Let No Debt Remain But Love – A Weekend of Truth and Covenant Celebration in the Remnant Fellowship

In this Remnant Fellowship Church, we never lack for the TRUTH…spoken powerfully by Gwen Shamblin.  We have hours upon hours of it recorded on both video and audio, and GOD is constantly and consistently pouring out…through Gwen…fresh revelations, convicting and eye-opening explanations, and the “how to” elements that are so important to every Saint who is living this life of “GOD FIRST”…no idols…in everything.  Our April 13th Sabbath Assembly was one of those “you’ll remember this moment in time” messages.  And for a limited time, this message is available to all of our subscribers to TRUTHSTREAM!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share in a message that will change your life!  In the message, Gwen shared in great detail and with complete clarity what TRUE love in its appropriate place looks like.  Here’s just a small sample of those words…

A Brief Portion of GWEN SHAMBLIN’S April 13th Sabbath Morning Message – “Let No Debt Remain But Love”

Remnant Fellowship April 13th Sabbath - Gwen Shamblin“Too many lost lambs get out of bed only to care of self – and find themselves unfulfilled, bored, empty, overwhelmed with all there is to do – they cannot give to others for they hardly can take care of their own mess – so they miss the fulfillment of the law.  What went wrong?  They missed the whole point in life- build faith – seek the Kingdom of God FIRST from sunrise to sundown…FIRST and then trust God will take care of your finances, your relationships.  The faithless wake up to take care of “self” – self-focused – their mind on their body, health, their house, their career, their fortune, their wants or desires.  Of course we have to take care of the duties of the day but Satan and the world whispers that you don’t love yourself enough – take care of yourself enough – but trust me that is not the case.  The love of self was pre-programmed by God – and the appropriate amount is innate…that is why Jesus could give a universal rule: love others as yourself.  It is assumed – you feed yourself, dress yourself – that is love – but God never intended for us to go past that – worry about our health to a fault, our bank account to a fault, our house or home or job or children to fault.  We put God’s business first – he is the CEO of the best business, his house first, his children first – and the next thing you know, a miracle happens – as you follow God’s Spirit to lay down desires and help someone else – your things are taken care of – you find the money you needed, relationship problems are gone.  All the wasted time fretting over everything – but now look – you obeyed, did not worry about the troubles ahead and in its place found the time for others…and behold… you received everything you needed.”

A lot of us grew up maybe HEARING that you should “love GOD first, then others, then yourself.”  We sang children’s songs about it and came up with cute phrases about it…but NO ONE ever really explained HOW you love GOD first and what that actually LOOKS like on a daily basis.  Well, we have that explanation here and we are humbled and grateful to see and hear it shared so clearly.  When have YOU ever been told, before this message, that you already know how to love yourself and that this was programmed inside of you as something “innate”?  Testimony after testimony of changed people here have shared that they were constantly told that they needed to love themselves even MORE.  What a wonderful PERSPECTIVE CHANGE this is!  How REFRESHING it is to have true, appropriate love explained!  This was a special message, and it is a must-watch or must-listen for anyone on this journey.

Remnant Fellowship Ladd-Jones Wedding - PraiseThe Sabbath Assembly and the message we heard led perfectly into our EVENING activities – a beautiful Covenant WEDDING – where we witnessed the union of KERRY LADD and LAUREN JONES!  Both Kerry and Lauren wrote touching and deep Vows of Commitment, and their love for GOD, for His Church, and for each other overflowed from their mouths on stage.  The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were decorated with splashes of pink and the foliage of Springtime.  The Ceremony music featured the perfect blend of classical instrumentation and our own Remnant worship music.  We praised GOD with all of our hearts in song together and enjoyed a fun time of celebration, dancing, and fellowship after the Ceremony.  We truly thank GOD for these new lives and the marriages that are being birthed here.  They offer such a glorious picture of what true, selfless love looks like.  And our 2013 calendar features several more opportunities for you to witness it for yourself.  Selfless, Godly love…explained and displayed throughout this fellowship of Saints.  What a gift we’ve been given!  Praise GOD!  To close, let’s read a few more encouraging and powerful words from Gwen’s April 13th Sabbath message…

CONCLUDING WORDS from GWEN SHAMBLIN – From her April 13th Sabbath message – “Let No Debt Remain But Love”

“It is so wonderful that there are clear positive and negative consequences of our actions.  If it were confusing, people would never find their way out of the dark.  Deuteronomy 28 – which we live by – The clear positive and negative consequences give us purpose and hope.  Just imagine if you had hate and you did not believe you could ever change – just imagine if you were obese or caught up into drugs with no answers.  People that refuse to believe the reality of blessings and curses do not want a cause and effect – because they do not want to change.  They miss the connection, hope, and intrigue of life – a life that is worth more than living – it is amazing – it is over the top.  How about that – true religion is not legalism – it is love.  What a brilliant, compassionate, full of fun and life God we serve…all He asks of us is love and love feels good – and He even tells us how to find it – Christ walked it out – God first, His desires second.    Do not let this moment pass – rise to the occasion and seize this opportunity before it is too late.  I pray now in the Name of Christ that God will grant repentance to those who have been taken captive to do the devil’s will – I pray for this true repentance to be able to turn and do the will of God.   Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love…lay your life down, down for God, Christ, and then one another, for he who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law!”

Amazing Truth, wonderful words of life, and a blueprint for LOVE in this life!  What a blessing and what a weekend!  Praise GOD!


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