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Remnant Fellowship - Pinewood Derby - Girl ScoutsIf you stop by the Remnant Fellowship Church Building on a Tuesday evening, chances are you’ll find yourself surrounded by our YOUTH in the elementary, middle school, and high school age groups.  You might see strands of rope being tied in 10 different types of knots…or you may see tents and sleeping bags being set up and taken down.  Perhaps you would see first aid kits being studied and implemented.  You might even see one corner of young people sewing and knitting.  The list goes on and on…but MOST importantly, a visit to the Church Building on a Tuesday night would find young people in this Church PRAYING and FELLOWSHIPPING together!  Welcome to our “Remnant Scouting Program!”

As adults, many of us grew up as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts…or maybe you stopped at the Cub Scout or Brownie level.  For those who participated in these organizations, the “life skills” that you learned certainly had some value.  You may even use some of those skills today.  However, what our Remnant Youth are gaining carries a DOUBLE blessing!  Not only are they learning about GOD’S Creation and how to live and manage themselves outdoors…not only are they learning about making their own crafts and clothing…but they are doing it for the PURPOSE of connecting with GOD and with each other even more.  THAT PURPOSE is their highest goal, and it makes the “skills training” have MEANING.  Yes, they are creating lasting memories of fun, fellowship, and learning together, but more than anything, they are discovering more and more about GOD’S Creation, His personality, how to look to Him for their provisions in life, and how to PRAY to Him for protection and guidance…no matter WHAT situation they may find themselves in – indoors, outdoors, rain or shine, sleet or snow, in safety and in challenging situations.  That FOCUS presents a huge difference in what these precious young people glean…versus what we as adults were focusing on as young people.

Remnant Fellowship Scouts Bike Rodeo boy on bikeIt’s been a busy season for our Scouting Program, and it is a praise to GOD to share some of the activities that the Youth have been involved with as they build their relationships with GOD and with each other…and as they gain valuable “skills” to use throughout their lives.  Here’s a summary from Remnant member BILL SCOTT, one of our lead volunteers who gives his time each week to help coordinate our Scouting activities:

For the past few months, our Scouts have learned so much – including this list and much more:

  • How to camp out (tents, sleeping bags, food, campfires, safety, protection, weather preparation, attire, awareness of their surroundings, etc.)
  • Knife safety
  • Basic first aid training
  • Various types of rope knots…for practical use in numerous situations
  • OLDER Scouts have learned how to “lash” (binding and fastening), how to use an axe and saw, fire building, and some basic outdoor cooking
  • Girls have learned some sewing and knitting

Also, the Scouts have hosted TWO large-scale events in recent weeks, with BOTH of them turning out to be great successes:

  • A “BIKE RODEO,” which focused on bicycle safety, training, rules of the road, and a fun bike course for young riders to navigate through
  • A “PINEWOOD DERBY,” featuring cars that the Scouts made and raced themselves.

Remnant Fellowship Scouts - Bike Rodeo - Bike PrepThe BIKE RODEO was put together by the older Scouting group.  The Scouts learned how to design, build, and teach the younger Scouts.  They also were a great source of encouragement for the younger ones.  Over 60 young people from pre-K through 5th grade ages attended and completed the event, which included road rules instruction and four obstacle courses for attendees to maneuver through.  Our adult volunteers noticed several young people progress from “using training wheels” to “no more training wheels!”  Everyone had a great time as safety was stressed and lots of fun, fellowship, and good memories were made!

The PINEWOOD DERBY featured 90 cars built by our Scouts, and they raced in four different groups – older boys, younger boys, older girls, and younger girls.  Bill Scott reported that there was lots of help from Chris Smith (“pit crew”) and other generous volunteers.  Everyone had a great time, and everyone displayed GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP!Remnant Fellowship - Pinewood Derby - Finish LinePraise GOD!  Winners of the “racing” and “best in show” categories were gracious and modest in victory, and those who didn’t win were congratulatory and humble towards those who won.  The entire event was a glory to GOD and served as further proof that our children are learning ETERNAL life lessons in ALL of their activities here at the Remnant Fellowship.  It’s about GOD FIRST, and their lives are blessed because of that teaching and focus.  Praise GOD for the Remnant Scouting Program, and we look forward to every opportunity that our Youth possess to get together and grow in love for Him and with each other!

Remnant Fellowship - Pinewood Derby - Watching the Race Remnant Fellowship - Pinewood Derby - Cars

Remnant Fellowship Scouts - Bike Rodeo - Obstacle Course Remnant Fellowship Scouts - Bike Rodeo - Riding Bikes

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