pearls) of wisdom that Gwen Shamblin shares with everyone, and puts into practice herself, is continuing to make my marriage a richer and more thrilling blessing!! Our marriage is already transformed through the teaching of Remnant Fellowship Church from bottomed-out despair for our future – to joy in both of us that we have each other – praise be to God!

  2. bonnie says:

    I was a witness to the beautiful way you have described that day.  What an honor to be a part of such a glorious occasion!

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