“How to Stay Married” – Words of Wisdom and Life in the Remnant Fellowship

Remnant Fellowship Wedding - Gadke-McHaney

We sing HALLELUJAH indeed!  May GOD forever be praised!  These late Summer/early Fall days in the middle of September 2012 recently held a very special treat for all of us; that is, the blessed opportunity to attend another Remnant Covenant Wedding Ceremony.  To paint a picture of the CONTRAST between the marriages in this Church and what unfortunately is happening around this country, consider this: The statistics bear it out…you can Google it…more than HALF of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.  But something incredible is happening right here in the Remnant Fellowship Church.  That statistic is being obliterated in this place…right under our noses.  YES – Because of the GOD first, give Him everything, lay your life down, put others first Messages we are witnessing and living out in this Church, marriages are LASTING for LIFETIMES!  How is this possible?  How can this be…when even in American CHURCHES the divorce rate continues to CLIMB with each passing year?  It is because of Messages like the one delivered by Gwen Shamblin on Saturday, September 15th.  All who attended praised GOD for the encouragement, wisdom, and conviction, the amazing sights and sounds, the words and music, and the formal attire and gorgeous decorations that let us know we were a part of something very special on that glorious day.  And this Message was not JUST for Kurt and Shanna as they were joined together in holy matrimony.  NO – on the contrary – the Message was in FACT just as much…if not MORE applicable…to everyone ELSE in attendance.  Do you want to know…REALLY know…how to STAY married?  Then STAY CONNECTED to this place and put into practice what you are reading, seeing, and hearing.  You will be amazed at the positive changes that will take place!

To further illustrate the point that this Wedding Message and the beauty of the entire Ceremony was a blessing for everyone, check out these quotes…from Saints who were in attendance and voluntarily shared their hearts and their praises to GOD for what was a memorable day…

  • “Gwen’s entire Sabbath lesson was incredibly convicting!  I took home a list of action points and convictions to improve on in my own heart.  Here’s one point that I have reflected on since that evening, as Gwen said, “Look at the opportunity of marriage for self-improvement rather than self-indulgence.”  How refreshing to hear a charge like that – such a contrast to what the world wants to make marriage out to be!  I am definitely taking advantage of hearing this lesson again on TruthStream.” – Jessica
  • “The message through Gwen at Saturday’s wedding was extremely inspiring as she described the marriage bond and complete unity found through living out God’s love and that God is not effeminate because he is nurturing, patient, slow to anger, gentle, and kind, but that if we imitate His personality and love, it will never fail – very encouraged!” – Chris
  • “A glorious Wedding from start to finish.  The music selections ‘This Gathering’ and ‘We Serve God’ moved me to tears and moved me to worship God.  Gwen’s powerful message showed me how I can be more humble and selfless in my own marriage and I am so grateful!  A truly life-changing experience!!! – Jodi
  • “I love how Gwen wrapped it up so perfectly at the end, sharing that we are to expect nothing going into marriage except to GIVE, and that we ARE to expect testing and transformation – and that, if we keep this at the forefront, everything will be added unto us!  Praising God that He is sending down His beautiful Truth through Gwen!” – Amy
  • “When God woke me up on Saturday at 2:00am and I tuned into the Wedding webcast, seeing how BEAUTIFUL everything looked and the UNITY of it all, my eyes teared up and I thought,  ‘Who are we to get to be a part of SOMETHING SO GLORIOUS?!?!’  We are so BLESSED and the world has not seen anything like this!  With each Wedding, my prayer is always that one day, our teenage boys will be standing up there saying their vows of PURITY and DEDICATION. Before coming to Remnant, I honestly did not think that it was possible to find that in this world: young couples who come together before God in a COVENANT RELATIONSHIP, and where their HIGHEST GOAL is to serve God Almighty!!!  Gwen’s message that night was so powerful, and I loved how she charged the young couple to ALWAYS put the other’s needs above their own!  Thank you all for another breathtaking Remnant Wedding, and for allowing us to feel so much a part of it even from miles away.” – Isadora (lives in Austria)

We could go on and on with more comments and testimonies, but that gives you a small picture of how you really CAN be impacted in a short time period.  What Gwen presented left us with a CHOICE.  If we put this into practice, we WILL CHANGE for the better.  These are Godly principles, and His Word cannot be refuted.  SO – If we apply those precious words, we will have LIFE!  Praise Him for a CLEAR choice!  From the Message to the Ceremony itself, from the music to the decorations, from the attendants, attire, and colors to the reception, GOD was glorified in every way.  We never tire of these amazing events, and we look forward to many more in the future as GOD continues to bring together in unity those who want to build marriages and families to further His Kingdom!

In conclusion, please mark your calendars for each Wednesday at 6:00pm Central Time and each Saturday…usually at 9:00am Central Time (unless we have a Wedding, Festival, or other special event scheduled for a different time).  You’ve probably heard or seen the phrase, “That show is APPOINTMENT VIEWING!”  You want to set your calendar and clocks by it.  It is CAN’T MISS stuff!  Well, these Assemblies are that type of viewing and listening.  In an increasingly dark world…where GOD is rejected more and more on a daily basis…aren’t you LOOKING for some TRUTH?  Don’t you deep-down want something to stand on and stand for?  You HAVE that here!  The good fruit of repentance and changed lives is evident, and it knows no geographical or social or racial or financial boundaries.  By the way, this was this Church’s 71st Covenant Wedding Ceremony in just 10 years.  That, too, is yet another testament to the long-lasting and growing impact of this Message.  We praise GOD for it.  We praise Him for His Covenant offering of love to us…for His gentle and clear instruction that helps us STAY MARRIED…and for our ability to wholeheartedly love and obey Him as He so appropriately deserves!

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