Keys to the Best “Holy-Day” Season Ever in the Remnant Fellowship – The 40-Day Journey

You Can Overcome - November 2012

“Day 13… So many Saints are choosing self-denial & finding the joy of it! God does not take pleasure in stubbornness but rather the fear of HIM!” – Gwen Shamblin’s Tweet – Wednesday, November 28th 2012  

gwen shamblin tweetsIt is amazing to see how much wisdom and encouragement can come in the form of “140 characters or less!”  GOD has prompted Gwen…along with Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church…to use the technology and social media outlets available to all of us to bring glory to GOD and to encourage everyone out there who is seeking a wholehearted relationship with Him.  We are embracing the opportunities that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have to offer us in promoting and growing GOD’S Kingdom.  And we are working DAILY to make sure that our various websites are full of Truth, love, encouragement, and plenty of resources for anyone who will use them.

Gwen’s Tweet references the “40-day journey” through the Christmas season that she introduced two weeks ago.  It has been a huge blessing to so many people, and the praise reports are pouring in.  Participants are sharing the fact that they can’t remember any time that they have actually had a “PURE holiday time” with their eating and/or shopping before…with “PURE” meaning that they totally ate and shopped WITHIN GOD’S boundaries.  This is revolutionary and it is making a huge difference in the lives of people all over the world!  JOIN US as we seek to make these “holidays” what they SHOULD be…and that would be “HOLY DAYS!”  Read some of the comments that have recently been shared with us about the 40-day journey…and the HOLINESS that is resulting from it!

  • Weigh Down 40 day journey“First Thanksgiving weekend that I LOST weight, God is sooo good!  I actually set my phone alarm to go off every hour as a reminder to focus up!  Love the Breakthrough class and Weigh Down family!  I’m at my lowest weight in 9 years!”Lilcritia
  • “This is the first time I have ever lost 11 POUNDS DURING THANKSGIVING!  God is so good and His mercies endureth forever.  Thank you Lord for shining your love on me!” Karli
  • “My heart is so full of thankfulness today.  I am in awe of all the wonderful changes and blessings God has allowed.  Just a few years ago I would have been putting on my ‘stretchy’ pants in preparation for my Thanksgiving binge.  Now I focus on serving and loving my family!  It’s so much fun!  I very much enjoy the meal, knowing I am pleasing God.” Jenny
  • “I am so thankful to be free from the pull of the world!  Praise God for my 3rd Thanksgiving that I have not had any desire to go beyond the amount of food that my body has called for between the boundaries of hunger and fullness!!!!  The blessings for obedience are sooooo much better than the curses from disobedience to God!!!!!”Misty
  • “I had a great Thanksgiving focusing up plus our 40-day challenge. I  ate when hungry and stopped when full.  God’s way tastes so good.”Debbie
  • “Praising God today that the scale has been going DOWN and not UP during this holiday week! :)”Shannon
  • “I am truly blessed!  Not only did I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family (my son’s first Thanksgiving), but God helped me to not overeat.  I think this is the first Thanksgiving I have ever eaten what I wanted to without going over board!”Jennifer
  • “What a sweet, simple, and beautiful Thanksgiving Day full of blessings from God!  I can’t even imagine what Christmas will be like this year at the end of this 40 day journey!!  And that’s THE BEST part.  It’s NOT up to me!  Praying and letting God be God is the only way to go!!!!  HE has the BEST plans and surprises!!  Much love to all of you out in WD Facebookland!”Deanna

Remnant Fellowship TV presents You Can OvercomeBut the blessings don’t stop there.  Our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group page has many more praises like these.  Just in case you missed it, during Wednesday’s “You Can Overcome” show, Gwen shared many more tips and stories about how to completely overcome and be DONE with OVER-SHOPPING.  It’s ALL about having a RELATIONSHIP with GOD…and sensing His Spirit’s leading in everything…yes, including eating and shopping.  Co-hosting with Gwen on the show was Candace Anger and special testimony Whitney Sabo.  Hearing Whitney’s overcoming story will inspire you as well…to curb any overeating and/or over-shopping that you might have already struggled with in recent weeks.  You can watch the replay of this powerful “You Can Overcome” episode right now!  And don’t forget…even though the 40-day journey is underway, it’s not too late to join in!  There is NEVER a bad time to make a full commitment to giving GOD your EVERYTHING.  Make THIS “Holy-Day” season your personal BEST EVER…for GOD.  And as always, we are here with plenty of resources, Truth, and encouragement to help you along the way.

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