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The Youth of America (and increasingly so around the world…) are totally “all in” when it comes to “social media.”  From Facebook and Twitter…to Instagram and Pinterest…to Snapchat and TOO MANY MORE to mention…social media avenues are, unfortunately for GOD, increasingly being used as an escape from reality.  They are being used to see how much people can “get away with” before being caught and/or embarrassed.  This is a shame.  Weigh Down Youth Facebook ClassBut we here at the Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down Ministries have FANTASTIC news to report on the “social media” front.  The exact OPPOSITE is happening here!  On Tuesday evening, January 29th – at 8:30pm – hundreds of Youth from around the world gathered together on the Facebook Weigh Down Ministries YOUTH Page…and they chatted for more than an hour…posting their praises to GOD and stories of their changed lives because of this Church, Ministry, and teaching through what GOD has poured out through Gwen Shamblin.  And after more than 500 comments/posts had hit the Chat page, the hour had FLOWN by, and YOUTH…yes, YOUTH…had used Facebook for 100 percent GODLY purposes.  There were no inappropriate, “me first,” questionable pictures or posts.  There were no “likes” of inappropriate, worldly things.  There were no links posted to any sleazy content.  It was PURE, WHOLEHEARTED LOVE and DEVOTION to GOD and to His Truth.  As you look around at the increasing level of immorality around this country and around the world in many places, it is so REFRESHING and HOPEFUL to see GOD get all of the glory with the Youth.  There IS hope.  There IS a place of purity.  There IS a message and a gathering of Saints who hold to GOD’S ancient, perfect Truths.  It is HERE, and this group of young people is preparing themselves for future leadership in GOD’S Church.  Praise His Name!  And just to let you know how powerful this initial Chat and Orientation time was…and to let you know that YOUR sons and daughters can be a part of something amazing if you will CONNECT with this place…keep reading Weigh Down Ministries and Facebookfor some quotes and posts taken from Tuesday’s Chat time and you will see for yourselves that GOD is moving powerfully!

“God blessed the orientation tremendously!  We were honored to open our home to all the youth coordinators to log in and help organize answering questions and needs.  The enthusiasm from everyone was undeniable; and many expressed their appreciation to the Remnant Fellowship Church and Gwen Shamblin for sponsoring this, giving them the chance to access this information at little to no cost.  We look forward to all God is going to do in our lives through this study –  And by the way, it is not too late to join – we hope all Jr./Sr./College/Young-Adult-aged will not miss out on this opportunity!!” – Jonathan and Jessica Walters – Class Coordinators

  • Remnant Felllowship Youth Volunteering on FacebookThis class is so life changing!!! But getting to take it with the rest of you makes it that much more powerful knowing that other youth are running after this with me! I am SO grateful for this opportunity. LOVE you all!! – Abbi
  • I am so blessed to get to be part of this class with a bunch of like minded people who are all wanting this relationship with God! This class gets my mind focused where it should be…. UP!!!!! – Gina
  • This is SO AWESOME!! PRAISING GOD for ALL He has done in my life and the lives of my family!!! I found WD in 2004, fully applying the message with ALL my heart in 2011 and since then have lost over 50 pounds!! I am SO excited to take this class again and fall MORE in LOVE with GOD and more out of love with food, as the Orientation stated  I tried TONS of things before and found life ONLY through this message!! You won’t regret it!! Dive IN!!! – Maxine
  • I cannot express my excitement enough for this class. This message is the Truth and it has changed my life forever!!!! This journey is fun and exciting and the fruit that comes from making the choice to put God first in your life is incredible! I cannot wait for the continual changes to come in my life and I am excited to see the joy and changes in everyone who is attending this class! – Paul
  • Sooo excited for this class!! I have been blessed to take it before but you CANNOT get enough of the Basics because it keeps it simple when times seem confusing!! Love how Ms. Gwen boils it down to the bare bones of what loving God with everything is all about!! Praise God for this opportunity!! – Denise
  • I am SO excited about this class!!! The basics were key for me because learning God’s cues for hunger and fullness was the beginning of my relationship with God. From there, through the Weigh Down Seminars, I learned to find God’s cues/leadings for every aspect of my life and has led to an incredible life full of blessings and answered prayers!!! I lost 25lbs over 7 years ago and laid down so many other sins!!! I am pumped for more conviction and falling more with God through this class!!! WAHOOOOOO!!! – Michael
  • Loving this opportunity to grow closer to God and the youth! This class is truly life changing and, when put completely into practice, brings amazing blessings for obedience! Praising God for truth and the sweet youth! – Mikayla
  • Praise God for this class!! God continues to work miracles in my life because of this teaching of TOTAL obedience to Him ALONE… He has delivered me from an eating disorder I was totally enslaved to since I was a sophomore in high school.. It ruled my life, destroyed my health, my relationships, and my energy! I absolutely can not wait to see God continue to show off in my life as I’m laying down the greed for food now! It’s so exciting to feel the greed for food and self lessening and my love for God and others increase! Can’t wait to post results during the weeks to come. – Bethany
  • One of my favorites lines from orientation was when Ms. Gwen said this is “not religion, but a relationship of God!” This is so true!! This is the only place that i have learned how to have a relationship with God!!! – Brittany
  • Convictions from the orientation video: I want to have HOPE and JOY in my heart. I WANT to eat like a child and not worry about the food- back to NATURAL eating!! – Kristen
  • I was so encouraged by the 20000 pounds down line up at RF church! It is so amazing to see the permanent/life changing fruit that comes from putting God first and the impact it has had on so many! – Jonathan
  • I love how you can use this for any aspect of your life not just food! You can use this concept to change anything that has become a stronghold!! – Allyson
  • I love watching all the older clips of weigh down in the orientation video.. its awesome to see that this message has stayed the same since so long ago!! its TIMELESS!! – Makenzie
  • Wow!!!! All I can say is …!!! What an exciting thing God is doing in our youth!!!! Praising God for our kids running after a sweet relationship with our Creator of the Universe!!!! I’m so blessed right now reading over all the comments. . ♡♡♡ Love your hearts… – Cherie

That is just a VERY SMALL SAMPLING of the praises that were shared…and week ONE is just around the corner!

This is great news…not just for these young people but for the future of GOD’S CHURCH!  Please don’t deprive your children of the opportunity to connect with this group of young Saints who are running after a relationship with Him with all that they’ve got.  Don’t you want them to look back on their youth with FOND and RIGHTEOUS memories instead of the regrets that many of us adults have lived with?  Of course you do!  Connect with us…and call us at 1-800-844-5208 and/or visit us at and to get you and your family started today!

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