Remnant Fellowship Production Pipeline – More Life-Changing Resources on the Way

“Dear Saints:
In Weigh Down one learns how to transfer their love and devotion away from a created thing and over to The Creator! A personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ is priceless and the most valuable Treasure of all! And to add to that amazing gift, God has given us each other to encourage and help one another towards more love and obedience to God…which results in more peace and more joy in our lives!  May you find godly fellowship, accountability and encouragement among these Saints!
Love, Gwen”

Those are words from Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin via our Weigh Down website –

Gwen Shamblin speakingThese uplifting words from this Ministry and Church’s founder set the tone for anyone who is seeking a relationship with GOD.  They also serve as the perfect introduction to this article and to MORE encouragement for everyone.  Why is this the case?  Gwen has been writing and recording…speaking and sharing…pointing people around the world UPWARD to GOD for more than a quarter of a century.  However, this has never been about just one book or one talk or one website.  It is about a never-ending FOUNTAIN of Truth that is pouring out from the Heavens.  Take some time and peruse the RESOURCES that are available at YOUR fingertips…literally.  Go through the websites and see the audios, videos, books, workbooks, classes, music, testimonies, and on and on and on…If it all STOPPED right now, we would have ENOUGH information and perspective from the Heavens through this Ministry and Church to last more than a lifetime.  HOWEVER, that is NOT the news we are reporting today!  NO – we report TODAY that the “Production Pipeline” here at Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church is FULL and is GROWING by the day!  GOD surely continues to be in a hurry to see His will done and His words shared and His Church grow and His goodness and mercy and generosity trumpeted to the world.  Check out this list of resources that are being added and/or updated even as you read this article now:

  • A new music CD from Michael ShamblinGolden Streets, the latest music project from Michael Shamblin, is in its final stages of production and should be available very soon.  In fact, you can pre-order it today.  Don’t miss out on the most beautiful music you will ever have heard!
  • Zion Kids 5, the next Video in an ongoing series for parents and children, is on the way!  The entire Raising Godly Children Package is still available, and your children will absolutely love the teaching, life lessons, songs, and activities in EVERY Video.
  • We are in the process of updating several of our WEBSITES.  Check them out as we progress!
  • Weigh Down Ministries and FacebookFacebook Classes – We’ve just started our “Weigh Down Basics” and “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” Online Classes…with Facebook CHAT times following each lesson viewing.  If you haven’t joined in on one of these classes, you are missing out on not only incredible TRUTH but also awesome FELLOWSHIP with Saints from around the world!
  • Remnant Fellowship YouTube ChannelRFChurch YouTube Channel – We upload fresh Videos regularly to this online channel.  From special messages from Gwen to Testimonies to Music to “You Can Overcome” episodes to Church Assemblies, this is a fantastic, dynamic resource that will keep you refreshed and focused throughout your day!

We have many more projects that are “in the works,” and we will keep the world posted with updates on those as they are ready to be announced.  REMEMBER ALSO, resources like Truthstream, WDWB (online radio), Gwen Shamblin and Michael Shamblin’s YouTube Channels, Weigh Down Chronicles, and MANY more valuable resources are available to you for, literally, “around-the-clock” support.  There isn’t a time of the day or night that you can’t find access to the TRUTH through this Ministry and Church, and we are honored to help provide it to anyone who is seeking GOD!  All it takes sometimes is ONE Testimony…just a few words of declaration that GOD and His ways are awesome…one changed life…to help a person get onto the straight and narrow path.  And the blessings for choosing that path are so numerous that they couldn’t be fully counted if you spent all day every day listing them.  Look below and you will see evidence of this.  THAT is how amazing and generous our GOD is and has been with mankind.  JOIN US in this life of JOY, and please keep praying for this ongoing fountain of resources.  Gwen and this Staff won’t stop sharing this Good News for as long as we have the ability to distribute it to the world.  Praise GOD!

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