Passover Night in the Remnant Fellowship – Beautiful Images and Memories

Remnant Fellowship - Passover Moon

The Passover Moon

Our Lord’s Passover Night has come and gone.  We awoke this morning (Tuesday, March 26th) with humility and gratitude in our hearts.  The Lord has passed us by.  Praise GOD for all of the amazing Truth that Gwen shared with us in recent days and weeks…to get our families ready for this special time.  Here in Nashville, we watched a light blanket of snow cover the ground, a gorgeous display of beauty…a gentle, quiet picture of pure white right before our eyes.  What a memory!  Families gathered and shared in the Passover Meal.  Parents told their children about the pain of sin and how to avoid it in their young lives going forward.  We watched a powerful video message from Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin that walked us through the history and meaning and depth of this night and of this week.  We read deep words of Truth and perspective from Gwen that further explained how the Passover Night could be most effectively observed.  We read the Word of GOD and we prayed…keeping vigil just as our GOD does.  Our stories and blessings and memories will live on, and we pray that these children will carry all of this with them each day…learning and applying this to their DAILY walks and relationships with GOD.  We pray that they will carry this passion for GOD and love for His Church forward and that they will do even greater things for GOD as they grow into adulthood and lead this Remnant in the years to come.  For now, we’ll let pictures help tell the story and share the memory of what was a very blessed Passover Night in the Remnant Fellowship…

Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal - Peters House Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal - Ancona House
Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal
Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal - Unleavened Bread Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal - Lamb
Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal Place Settings Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal - Unleavened breads
Remnant Fellowship - Passover Meal

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