Dedication, Commitment, and a Covenant Promise – A Beautiful Remnant Fellowship Weekend

“Dear survivors from the four corners of the earth…Welcome to the Dedication service of 2012.  Look at the years behind us and look around you now – God has planted a remnant and it has taken root and is bearing much fruit.  In November, eight years ago – God completed the building on these 40 acres and gave us the official permit to enter His Sanctuary.  This was not to be just one more church building in America.  This was established by God and for God alone – a Sanctuary that did not house multiple gods – but a place where God rules and resides.  God has made it clear – He does not dwell in a place where He is second choice – He dwells where He is on His throne and number one.” – Gwen Shamblin – Remnant Fellowship Dedication Assembly – Saturday, November 17th 2012  

Worship at Remnant Fellowship Church Dedication AssemblyGOD is in a hurry to see His will done.  This is obvious to those who have embraced this “Dedication” calling.  This country is growing increasingly hostile towards GOD and towards anything resembling His moral authority and wonderful commands.  This is sad…HOWEVER…it places even more weight upon the mission that we believe He has called us to in the Remnant Fellowship.  While times around us grow dark, the OPPORTUNITY to reach the humble, seeking hearts that are desperately looking for answers is, actually, greater because of the vast divide between righteousness and wickedness.  The government doesn’t have answers.  “Religion-as-we-know-it” in America doesn’t have answers.  Gwen Shamblin has spoken a message of PERSONAL accountability and responsibility for the duration of her ministry through Weigh Down Remnant Fellowship Dedication Church Building history(more than 25 years) and the Remnant Fellowship (nearly 14 years).  For anyone who is connected to this Ministry and Church and who listens to the message with regularity, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what is preached and practiced here is pure, uncompromising, and life-changing!  Praise GOD!  There is a beacon of LIGHT that exists here, and its impact is unmistakable.  The members of this Church are DEDICATED to GOD and to His Church, and we grow daily in our AWE of Him, His wonderful commands, and His generously answered prayers.  How can one NOT be dedicated to the GOD of all things…everything we see and do not see?  How can one NOT fully commit to the GOD who has allowed us to have a second chance at this life – free from overweight, marriage problems, family discord, addictions to substances, financial devastation, and so much more?

“How could you lose your fervor and your dedication to this cause of Christ – only if you forget and thus the need for such a month as this – the Month of Dedication – the day of dedication  – to remember, consecrate.  To set apart and commit ourselves to the house of the living God – to the kingdom of the living God as each rebuilding and dedication did in the previous generations.  This is a comprehensive dedication – dedication of our whole hearts to God and dedication of the church and all that God has given us back to him.” – More from Gwen Shamblin at the Dedication Assembly, 2012

Remnant Fellowship Wedding of Bruce and MistyThis time of Dedication, Commitment, and Remembrance filled our hearts during the entire weekend…as we not only heard a clear message, but we also celebrated in song and dance to the Lord, enjoyed a Fellowship Meal, and concluded the weekend with a Remnant Covenant Wedding Ceremony…putting a fitting conclusion on a time of Devotion to the Lord by witnessing the Vows and Covenant union of Bruce Westebbe and Misty Wolcott.  And for our members who wish to share their joy with Bruce and Misty by providing them with a gift, the happy couple would be humbled, delighted, and thankful to receive those…as the Lord leads you.  And regarding all of the weekend’s events, if ever there were a cause for joy and thanksgiving, this weekend provided that opportunity in abundance!  Check out this Video Clip for a summary of what was a full and blessed weekend…

For the Dedication Assembly, we not only commemorated eight years in our Sanctuary, but we also honored those who helped the Remnant Fellowship get established in its first two years (1999 and 2000).  These dear Saints have an enormous amount of faith, they are pioneers, and…as Gwen described them…they are “survivors” of much Spiritual warfare…especially the massive efforts that satan put forth to try and stop this Church before it grew past just a few members!  We took time to gather comments from a few of them…to give you a sense of their perspective, their stories, their memories, and their strength in the Lord.

  • “I felt that God led the words Saturday night that expressed my thoughts so well…with quotes like, ‘I would do this all over again,’ and ‘It is so important for the memories to be written down for future generations.’  Most of all Gwen Shamblin’s charge to never let history repeat itself and allow idols back in the temple of God again.  The Mendl family has no regrets leaving the false churches and false leaders.  We have learned so much and have grown to love conviction and refinement. – Jenni Mendl
  • “I first heard the message and joined the Church when I was a single man in my early 20s.  I am now in my mid 30s raising a family and I have zero regrets.  In the past I was wandering with no convictions or strong beliefs; now, here, I have found something worth standing for, because it is about a daily relationship to GOD ALMIGHTY, a living, thriving connection with fruit to show the evidence.  It is for this reason I stay the course and keep the faith.  No other church has continued to share the Truth and encourage unbending devotion to GOD than this place.  I PRAISE GOD for the humble honor to be a part of this Church.  My family and I are eternally grateful.  May GOD’S Church stand for generations to come.” – Matt Weaver
  • “I remember being told by friends and family that this message and this movement was a ‘fad’ and would not last, but I couldn’t deny the fruit, even in those early days.  When the persecution was difficult and had no end in sight, God’s Truth was eternal.  The words that have been shared through Gwen over the last decade have everlasting significance and will give hope to our children for generations to come.  Praise God for the fellowship and encouragement of like-minded believers that held together these families and helped strengthen God’s Church.” – Patrick Stites
  • Father and Son Choral Group“Jessica and I praise God for Remnant Fellowship and for the incredible/lasting change it has produced in our lives.  I am grateful that God allowed me to meet Gwen and her family, to hear her speak on how to lay down sin, and to see that message backed up daily by her family and the leaders of this Church.  Hearing that message for the first time as a young man in college almost 13 years ago, I am blessed to say that it was and still is more than worth giving up a relationship with the world for a relationship with God!  Regardless of the tests, or the slander, or the persecution over the years, learning here how to find God has produced an incredible marriage, a blessed and peaceful home, favor in our jobs, hope for our children, and blessed friendships!  I am excited about the future and to see what God has in store in the years ahead as we all stay pure continue and to learn how to put Him first!” – Jonathan Walters
  • “In 1997, I read the Weigh Down Diet book.  This was the first beacon of hope that I could turn from sin and never go back!  After joining Remnant Fellowship in 2000, the examples of the Shamblin family and the other Saints sealed the deal for me!  I understood Luke 6:43-44 that ‘No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.  Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.’  Although we were a small group, the good fruit produced was almost immeasurable!  At Remnant Fellowship, I was taught how to slow down and find God’s will in all things.  One day at a time, I learned how to stay in step with God’s wishes, wants, and desires for me.  As a result, I have purpose and a clear understanding of how to obey God.  Plus, it is SO much fun!  I am truly grateful for God’s mercy and love!” – Charla Walston
  • “This message has made all the difference in the world.  All of my life…in being a part of many different denominations, I never heard someone tell us that we CAN stop sinning and how to practically do this until I came one night to the back of a warehouse and listened with 40 other people to this Good News.  It was so freeing and energizing to hear that it is possible to put God first!  No matter how many people this little Church had, there was power that I have never seen before.  Through all the early trials, we only got closer to each other and to God. Even though it was painful to suffer, it birthed a spirit of love, devotion, and focus on God providing for our needs.  God has given so much back for stepping out and proclaiming this Truth!  For all the things I set aside in pursuing in order seek God First and put His Kingdom first, I got everything back and more!  I am blessed with a great wife, beautiful kids, strong friendships, a great job, and an unbelievable Truth that continues to refine, convict, and purify through Gwen’s anointed voice.  I don’t want to be anywhere else but Remnant Fellowship!” – Chase McDonald
  • “I really can’t say how we ‘knew’ this was right 14 years ago, but our hearts just KNEW.  What Gwen was teaching and what she was showing us in the Bible was RIGHT.  Everything – every book – in the Bible was finally making sense, and it all seemed so personal.  When we obeyed God’s Word, He brought blessings and peace and a purpose we had never experienced.  When rumors flew around about the Church, its members, and Gwen, we stood firm because we knew first-hand how Remnant members were striving daily to be pure and how our leaders held themselves to the highest standard.  Facts are facts, and the rumors were lies.  There was never a question in our hearts and never, ever a desire to leave this Truth and this Way that has changed us forever.  Gwen has been teaching for years that everyone changes as time passes – you either change for the good or for the worse.  You get closer to God and Christ, or you get farther away.  Each year that passed, despite the persecution, despite the heartache that comes when dear friends are lied about and reputations are destroyed, despite the many ways that satan tries to whisper and tempt in vain, we have changed for the better.  Every year, God has become more personal. We want nothing more than to make it into Heaven and for our children to live for God and enter Heaven as steadfast servants.  We praise God daily that we were blessed to hear from such a teacher as Gwen so many years ago.  We will never be swayed from this Truth, and we will never stop striving to live it out.  We love this place with all our hearts!” – Michelle McDonald

Remnant Fellowship Church Dedication BannerWOW!  That is just a small sampling…from just a few Saints…whose gratefulness and humility shines through in their words.  May those words and testimonies ring loudly as proclamations that this message is life-changing and enduring!  If these concepts and this level of dedication and commitment are NEW to you, please make it a point to visit us regularly.  You can join us via webcast on Saturday mornings at 9:00am Central Time and on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm Central Time.  Gwen’s “You Can Overcome” online show airs each Wednesday morning at 11:00am Central Time.  As always, we are OPEN to the public and sincerely wish to share this GOOD NEWS with the world.  And we praise GOD for this opportunity to be DEDICATED and COMMITTED to Him!  In conclusion, we close with a few more powerful words from Gwen…shared during her Dedication message…to which we say, AMEN!

What percent of your life has been spent in dedicated service, praise and thanks for life, family, church, and salvation?  Dedicated to prayer, dedicated to service, dedicated to purity and dedicated to the house of our Lord shows appreciation.  This month provides us the opportunity to give what our lives to express the dedication that we have for God.  It is an opportunity for us to show our children what is first in our lives by giving thanks for a place of worship.  Most importantly, we will not neglect the house of our Lord – and that is every member here and every member that are located throughout the world.  We are here to help each and every part of the body that is so important to the good of the whole.” – Words from Gwen Shamblin at the Dedication Assembly, 2012


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  1. All praises to God for His amazing work in this beautiful Place that is literally Heaven on earth! AMEN!!!! 🙂

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