Remnant Fellowship Youth – Using Their Gifts and Shining in Their Schools

Remnant Fellowship youth in the Brentwood Middle School Production“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.” – I Timothy 4:12 – NIV 1984

Those are words of encouragement and admonishment from the Apostle Paul to Timothy, a young man with a high calling by GOD.  And our Remnant Fellowship Youth are following in those footsteps…adhering to the same calling!  Here in Nashville, more than HALF of our local membership falls into the “ages 18 and under” range.  WOW!  GOD really is growing this Church…both from the outside AND the inside.  Remnant Fellowship youth in the Brentwood Middle School ProductionWith over 400 of our local Saints being 18 and younger, many of our Youth are shining in the local school systems here in Williamson County.  They excel through every type of academic subject, project, sport, and extracurricular activity you could imagine.  And last week at both Brentwood High School AND Brentwood Middle School provided yet another occasion for many of our young members to shine.  On the evenings of March 1st through 3rd, Brentwood Middle School featured their theater production of the popular musical “Oklahoma!”

  • Alex Rickman played the role of Laurey Williams
  • Jackson Rector played the role of Jud Fry
  • Rebekah Fischer played the role of Vivian (Dream Girls)
  • Remnant Fellowship student performing in the Brentwood Middle School ProductionMatthew Fischer played the role of Mike (and was the understudy for the role of Will Parker)

And at Brentwood High School, several of our Youth were involved in their theater production of “Into the Woods.”

  • Josh Zinzilieta had the lead role as Jack
  • Emma Auernheimer was one of the three little pigs
  • Julianne Martin was the Sprite of the Forest
  • Garrett Smith and Andrew Fischer both were Stewards to the Prince

Remnant Fellowship youth in the Brentwood High School ProductionCongratulations to these Youth and to their families.  It takes a focus, dedication, and commitment to be a part of something like a full theater production.  Many hours are spent rehearsing and planning and preparing for the show when that time could be spent doing other things.  We praise GOD that He led these Youth to use their GOD-given gifts to glorify Him and represent Him in their school productions…but even MORE than that…we are grateful that they represent GOD every day in their schools.  And to the many other Remnant Youth who are shining in so many additional ways each and every day, we praise GOD for all of you.  You are the next generation…the future of carrying out this amazing message of CHANGE that GOD has given to Gwen and to this Church and Ministry.  Thank you for being lights…right where you are…and for continuing to choose the path of purity.  As adults, we definitely do NOT “look down on you because you are young.”  On the contrary, we have great plans and expectations for you and know that you can do great things for GOD as you grow in Him!  THIS is yet another example of how both the Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down Ministries are pointing people to GOD…one life at a time!

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