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Zion Youth

Zion Youth Part 1In a country and in a time when our elementary and middle school-aged children are inundated with movies, music, TV shows, and internet offerings that steer them in the OPPOSITE direction of GOD’S holy, narrow path of life and salvation, it is a RELIEF and a JOY to know that there are GODLY resources and friendships available…right here in the Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down Ministries!  For the parents out there, you know what we mean – Even the “kids’ programming” on the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and in the PG and PG-13 rated movies is FULL of sometimes subtle and sometimes overtly blatant REBELLION to anyone in authority.  As Gwen has said many times in many messages, “everything is upside down.”  She shares that “the wife is smarter than the husband, the kids are smarter than the parents, the pets and other animals are smarter than the people and the trees contain all wisdom.”  It is BACKWARDS, UPSIDE DOWN, and WRONG!  So…what can parents do?  Well, we don’t shield our children completely from the world.  As they interact with the world and see and hear things that need explanation, we USE those opportunities to explain WHY something is right or wrong.  We tell them NOT to imitate the disrespectful, know-it-all, arrogant behavior we sometimes see even in kids’ programming.  These provide some teachable moments, but as the Scripture says, “A little yeast leavens the whole lump.” (I Corinthians 5:6-7)  There is an appropriate time to teach our children based upon something we see or hear “in the world.”  But too much exposure to that will inevitably have a negative effect and will actually “rub off” on our children.  Thank and praise GOD that we have answers here in this Church and Ministry!  We have year-round opportunities for fellowship, Weigh Down classes conducted with Facebook chat times, Youth Group devotionals and fun activities, Summer Day Camp for Remnant Fellowship Church members, and from Gwen and the Weigh Down Staff we have the “Zion Kids” and now “ZION YOUTH” packages!  The “good fruit” (positive results) coming from these packages are unparalleled.  As parents, what would you be willing to do or give or go through to make SURE that your children are shown the GODLY path?  What would you do to help your children AVOID the mistakes that YOU made as a youth?  Any honest parents…those who are seeking GOD wholeheartedly…would tell you that they would trade ANYTHING to help their children be saved.  And thankfully, these resources and opportunities provide just that…HELP for your children…GODLY instruction and activities and lessons and songs that will fill their hearts and minds with PURE goals and motives and clear guidance for life.  Want proof?  Here are a few comments from mothers whose children are enjoying the new “Zion Youth” package and who also have relished the “Zion Kids” packages as well…
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[box]“I just have to testify to the new Zion Youth DVD and Workbook!  Our children are so excited about it…to say the least!  The kids couldn’t stop talking about it after we picked up our copy/workbooks. They woke up first thing the next morning with an incentive; if you get ready quickly, we can watch the DVD before school….they’ve never gotten ready so fast!  We loved every part of it and all of our kids danced around at the end with the song too!  The our 7 year old said she had been praying for a workbook, and after watching it said, ‘This is the most fun I’ve had in weeks!!!!’   Later that night after dinner, she same back and told me how awesome her day at school was.  She was so eager to stay in the workbook, looking to see if she could ‘check off’ that she had pleased her authorities!  She even gave credit to God for giving her good ideas and made the connection that after obeying me with a great attitude that God blessed her with something from her dad!  What more could we ask for?   I am overflowing with gratitude for all the time and effort put into this series for our children!  I can’t imagine having this as a child. Unbelievable!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” – Stacy[/box][box]“My family LOVES LOVES LOVES the new Zion Youth video!!!  I can’t pull the kids away from the workbook!  So excited to have this incredible tool to help keep the kids hearts focused on God!!!” – Abigail[/box][box]”This new series is amazing!  The night it was released, our girls were begging us for the DVD and their own workbooks.  Both girls have said this series has encouraged them to seek a deeper connection to God and inspired an increased desire to obey God, their parents, and their authorities more!  We praise God for this series and its life-changing message!” – Rachel[/box][box]“Our kids have grown up on with the Zion Kids series, which has in fact benefited every member of the family (young to old)!  So needless to say, we were quite thrilled about the release of Zion Youth!  Our oldest children could not wait to work through the Study Guides and all the children love the colorful video’s lessons and music (speaking of, I was very happy to see the video available on our TruthStream account for convenient access on the go)!  The lessons taught by Gwen Shamblin in this series are foundational and essential in training up children under God; I am grateful for her ability to explain and teach so that even the youngest of age can understand how and why life is all about a relationship with God.  This will be on repeat in our home as we glean every lesson and every word!” – Jessica[/box]

That is just a SMALL sampling of the gratitude and praises to GOD that have been shared by parents all over the world.  What you put into your mind, your eyes, and your ears…and ultimately your heart…really DOES matter.  And it makes a HUGE impression upon children.  They enter this world with the innocence that comes from the Heavens.  Do you want to help them KEEP that innocence by filling them up with Truth and Godly lessons and meaningful music?  Or do you want to expose their young hearts and minds to so much of a “worldly” focus that you spend YEARS trying to “undo” the damage done in these formative years?  PARENTS – Let’s make this an easy decision.  You KNOW that the fruit…the results…of filling our minds with these Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Messages, lessons, testimonies, and songs produces positive change.  It produces joy and peace and happiness and PURITY.  “Zion Youth, Part 1: A Connection with God” is one package…one step…in this process of steering our children down the right path.  The DVD and Study Guide will be an educational, wonderful, and FUN addition to your library of materials.  Pick up your DVD and Study Guide of “Zion Youth Part 1: A Connection with God” TODAY!

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