2013 in the Remnant Fellowship – The Hope of Change – You Can Overcome!

“If u think about it–the gift from God to change is the biggest gift of all. If u really want to change-you will have to change your heart!” – Gwen Shamblin via Twitter – Thursday, December 27th 2012

2013 Calendar YearWe have arrived at a time of transition on the calendar.  As 2013 approaches, people all around the world will make “resolutions.”  If you think about your OWN past and present vows, pledges, commitments, and goals, a common thread likely will run through the vast majority of them…and this is true for both the “religious” and “non-religious” person.  People make decisions…even ones that sometimes end up being short-lived…to CHANGE.  There is something innate inside of mankind that knows that CHANGE is necessary to grow and to succeed in this life.  However, what Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down Ministries, and the Remnant Fellowship Church proposes to you is that GOD HIMSELF has put that desire inside of us.  It is part of His ingenious creation plan…and His extraordinary, generous, divine efforts to have a relationship with any man, woman, or child who will seek, love, and obey Him wholeheartedly.   The Weigh Down Diet Book on tableIn Gwen’s ground-breaking book, The Weigh Down Diet, Chapter ONE lays out this premise in clear fashion, explaining in the very beginning that “We have been created with two empty, needing-to-be-fed holes in our body.  One is the stomach, and the other is the heart.”  And she goes on to illustrate how GOD is the one who longs to take care of and fill up your heart…versus food, money, alcohol, drugs, lust, possessions, etc.  But achieving this involves CHANGE.  It involves TURNING AWAY from our old, fruitless, destructive habits and addictions.  Even if you have found this Ministry and Church in a state of unbelief or without a “faith” in GOD, please know this: you desire to make at least SOME changes in your life for SOME reason.  And even if you think it has nothing to do with GOD, we would love the opportunity to help you make positive changes…and to SHOW you by the evidence, which is the good fruit of the changes, that GOD HAS to be overseeing ALL of it.  We are here to HELP you get 2013 started off in the right way, and listed in the rest of this article are some examples of CLASSES and other RESOURCES that will help speed up those changes.  There is HOPE for a CHANGE… for YOU!  Yes, no matter where you are or what you’ve done in the past, you can CHANGE.  Check out these previews, take a look at these helpful tools, and JOIN US on this journey of CHANGE!

Remnant Fellowship TV Presents You Can OvercomeRemnant Fellowship TV’s “YOU CAN OVERCOME” – Gwen’s internet video show – Every Wednesday – We’ve moved from Wednesday mornings to the evenings…and so JOIN US for the updated, PRIME TIME edition of the encouraging, popular, and life-changing “You Can Overcome” show!  Beginning Wednesday, January 2nd of 2013, Gwen Shamblin’s weekly show moves to its NEW start time, 6:30pm Central Time.  Don’t miss a minute of Truth, testimony, and all of the latest news coming out of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church.  Log in early, at 6:00pm, to catch prayer, announcements, and praise and worship before the show starts.  Start off 2013 right…with HOPE for a CHANGE!  And remember – You TOO can OVERCOME!

History of the One True God

NEW CLASS! – “HISTORY of the ONE TRUE GOD” – This BRAND NEW class will revolutionize the way you’ve perceived GOD, satan, Spiritual Warfare, the accounts in the Garden of Eden, and so much more throughout history.  Reading this new book and taking this class is a MUST…and it truly will change your life!  Here are a few more details about the structure of the class…

History of the One True God 6 Week Class

The History of the ONE TRUE GOD class is six weeks long, plus an orientation.  We recommend anyone who has taken the Weigh Down Basics Class already – to take this class starting in January.  The Study Guide is intended to be used as part of a home study, online class, or in a group class setting. We recommend you purchase the History of the ONE TRUE GOD, Volume I book and audios to go along with this study guide.  For the home study, you will also need to purchase the History of the ONE TRUE GOD videos. In both the group class setting or online class, the videos will be provided for you, along with a coordinator and accountability partner.  The orientation starts on January 6th and Week One of the class will be January 13th.

In addition to having the Study Guide for the class, participants will have on-demand access to the videos.  You also will have access to participate in our weekly online CHAT time every Sunday at 3:30pm Central Time on the Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page.  This will be led by coordinators Kent and Regina Smith, Tedd and Candace Anger, and other Godly couples.  This initial class will only cost $49, which is a special release price!  The class would normally cost $79.99.  This is a great opportunity!

Weigh Down Basics classWEIGH DOWN BASICS – FOR NEWCOMERS – START HERE FIRST! – If you have never taken our Basics class, we have the perfect opportunity for you!  Weigh Down Basics orientation also will start on January 6th, with Week One of the class taking place one week later on January 13th.  Like the “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” class, participants will have on-demand access to the videos, other class materials and an accountability partner if you choose to request one.  The online CHAT time for Weigh Down Basics will take place each Sunday at 2:30pm Central Time…also on our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page.  This January class will be led by two of our very successful coordinators, Jenni Mendl and Lisa Peters.  January is a huge weight-loss month for so many people in this country.  Let us help YOU finally, permanently, joyfully, successfully, END your struggles with overeating and any other harmful behaviors and addictions.  You CAN do this.  You CAN change.  You CAN OVERCOME!  Now – to end as we started…start off 2013 with HOPE…the HOPE of CHANGE!

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