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If you haven’t been joining in on all of the fun that is Weigh Down’s “Facebook Class” every Sunday, you are missing out on one of the most encouraging times of the week!  Participants tell us that the “instant interaction” throughout the Chat Time is the most fun time of the week for them.  Keep reading to see how Elizabeth Hannah (Class Coordinator) kicked off the 3:30pm Chat Time this past Sunday, June 10th.

Posted by Elizabeth Hannah


Welcome to the “CHANGE” Week 2 Facebook Class Chat Time!!! Praise God!! Since this is Week 2 of our “CHANGE” Class… I am praying so hard that everyone has at least made ONE permanent LIFESTYLE CHANGE so far!! 🙂

Think through how you USED to live, before you heard the teachings of Weigh Down… and everyone POST today on to this Thread ANY permanent lifestyle CHANGES you have already made… even if you have only made one!!!  It could be… “I used to count calories… but I don’t anymore!”… or… “I used to never pray about the small things… but I do now!” … or…. “I used to eat 7 dinners and now I eat less!!!”. ?

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]I have tried to change the people around me in the past and I now know I’m the one who needs to change. Feeling much more peaceful and giving up my control issues. Relationships are being blessed – Julia[/box]

Whatever your CHANGES are—they are MOST important!!! Any and ALL changes- small or big- are so imperative to God Almighty! Any tiny CHANGE for the better is one small step CLOSER to God… So, please post any changes you have made since Weigh Down on to this Thread… and hopefully, you who are in the Facebook CHANGE Class received an email from me this Week with some of my favorite HIGHLIGHTS from CHANGE Week 2!!

Here is a small clip from my email… If you did not receive it, you can email in to INFO@WeighDown.com this week and request it! ?

* * * CLIP from Elizabeth’s “CHANGE Week 2 Highlights” Email: * * * 

As so many of us have learned through Weigh Down and have also personally experienced, the slavery to dieting and having to control your food’s content is unbearable, unpractical, and impossible to keep up—and it certainly will NEVER work. How exciting it is to just START OVER at the way we look at food…You can eat ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! How freeing is that?!

However, as we have learned through Weigh Down, God’s beautiful boundaries of hunger and fullness must be obeyed, and so I love how Gwen puts it into a practical #1,2, and 3 for us…

1.) Relearn how to feed the stomach ONLY when it is truly hungry.

2.) Relearn how to feed the HEART with a relationship with God.

3.) Relearn how to recognize the different “hunger” urges and not confuse them.

WAITING for true hunger is one thing that people really have a hard time with sometimes… But if you SET YOUR MIND to doing ANYTHING BUT EATING until your stomach growls—you can do this… and the more you do it, the better you get at it!!

As we are being taught, we’ve got to take our minds and TRANSFER all of our focus away from the food (when we’re not hungry) and move our thoughts over to God and His Kingdom and whatever His mind is on—which is typically serving and helping others. Since the evening time is predictably the most difficult time for most everyone… it’s best to have a great “game plan” for what you are going to do every night… So, at some point in the day when you have time, write out what you can spend your time on that evening (anything that doesn’t include eating)… My children absolutely love for us to read to them at night, especially Gwen’s book, History of the One True God. We also love to take walks outside or go and visit with friends.

So, we all need to keep preparing our minds to WAIT on true stomach hunger and TRANSFER our minds to God in those in-between hours… But then we’ve got to get ready for our next test… which is STOPPING when we are full/politely satisfied. Gwen has often used children as the perfect example of stopping when they are politely satisfied… She said that they would literally rather run off from the McDonald’s booth filled with chicken McNuggets and fries and play if they can… (I’ve watched my children take all of about 3 to 4 bites and then run off to go down that happy little slide!!) Playing is more fun to them, and food is just simply not the highlight of the day. We can get back to this mentality—we CAN- if we just keep following these principles of Weigh Down…

Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. TRANSFER your mind to GOD.

Now as Gwen has taught, in order to stop when you’re full, you will have to SET your mind prior to the eating occasion that it will be MORE FUN to walk away from that meal knowing that you have obeyed God and probably therefore lost more of those unwanted pounds than it would be to overeat and then feel miserable all afternoon… Setting your mind is essential and must be done every day- several times a day- until you are super good at it…

Gwen also says in the Workbook to, “Turn off that TV, get off that phone, and READ”… AMEN!! If you don’t have TruthStream yet, it’s an excellent way to replace the TV! It is so much more fulfilling and inspiring!! ?

This week may have been more testing for you… but all in all, Gwen says that if you waited for hunger a bit more, and learned to eat a bit less, and weren’t as crazy when you approached food, and if you turned to God more than you have in the past… if you are different at all….

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]I just loved everything about this week’s video and audio and workbook. One thing I’ve especially been using is the “Desert Hints”. I am using those at every meal to remember the basics like take small bites, take a pause in the middle of the meal, pray before eating against temptation – Margery[/box]


And that is all that matters!! That’s why we are here and that’s why we are taking this class… CHANGE. We all need it. There’s no embarrassment or shame in that… I can’t wait to CHANGE more and more and more…


Well, that was some of my email, and if you would like more… please just email in to Weigh Down! I know that it’s simply “notes” I’ve taken from Gwen’s CHANGE Class… but I pray it helped someone. 🙂 The Coordinators are here today- and we are all excited and waiting at our Laptops to hear from you all TODAY!!

So please feel free to start posting about any of your CHANGES- small or big-… and also please post any of your favorite Week 2 Notes!!! We love you guys soooooooo much!!!

Love, love, love, love, love… Elizabeth


[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]I am catching myself as soon as a judgmental or negative thought enters my mind. I’m learning to ask God for forgiveness and “flip it” (in regards to my mindset toward the situation). Boy, I sure have been learning how negative I have been. I’ve been having to do that A LOT! …lol… God sure is pointing things out to me!! (And HOO-ray for it!!!) – Deanna[/box]

Now THAT is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  The responses, testimonies, and Q&A time posted as a follow-up to Elizabeth’s charge went on and on for over an hour.  And every complete “Chat Time” is saved as a “Facebook Doc” following the Chat’s completion.  SO – you’ll be able to go back and read ALL of the encouraging interaction with people from all over the world!  If you haven’t signed up to join the Facebook Class, please do so today.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/WeighDownMinistries/ and sign up.  You will be so glad that you did!

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