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In this article: Highlighting Gwen Shamblin’s new book and class…and shedding a fresh light on history from GOD’S perspective

Since the mid-1980s, GOD has used the example and words of Gwen Shamblin to turn thousands upon thousands of hearts and minds to Him.  Through Weigh Down Ministries and now Remnant Fellowship Church, thousands of hours of videos, audios, and testimonies…thousands of pages of writings…through more media features and sources than we have ever been able to count…the life-changing words of this message have gone out into the world!  For those who have applied these words and teachings and examples, we testify that we have never been MORE in love with GOD (and growing in it each day) than from living out what this message communicates about GOD, about Jesus, about the Church, and about our own individual relationships with all three.  We are seeing more addictions and strongholds laid down permanently, more excess weight gone forever, and more amazing stories of healed marriages, families, and finances than could possibly be described with words.  People are OVERCOMING!

History of the One True God - Volume 1 - The Origin of Good and EvilWith all of this said, it was beyond exciting to hear that GOD had been stirring in Gwen’s heart again over this past year…preparing her to write and film and record something so deep that the only way to title it appropriately was to say that it was “History of the ONE TRUE GOD.”  That title alone tells you that the subject matter is profound!  If you haven’t had the blessed opportunity to read the book itself yet, read this excerpt from Gwen from the book’s earliest pages…

“Too much of history is penned from the twisted perspective of man, but History of the ONE TRUE GOD is humbly scripted from the standpoint of God. For example, instead of answering the hard questions from man’s perspective—questions concerning God’s wrath, His holy separated people, the authenticity of His Word, the actuality of the flood, the church, the Laws, the Commands, the religious wars, the deadly disasters and the death of the innocent—the hard questions disappear as they are answered from God’s view- point, as quickly as taking the plank out of your own eye gives you vision for the reality of others. This book emphasizes the breaking heart of The Creator and defends God as the only Being who wants all men to live forever. It points the responsibility back on the heart of man rather than blaming the benevolent Creator of All. Once one sees through the lies of Satan and his powerful delusion and grasps the depth of the personalized love of God through history, it erases the doubt and you find the faith and missing power to be born again that comes only in True Religion.” – Gwen Shamblin – “History of the ONE TRUE GOD,” page 9

AngelOn the surface, explaining such a subject might seem like a monumental, even insurmountable task.  But GOD surely is in a hurry to have His True Nature known to this generation, and He truly has poured out His Spirit through Gwen in these writings…and the RESULTS are these: CHILDREN and adults alike are able to read and/or listen to these words and UNDERSTAND good versus evil…GOD’S personality versus satan’s sinful, greedy, accusatory personality…how GOD’S plan from the beginning of all things has been PERFECT and CLEAR.  What is it worth to understand the heart of the Father of all creation?  It sincerely is priceless, and these writings bring it home to the reader like nothing else you have ever read.

NOW – Beyond this powerful book, Gwen also has felt the Lord’s leading to continue with this theme and develop VIDEOS and a full CLASS around this topic.  To find a true CONNECTION with GOD is a precious gift, and Gwen has taken the time to make sure that men, women, and children of all ages can read, watch, and listen…and no matter how sordid your background might be…no matter how far from GOD you might have strayed over the years…she has put this series together to leave no stone unturned, nothing that is too complicated to understand.  The condition for understanding these deep Truths is straightforward and the pathway is clear.  Come to GOD on HIS terms.  Come with open hearts, wholeheartedly, acknowledging that He has all of the answers and you don’t, mournful that you have not given Him your full attention and love and obedience.  Come as one who is humble and contrite, and watch your heart fill up with JOY as you discover how wonderful and perfect and glorious He and His plan really are.  You will find, upon digesting this material, that you absolutely CAN and MUST follow His leading and obey His commands.  And you will learn HOW to do this.  You will find that He is your ultimate provider, Father, warrior, and defender.  And you will understand how satan went from being an Angel of light…to the prince of darkness.  Oh to learn how to AVOID his fate!  What a precious jewel that will be!

SO – How can you start CONNECTING with this book and upcoming series?  You can get started today…in fact, RIGHT NOW!

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Remnant Fellowship TV Website

  • Visit and look for the “Latest Videos.”  Click on Remnant Fellowship TV’s “The Connection” Video Playlist.
  • Watch all 14 short videos.  Some are a minute long and some are a little more than two minutes long.  These will give you a great framework from Gwen about how this “Connection” and the “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” all tie together.
  • Make sure you are signed up for our e-mail list so that you get the latest announcements about the series release date.
  • Bookmark our websites and make them a part of your regular web surfing and reading.  Our goal is to steer you UPWARDS to GOD with every word printed and every minute of video and audio produced.

What REALLY matters in this life?  Yes, we have elections, jobs, families, and finances to devote time and attention to.  Yes, we must react to the weather, daily challenges, and interactions with other people on a daily basis.  This week in the United States actually is full of such things.  However, the MOST important focus, words, and calling that we have is to CONNECT DAILY with our wonderful GOD.  HE is more powerful than any concern or worry that you have.  In fact, these words from Gwen…quoted directly from a prayer she prays in the conclusion of this first volume of “History of the ONE TRUE GOD,” speaks of the heart we should have for the Father:

“You are everything—the Source of all. We are so appreciative that your ways are above man’s and that you are all wisdom and all love. Thank you for offering the Connection—it is a gift of living water that we cannot comprehend. We can never thank or repay you enough; we owe you everything. To reject this gift—to reject the life force and the life source—all of life—your Spirit to man, Father, is incomprehensible. We come today humbly before your throne through Jesus Christ, asking, O God, that you forgive us and allow us to connect, reconnect, never again to disconnect from you again. May each man, woman, and child reach out, seek, and knock on the door until the door opens.” – Gwen Shamblin, “History of the ONE TRUE GOD,” page 134

Angel Connection to GodStart or build upon your CONNECTION with GOD today…right now.  This will be an especially introspective, and at the same time joyful, part of your life.  Going through this book and the series that is to come will mark a time in your life upon which you will one day look back and KNOW that you grew SPIRITUALLY more than ever before.  Gwen Shamblin, along with Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Churches around the world, WELCOME you to this connection…the “History of the ONE TRUE GOD.”  May you be blessed as you run after GOD wholeheartedly as a result, and please connect with US via our websites and by calling our office at 1-800-844-5208.  We are honored to connect with you as well and to run this race of wholehearted love and devotion to the Father along side you!


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  1. BeckiePalmer7 says:

    Praising God for technology and being CONNECTED!  The History of the One True God has been a wonderful book to help our entire family understand God’s plan and be battle ready!  We each have a copy of this amazing book at our bedside…as the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and when we are equipped with the Truth of what we want and get to do daily it is a delight!  So much HOPE!

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