Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page – Praises to GOD and Tests Passed!

FACEBOOK is like any other technological resource to surface in recent years in this PRIMARY WAY – It can be used for good or bad purposes.  Just like computers, the internet, text messaging, tablets, smartphones, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and on and on…what GOD created to be used for upright and holy purposes can also be twisted to glorify what is immoral.  With that said, we praise GOD that He has led our efforts and blessed our work to use ALL of these resources for His glory!  This is clearly evident in our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group Page.  At more than 5,000 members and counting, this group of GOD-seekers spends time each week…all week long…encouraging each other, sharing prayer requests, sending out praise reports for prayers answered, and helping each other grow in love and obedience to GOD.  And all of these fantastic uses of Facebook are driven by the life-changing WEIGH DOWN CLASSES that many of the Group Page members are going through – Weigh Down Basics, The Change Series, The Legend to the Treasure Series, and more!  Take a look at a few comments and praises to GOD from this past week – the second week of May 2013…

  • Mary T – Lost 10 pounds in the last month!
  • Amanda S – “I think I passed a test too!  After weighing on Sunday I saw that I didn’t lose anything last week.  That would have sent me into a depressed binge before Weigh Down!  But I felt like God was asking me if I would trust Him or run back to the food.  I chose Him!  I wouldn’t trade this relationship for all the food in the world!  This morning I decided to look again and I had dropped 2 pounds.  I’m now back in the 160s.  I have gotten there before a couple times, but only with EXTREME deprivation that of course I couldn’t keep up so I’d quit and gain it all back.  I never would have believed I could have made it without starving myself!  Praise GOD!!!!  Another thing that blessed me so much this morning: I read 1 John 3 and was struck by just how absent this teaching is these days!  I have been to many churches before, and have asked several times about things I’d read like this, about actually OBEYING the Word, about not sinning, about purifying ourselves, and always would get the response that it’s not necessary, and in fact BAD if we try!  I could never understand that but figured they knew better than I did!  I have been unsettled and uneasy about it for many years!  To finally hear all these things I read in the Bible actually TAUGHT and BELIEVED has been indescribable!  More God, please, MORE TRUTH!!! So so blessed <3
  • Lisa R – “I just passed a test!  So excited 🙂  I was about to eat, kind of-sort of-maybe empty, (okay, no I wasn’t really hungry!) but thinking of all kinds of reasons why it isn’t a big deal to go ahead and eat anyway.  The thought came to me to ask God what He thinks.  I was impressed with the thought, “If you aren’t willing to simply wrap that plate of food up and put it in the fridge, what does that say about your desire to really obey Me fully in other areas?”  Isn’t that the truth?!  If I choose a salsa-burger over the simple act of waiting, how little do I think of the God of the Universe??  I hope I remember this forever….that is why I wanted to share with all of you!”
  • Sheri B – “So excited to share my “big” news with all my Weigh Down Friends!  We are expecting baby #3 in November!
 I praise God that I lost 53 pounds in the past year before getting pregnant.  I know that this pregnancy will be better because I am lighter physically and also on the right ship with the right captain headed due NORTH!  I wasn’t at my right weight before getting pregnant (10-20 pounds left to go) but I know that I can continue to follow God’s lead with my eating and in my obedience will gain the appropriate amount of weight with this pregnancy.”

As you can see, this is just a handful of examples of the HUNDREDS of encouraging posts that can be found on the Weigh Down Facebook Page each week.  That’s just a GLIMPSE of what you’re missing out on if you haven’t joined the Group yet.  If you see stories like those EVERY SINGLE WEEK, it will CHARGE you to be MORE pure and MORE devoted to GOD.  It’s a calling…to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ…the Only Son of GOD.  And we praise GOD that Facebook is available as a resource to CONNECT people worldwide – sharing a common passion and love for GOD…and desiring to live in PURITY every day!  We’ll post more praises from the Weigh Down Facebook Page each week on this Remnant News website.  Check out ALL of our websites and resources regularly.  They are filled with such GOOD NEWS, and they offer an amazing and encouraging alternative to what is happening in news around the world.  We look forward to staying connected with you!

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