Nothing But JOY! – Looking Forward to the Remnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest

As we continue to prepare for a JOYFUL Feast of Harvest weekend, here are some important announcements to note as we prepare to CELEBRATE!  First, we’ll start with some words from Gwen…

“There are many aspects to the Feast of Harvest that are important for properly celebrating God, including worshiping with branches, worshiping in song and dance, coming with a joyful spirit, and making sure that you do not come empty-handed.  Here is some insight into what you need to bring and what you can expect to be happening…”

  • FRIDAY – OPEN HOUSE at the WEIGH DOWN BUILDING – 10:00am until 2:00pm – You are cordially invited to visit the Weigh Down Building (308 Seaboard Lane in Franklin) during these hours to see the exciting updates that have been made in recent weeks!  A few snacks will be available in the brand new “Connection Café.”  Donations to help cover that cost will be greatly appreciated.  You ALSO will have the opportunity to see the “Angels Armoire” Consignment Shop and tour the rest of the Weigh Down facility…enjoying the beautiful modifications that have taken place recently.
  • BRING BRANCHES to WAVE – THROUGHOUT the WEEKEND’S ASSEMBLIES – This is a celebration of nothing but JOY!  ADULTS – Please bring your LARGE BRANCHES to wave during our Friday evening Concert and the Formal Sabbath Assembly…as a wave offering to the Lord.  This is VERY important!  See this NOTE from Gwen – “The Jews used LARGE branches from indigenous trees, therefore it doesn’t matter from what tree they come but it has always been very important that they are big and beautiful.  If you have several branches, you can tie them together with wire and ribbon.”
  • SABBATH NIGHT – CAMP OUT OPPORTUNITY! – Following our Assembly and the Reception/Celebration/Dancing/Fellowship Time on the Sabbath evening, the Church Grounds are open for anyone who wants to camp out with their children.  Here are more words from Gwen – “The Jews built these booths, ate in them, sang praises in them, recited verses in them, etc.  The idea would be to have something that the children love.  They love spending the night outside and looking at the stars.”  Camping veterans will know what items are best suited for outdoor camping.  What a wonderful memory this will be…enjoying GOD’S beautiful creation as the Jews did so many years ago…sleeping in “booths” during this special time!

This will be a “nothing but JOY” weekend!  We look forward to a blessed time of worship, fellowship, Truth, testimony, song, dance, and CELEBRATION.  For our GUESTS, our Webcasts will be LIVE on Friday evening at 6:00pm Central Time and again on Saturday evening at 5:00pm Central Time.  We welcome everyone to what will be a glorious occasion.  Happy Feast of Harvest!

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