Remnant Fellowship Announcements and Events – August 10th through 12th

BREAKTHROUGH Series – Lesson ONE with the Facebook Class – this Sunday, August 12th

The powerful, convicting, and encouraging BREAKTHROUGH Series is now being highlighted as the current class for our Facebook Group on the Weigh Down Ministries Group Page.  Last Sunday, August 5th was the Class Orientation…and this Sunday, August 12th will feature Lesson ONE!  This is a FANTASTIC way to not only be encouraged PERSONALLY with this moving material, but it also is a wonderful way to EVANGELIZE.  The seekers who are connecting with this Ministry and Church are loving the fellowship that this format provides, and it helps ALL of us stay connected along with way!  If you haven’t participated in any of the Facebook Group classes over the past several months, here is a link that will give you a few more details about it –

As a reminder, once you’ve viewed the week’s lesson video for each Sunday as the Class progresses, you then can jump into the Chat Room on the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page by 3:30pm CST…and enjoy the encouraging Posts by Elizabeth Hannah and the follow-up online chatting that backs up the Video.  JOIN in on the fun by signing up online or by calling the Weigh Down office at 1-800-844-5208.  And remember Gwen’s sub-heading “theme” for the class…this is “For those committed to never going back…”

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  We look forward to another awesome Class session, and we are genuinely excited about how GOD continues to use these classes to reach the world.

SABBATH ASSEMBLY and WEBCAST – 9:00am CST – August 11th

This coming Sabbath morning promises to be yet another wonderful time of sharing the TRUTH, praises in song, lots of encouragement and conviction, plenty of joy, and humble introspection as the Remnant Fellowship hosts our regularly-scheduled 9:00am CST Assembly and Webcast from our Sanctuary in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Whether you are joining us locally or via webcast, you will be BLESSED as we all approach GOD’S Word and this time of fellowship with great reverence…along with open minds, hearts, eyes, and ears.  If you have joined us previously, you know that this is “can’t miss” viewing and listening!  And as always, our doors are open and the webcast is shared worldwide…so…PLEASE lift up PRAYERS for GOD to protect all of the preparation and technology that goes into producing these gatherings.  Visit us at or at to join the webcast.

SABBATH EVENING – No Official Gathering in Brentwood – Enjoy Family and/or Small Group Gatherings

This Sabbath evening will not feature any official, Church-wide gathering in Brentwood…HOWEVER, it does provide us with a great opportunity to gather as families and/or in small groups.  The weather in the Middle Tennessee area looks to be beautiful, mild (mid-80s), and sunny!  GOD is over-the-top generous to provide us with so many occasions and avenues to stay “CONNECTED” with Him and with others in this world who are seeking Him wholeheartedly.  May we take full advantage of these golden opportunities and count our blessings for every one of them!

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    This is just an amazing site for staying in touch with the latest happenings at Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group classes!! Thank you for it!!!

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