Desert Oasis 2012: “The Connection” – The Event of the Year! – Hosted by the Remnant Fellowship

“The event of the year”…those are mighty big words!  But they also are full of TRUTH.  Weigh Down Ministries’ 2012 annual international conference, Desert Oasis, will reach thousands of people around the world…helping and encouraging them to make changes for a better lifestyle – permanently!  The conference will be held locally at the Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, Tennessee (suburb of Nashville)…and will be available via webcast worldwide.  This promises to be a life-changing weekend for ALL who attend!  The Remnant Fellowship Church was birthed from the teachings of this Ministry and the two work hand-in-hand to help people overcome ANY stronghold they are struggling with…and make the transfer over to a loving, full, peaceful, obedient relationship with God. A word from Weigh Down founder and keynote speaker Gwen Shamblin sets the tone for this highly anticipated experience –

“Desert Oasis 2012 is going to be such an incredible time of fellowship, encouragement, and creating all kinds of new friendships – not just mere acquaintances – but sincere, LIFE-LONG comradeships that are different from anything you know – because they will always be centered around doing the will of God Almighty!  This is a rare opportunity to get to gather with so many of the Saints of like-minded beliefs all inside one room…What a glorious rally for God this weekend will be!  We can’t wait to meet you and seek God together!”

  Gwen will lead everyone throughout the weekend to “connect” to God like never before…and she will offer the tools that will help you STAY connected to God – the only true giver of life. The history of Desert Oasis dates back to 1996, when Gwen and the Weigh Down Staff had the God-inspired idea to bring together participants from around the world for a weekend of teaching, encouragement, testimonies, music, and fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee.  Sixteen years later, Weigh Down Ministries continues to forge a path along the “narrow road” that leads people to a deep, loving, wholeheartedly obedient relationship with God Almighty.  Gwen and the Weigh Down Staff are committed more than ever…stronger and more focused than ever before…to reach the WORLD with this message of hope and change and total love for the Father!  What can you expect at Desert Oasis?  First of all, the total WEIGHT LOSS of the participants who will gather for the weekend will number in the tens of thousands.  Read that again, TENS of thousands of pounds of excess weight…greed…disobedience to the Father and years of unhappiness and pain and depression…ALL GONE!  We would venture to say that the “good fruit” described in Scripture (how you would know whether or not a teaching is from God)…the results of this Ministry and its teaching…are more staggering and are unmatched anywhere in the world.  We are talking about PERMANENT CHANGE.  And it’s not just about “weight loss.”  We are talking about healed marriages, an end of dependency on substances and overuse of medications, overdrinking that is gone, eating disorders completely done away with, finances restored, families that are strong and together and happy, depression that will never again haunt the mind and heart and soul, illnesses and diseases that are a thing of the past, peaceful and happy lives, people who now are better employees and employers, and the list goes on and on and on.  If being connected with such a Ministry…such a group of genuine, real people…is so attainable with a weekend visit and/or using God’s wonderful technology to unite with these people via webcast, then why WOULDN’T anyone want that? It is not an overstatement to say that a weekend truly can “change your life.”  The world is in pain.  YOU may be in such pain that you feel like “nothing can save you” from a lifetime of misery and sadness.  But we are here to tell you that, no matter what your situation is, the great God Almighty is working through this teacher, teaching, and Ministry to prove that sentiment to be WRONG.  God is bigger than ANYTHING you are going through, and at Desert Oasis, the room and the webcast will be filled with people who understand a LOT of what you are going through.  And they will testify that they are now beyond those painful times and are OVERCOMING.  The joy that they now have is nearly indescribable…and they will share that with the world.  Most importantly, Desert Oasis provides access to more life-changing TRUTH through the messages that Gwen will share.  Those words have founded a movement…first with Weigh Down Ministries and now with the Church that was founded from those teachings, the Remnant Fellowship…and the movement is changing the world – one completely restored and happy life at a time. Some people like to make lists of things that they want to do, see, accomplish, or experience before their lives on this Earth are done.  Often times they include a visit to a significant monument or historical city.  It might involve meeting a famous celebrity or athlete.  They sometimes want to try something for a “rush”…like skydiving, climbing a mountain, or taking a specific trip somewhere in the world.  Those things are TEMPORARY, fleeting, passing experiences.  When all is said and done and each of us is done with this life as ordained by God, He will not be interested in those lists.  He will want to know what we have done to give Him ALL of our hearts, souls, minds, and our strength…truly ETERNAL pursuits.  Did we invest our time and efforts and resources in eternal lists or temporary ones?  Desert Oasis offers for its participants a “launching pad” for living a life that is focused on what is eternal.  If all of this will be new to you, do not worry for one second!  Every single person who has a testimony now – lost weight, healed marriages, restored finances, joy, peace, happiness, a brand new life – started with the same decision that every new person faces…Am I finally ready to live a life of change and do whatever it takes to commit to God WHOLEheartedly?  With that first decision…then staying connected with each other along the way…comes the transformation that you have always hoped and dreamed and longed for.  This is NOT “hype.”  It is the TRUTH.  Check out the testimonies on our website for more evidence that YOU TOO can join that list of “new creations!”  “The Connection” will not only help you grow closer to God, but it also will help you build relationships with like-minded believers who can and will encourage you on your own journey. Here’s one last invitation…the invitation of a lifetime…and summary about what this weekend will be about –

Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down Ministries Staff invite you to join them for a powerful time of encouragement, teaching, praise, and amazing testimonies.  BRAND NEW participants, LONG-TIME Weigh Downers, our 4000+ WEIGH DOWN FACEBOOK GROUP, and friends will benefit from practical sessions on how to apply the Word of God to your weight, marriage, finances, and children. You will hear how to practically apply scripture to your weight loss and life.  You will be given the answers to what is holding you back from losing your weight permanently and be set free.  Join us for this weekend and you will leave with a deeper relationship with God and be filled up with convicting Truth that will set the tone for the rest of the year. We invite you to join us for this event hosted in Brentwood, Tennessee (Nashville area) or via Webcast world-wide!”


  1. Praising GOD!!!!!! Can’t wait to be with all of you! Praying for everyone!!!! 🙂

  2. LaurieMcElroy says:

    PRAYING that we WILL indeed get to join you in tennessee! we have not given up, yet!  we cant even comprehend what a blessed time this weekend will be – so eager to be there!!! thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity to stand in the midst of saints who truly paint a picture of christ  on a daily basis!  ~

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