Golden Streets – The Remnant Fellowship’s Latest Music Project from Michael Shamblin

Golden Streets CDWe truly are in a “golden” age here in the Remnant Fellowship.  The messages that GOD is pouring out through Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down founder Gwen Shamblin are ABUNDANT!  There are, literally, THOUSANDS of hours of these Truth-filled messages that are available to people all over the world.  There are TESTIMONIES of changed lives throughout this place.  People are CHANGED, and they want to share it with everyone who wants to hear about it.  And the MUSIC that is being birthed and inspired by these messages is overflowing…which brings us to today’s exciting “breaking news” announcement…Michael Shamblin’s “Golden Streets” project is being released as of Thursday, February 28th!  Trust us when we say that you will NOT want to miss having your own copy of this amazing and inspired record.  Michael wrote all 13 songs that appear on the project and he worked closely with our own B.B. Barcus to produce the sound that you’ll hear on the record.

Everyone can identify with this concept – Music has an ability to move you…to take you to a time and place and frame of mind.  GOD certainly programmed this ability inside of mankind.  Who do you know who DOESN’T like music?  You probably couldn’t name anyone you know who would say that they didn’t like music at all.  SO – with this in mind, it is SO important for the true followers of GOD and of Jesus Christ to flood their minds and ears and hearts with music that points them UPWARD to even MORE focus on GOD.  Music’s beautiful, GOD-given power to inspire, encourage, and convict you is a crucial key to your own personal success in your life’s journey.  If a three or four minute melody can completely overwhelm you and move you to ACTION, then make it a point to let that music and those actions be GODLY.  And we’ve got great news for you about this Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Ministries music – It accomplishes this task in more ways than we can describe!  “Golden Streets” will indeed become another “soundtrack to life” for those who are running after GOD wholeheartedly.  This will be some of the BEST and most INSPIRING music you have ever heard!  Believe it.

“Golden Streets” includes the following songs:

1. We Serve God
2. Golden Streets
3. Rely On
4. Azaleas
5. Maker Of The Skies
6. Two Roads
7. God’s Pain
8. One God
9. We Sing Hallelujah
10. Days Of Awe
11. Jesus, My Master And King
12. Promised Land
13. Psalm 1


Michael Shamblin and B.B. Barcus have done a tremendous amount of work in producing this project.  We are very blessed to have this team in our Church and Ministry.  Here are some of their thoughts about the project…first from Michael, then from B.B.

I’m so grateful to be able to write music and produce albums for God’s Kingdom… after hearing comments from people who say a song “helped them pass a test” or “directed their focus up to God”, it truly makes all the effort worth it.  And picking some of the most effective and worshipful songs to help Saints through the day is what “Golden Streets” is all about.  I’ve also really enjoyed getting to work with BB over these months (and years), he’s incredibly talented and has added so much to the project and this couldn’t have been done without him. Also want to send a thanks to Gwen and the Remnant/Weigh Down team who’ve supported us and helped in many ways, and Thank you to God!  Hope you all enjoy “Golden Streets”! – ms

It has been a tremendous honor working alongside Michael Shamblin on the Golden Streets project.  This collection of God-inspired songs has been carefully written and chosen by Michael to point listeners up to God in praise and worship.  The process of recording and mixing this CD has been very rewarding musically and spiritually. – bb

In conclusion, it is a tremendous blessing to have pure music…made by true Saints.  It picks us up when we are down, it makes us laugh and makes us cry, it convicts our hearts and fills our minds with pure thoughts, and it moves us to worship GOD Almighty.  Who are WE to enjoy such a gift?  May we NEVER take for granted the instant access we have to the TRUTH…in this MESSAGE and in this MUSIC!  You can add “Golden Streets” to your growing collection of amazing, Godly music by ordering it today via our website.

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