Employee of the Month in the Remnant Fellowship – February 2013 – B.B. Barcus

“God will hear your music and your shouts of joy if you seek His face with all your heart, just as King David did. This means seeking God’s approval in everything you do. You need to see if He is smiling at what you are doing, or if He is frowning at what you are thinking or doing. And remember that God sees INSIDE our hearts and minds; nothing is hidden.  One other point to learn from this story (David dancing in the streets before the Lord – II Samuel 6): don’t make fun of how others show their passionate love for God – just imitate it!  Celebrate before the Lord today!” Words from Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down Ministries founder Gwen Shamblin – “David’s Honorable Dance” – www.weighdownchronicles.com

BB Barcus - playing guitar at Remnant FellowshipAMEN and amen!  Praise GOD that He allows each of us to have our very own, personal relationships with HIM.  It is an honor to sing to Him, dance before Him, and give Him our whole hearts in all that we say and do every day.  As you read the Scriptures, it is obvious that one of GOD’S most awesome creations has been the gift of MUSIC.  Music is universally loved…in every language and country…crossing seemingly countless styles and rhythms.  We know here in this Church and Ministry that music should be used FIRST and FOREMOST to PRAISE GOD!  The Heavens are full of beautiful, Godly music and we too should fill our ears and hearts and minds with the kind of music that will spur us, encourage us, convict us, and move us to worship GOD in everything.  Here in our offices, if you were to visit us on any given day you would hear Heavenly sounds coming out of not one, but TWO office studios…those would be the studios for Michael Shamblin and B.B. Barcus.  If you’ve spent ANY time with this Church and/or Ministry, you know of Michael’s history and life given to making music for GOD.  What you may not have known is that another righteous man is working hard behind the scenes in multiple ways to help produce our music as well.  His name…as well as being our February 2013 “employee of the month” is…B.B. Barcus!  Congratulations to B.B. and the Barcus family, and we praise GOD for him and for the ongoing dedication that he displays to this Ministry, Church, and ultimately, to GOD’S Kingdom.

BB and Miley Barcus - Remnant FellowshipRegarding his responsibilities with this Church and Ministry, B.B. lives in a world of SOUND.  From assisting with music production to audio production to playing and singing with our Praise Band…and from our live Assembly sound and webcast audio…B.B. works hard and with a positive, upbeat attitude to help ensure that all of us both near and far can HEAR the messages, testimonies, and songs that are being shared.  In addition, he makes sure that these Godly words are recorded with clarity and at optimum levels for historical preservation and for future projects.  And AFTER it is recorded, the sound is taken back to our Weigh Down studios where further edits, mixing, and mastering are done for Truthstream, CD, and DVD releases.  And along with those responsibilities, B.B. helps train our Audio Team on proper use of our Church Audio equipment and mixing systems.  We all know that being able to HEAR what is shared…so that we can put it into PRACTICE…is the single most important factor when experiencing this Truth in our Assemblies and through our media products.  The WORDS that GOD is giving to Gwen to teach and to the Saints to share are CRUCIAL in our growth as individuals and as a Church.  Praise GOD for His technology and for the ability to transmit these Heavenly SOUNDS around the world in so many forms!

As you can see (and hear!), B.B. is a committed, focused employee…a wonderful representative of this Ministry and Church…and he is dedicated to helping Gwen, Michael, our Assemblies, and our media products spread this GOOD NEWS that we can CHANGE to be more like Christ every day!  Congratulations again to B.B. for this honor.  And in conclusion, it is important to note again that Gwen has set an amazing example for this Staff and for everyone in this Church and Ministry to follow.  She is never-ending, never-tiring, never-wavering in her commitment and focus and drive to see GOD’S will done on Earth…right now…as it is being done in Heaven.  OUR lives are forever changed for the better because of her example and GOD-given teaching.  May ALL of us who SAY that we too are devoted to GOD wholeheartedly display this same drive and fervor to see the Truth spread to a hurting world!  And may the Heavenly “sounds” coming from this Church and Ministry reach the seeking hearts everywhere!

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  1. JoeyKjelmanRyles says:

    Thank you, B.B., for all you do for our Church family!! Praise God for this honor. Vern Ryles joins me in sending you congratulations with much love, Joey

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