Remnant Fellowship Perspective – A Historic Week – Hurricane Sandy and the Election Season

In this article: Finding PEACE in the midst of the storm…and casting a VOTE for GOD!

Hurricane SandyThe end of October and beginning of November 2012, for years to come, will be remembered for its WEATHER and for an ELECTION campaign.  In this age of instant news, a 24-hour a day news cycle, social media that keeps people “in the loop” at all hours of the day and night, and with technology that puts us right in the midst of the storm or the campaign, we are more “connected” to what is happening around the world NOW than ever before in the history of the world.  During most years, this time…the heart of the FALL season…would mean beautiful colors, the first chill of cold evenings, lighting the season’s first fires in your fireplaces, and gorgeous views of GOD’S magnificent creation.  While every one of those elements remain highlights of this time of year, it is Hurricane SANDY and the election not only for President of the United States but also for many state and local offices that will populate our memories for a long time to come.  Regarding Hurricane Sandy, words cannot do justice to the impact that this far-reaching, historic storm system has had…not only on the northeastern parts of the United States, but also in states up and down the eastern seaboard, even into many central states…and throughout several other countries.  Take a moment to peruse and ponder these statistics.  These notes were reported as of Thursday, November 1st, and of course some of them are subject to change as more reports and results become public.
121030-F-AL508-159 Aerial views during an Army search and rescue mission show damage from Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey coast, Oct. 30, 2012

  • Death toll: At least 182 (110 in the U.S., 54 in Haiti, 11 in Cuba, more in other countries)
  • Damage estimates: $55 billion (totals are updated daily)
  • Power outages: 8.5 million U.S. customers, 2nd most for a natural disaster behind the 1993 blizzard (10 million)
  • Number of U.S. States affected: 23
  • Maximum U.S. sustained winds: 69 mph at Westerly, RI
  • Peak U.S. wind gusts: 90 mph at Islip, NY and Tompkinsville, NJ
  • Maximum U.S. rainfall: 12.55″, Easton, MD
  • Maximum snowfall: 36″, Richwood, WV
  • Destructive potential of storm surge: 5.8 on a scale of 0 to 6, highest of any hurricane observed since 1969. Previous record: 5.6 on a scale of 0 to 6, set during Hurricane Isabel of 2003.
  • Diameter of tropical storm-force winds at landfall: 945 miles
  • Diameter of ocean with 12′ seas at landfall: 1500 miles
  • Social Media: On the photo uploading website “Instagram,” 1.3 million pictures related to Sandy were posted

Pump Train in Cranberry Street Tunnel after Hurricane Sandy vcThe list could go on and on.  The New York City Marathon was canceled.  The number of actual homes, cars, schools, businesses, sporting events, hospitals, transportation methods, families…and on and on and on…that have been affected…will probably never be tallied up completely.  Amidst all of the destruction though, one of our Remnant Fellowship members, Mary Colasurdo (New Jersey) offered this praise report…

Just want to give a big praise to God and a grateful shout-out to all of the Saints at Remnant Fellowship.  Thank you for all your prayers for our safety here in New Jersey.  I live in a small shore community and cannot believe the devastation around me.  Neighbors’ homes are gone, flooded streets, power lines and trees down everywhere. Praise God we and our home are fine.  What a testimony to our God’s loving protection when my husband walked outside our boarded up home this morning.  There were emergency vehicles up and down our block. There were barriers all over but our house is perfect, just leaves and small stuff.  Even though we are far apart sometimes, the Saints at Remnant Fellowship sure came together and I felt my Church Family lifting me up.”

We praise GOD for His protection and His steady, perfect guidance.  May this storm BUILD our faith and send ALL of us to our KNEES, as we once again witness another example of the fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  We do not know when our days on this Earth will end, and we praise GOD for a Truth, a teaching, a teacher, a message, a Ministry, and a Church that lovingly PREPARES us…each and every day…to meet our GOD.  If you are reading this and this storm has shaken you spiritually and physically…and you are realizing that you need to find a relationship with GOD, we would love to talk with you and visit with you.  There IS peace in the midst of such storms, and the ultimate safety…as Gwen Shamblin has taught for many, many years…is in the MIDDLE of doing GOD’S will!

During our most recent Sabbath Assembly, Gwen poured out a message from Scripture and from her heart.  As we continued to honor and commemorate the many Martyrs who have gone before us…giving their very lives for GOD Almighty and in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ…Gwen kept our focus and perspective on the LIFE of Jesus.  He spent 33 years in humble, reverent, obedient submission to His Father and our Father.  He would rather DIE than DISOBEY His Father.  And THAT is our example!  In the middle of what this country (the United States of America) deems a very important election season, may we never lose sight of the ULTIMATE and ETERNAL VOTE that we must cast on a DAILY basis!  In fact, read this quote from Gwen to paint a crystal clear picture…

Hebrews 5:7-8a says… “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission. Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered.”

Even Jesus learned obedience through what He suffered.  Satan feeds you selfish thoughts and temptations when you are self-absorbed and avoid the altar of being a living sacrifice.  When you save yourself with your money so that you never feel the suffering – when you divorce difficult situations – God has to take the time to put you right back into another testing spot until you firmly CAST your VOTE for HIM – declaring that HEAVEN rules. – Gwen Shamblin – November 3rd 2012

Yes, storms may come and go.  Destruction can surround us.  The political winds will change and parties in power will ebb and flow with time.  What is FIRM and UNCHANGING and STEADY, though, is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  And His mighty Son, Jesus Christ, sits at His right hand, having been placed there by GOD because of what?  His reverent submission to GOD.  Jesus cast His vote for GOD every single day of His 33 years of life on this Earth, and THAT must be the focus of the true Christian every single day.  Yes, this is a big week in weather and in politics in many ways.   Vote todayAnd while these things are very important…the ongoing importance of living for ETERNITY also continues on in the hearts of the Saints.  Every DAY could be your last, and so each DAY should carry both the weight and opportunity of a lifetime in our hearts and minds.  However GOD leads you in the political process, Obama or Romney, in local and/or state level races in your area…may we remember this above ALL things: Today, every day – this week, every week – with your wholehearted LOVE and OBEDIENCE in all things, all thoughts, and all actions – “CAST your VOTE for HIM – declaring that HEAVEN rules!”  Our SOULS, the most important part of our existence, are at stake.  And when this “race”…LIFE…is over, for those who have cast their votes for GOD and who have persevered in love and obedience to the end, the victory celebration will be beyond anything that anyone has ever dreamed!


  1. Zionnana says:

    Amen! May we daily cast our vote for the one that matters, God Almighty.

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  3. Gkaunisto says:

    Awesome words!  Pleasing God is the only thing that matters!!

  4. CVanhoveln says:

    amen, so thankful for these words of truth, wisdom, love, and conviction.

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