Life from Death – An Uplifting Remnant Fellowship Concert Experience – Now Available to Everyone!

Life from Death Concert CD and DVDFor everyone who has experienced a live Remnant Fellowship Assembly, one of the beautiful “take-aways” from the event is how genuine and powerful the worship music experience is.  The songs of praise that are lifted up by the Saints here are so heartfelt and are sung with such devotion and passion…and they are written and shared because our lives have CHANGED for the BETTER!  Music surely is one of GOD’S most overwhelmingly wonderful creations!  It is spoken about frequently in Scripture and even the descriptions of Heaven itself are full of songs of praise for GOD Almighty and for His Only Son, Jesus Christ.  Because this Church’s members have such beautiful stories to tell about their personal transformations…inspired by the messages poured out by Gwen Shamblin for many years running…and because those changes produce a joy and love and peace that is sometimes beyond description, we look for any appropriate way we can to EXPRESS that love and devotion and worship to GOD!  His mercy in our lives is amazing, and we LONG to worship Him together…each time we meet as a Church Body.  With this inspiration has come a flood of REMNANT MUSIC…with a huge and still growing catalog of songs written through the years by Michael Shamblin and several other gifted Remnant Saints.

During our most recent Passover Observance and Celebration, Michael, our Praise Band, and several other Remnant musicians shared a Concert evening with everyone…a time of nothing but PRAISES in SONG!  The theme that Gwen felt led to brand the event with was “Life from Death.”  This certainly has been the case in our lives!  We once had hearts of stone…lifeless…selfish…greedy…ungrateful…unhappy – and through putting this message into practice, those hearts are ALIVE in CHRIST!  We are following in His footsteps and obeying GOD’S wonderful commands and are staying WITHIN His generous boundaries!  What a beautiful “theme” – True LIFE in Christ does come from putting your old self and old ways behind you forever.  And THAT sentiment permeated the entire Concert evening.  The gifts of the Saints were on display as the combination of songs, lighting effects, sound, staging, and amazing video compilations ALL worked together to create a memorable evening.  When GOD’S people work together…every team, every aspect, every transition, every video/lighting/sound cue…under the authority of those who are guiding each team…what HAPPENS is AMAZING!  Everything was powerful and uplifting, the Saints sang along with all of their hearts, and the musicians played with all of their might.  What a glory to GOD it is to see the Saints working together – all for HIS praise and worship and adoration!  And the Concert Video is AVAILABLE NOW for you to order if you would like a copy of both the DVD and CD for evening!


The list of songs for the evening’s Concert went as follows…with each song featuring the Praise Band backing up the lead vocalists:

  1. Psalm 1 – Michael Shamblin – with the Remnant Chamber Orchestra
  2. Rely On – Michael Shamblin – with Terry Hagans
  3. Ready For A Change – Michael Shamblin
  4. Never Going Back – David Martin
  5. Arise And Shine – Miley Barcus
  6. Come On Soldier – Matt Weaver
  7. The Battle Rages On – Michael Shamblin and Julie Radebaugh
  8. Two Roads Intro – B.B. Barcus and John Radebaugh…& Two Roads – Michael Shamblin
  9. God’s Pain – Michael Shamblin
  10. Test – Michael Shamblin – with Robert Williams
  11. We Sing Hallelujah – Michael Shamblin
  12. Leaven – Michael Shamblin
  13. Golden Streets – Michael Shamblin
  14. We Serve God – Michael Shamblin – with the Remnant Fellowship Choir

How did the evening impact and encourage the Saints?  Here are just a few of the comments from those who were at the Concert event and/or have picked up a copy of the DVD/CD package…

Starting with Posts on FACEBOOK
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  • Love the new DVD!  The original concert was so amazing!  Thank you so much for putting this package together!  We came home and watched it after church.  Kids loved it and wanted to keep watching instead of going to bed 🙂 – Monica
  • Loving the concert DVD!  Such a blessing to have been there for it live!  Heaven on earth!  Fun seeing sweet faces of my family in TN! – Kory
  • This is beautiful!  Very inspiring, very rocking, very worship-filled!  Praise God for this DVD/CD set! – LuAnn
  • We have been watching ours on replay with the kids dancing, clapping and singing!  Everyone should have a copy of this encouraging concert.  We love it! – Amanda
  • Praise God for Michael Shamblin and all the rest in this awesome concert!!  Always in awe!! – Vicki
  • This was the best concert I have ever been to by far!  Looking forward to hearing this CD/DVD.  Also, it is an incredible deal! – Rebecca

More E-mails of Praise to GOD for the entire Event and DVD/CD Package
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  • Our family has been so blessed by the Life from Death DVD.  We have had it playing every morning and our days have been more peaceful from starting the morning off with God-focused music that always points us up to God.  We are so thankful for the Remnant musicians who have poured their hearts, souls, and have undergone persecution and testing to get this beautiful music out to the world. Thank you so much! – Ashley
  • My kids have been asking to watch this concert continuously since we purchased it!  They truly can’t get enough.  Even my 2 year old is singing along and dancing around the room.  Also…Scott has been getting out his guitar and playing the songs along with the musicians and the girls can sing along!  There is nothing I would rather have my kids watching/listening to, as the music is beautiful and always pointing us up to GOD!!!  WE LOVE IT!!!!! – Whitney
  • This CD/DVD is one of the BEST productions ever!!!  The concert was INCREDIBLE and I immediately prayed for the opportunity to watch or listen to it again, so when they announced this package I was SO thrilled!!!!  This music never fails to life my spirits and helps me pass any test; the words and melodies stay in my head all the time and because it’s based on the Truth, the Truth is always on my mind effectively building my relationship and love for God!!! 🙂  I am SO grateful for this message through music and for all those that work so hard to use their gifts for God’s glory & to encourage the saints!!  THANK YOU to all those that work so hard!!!!!!! – Maxine
  • The Life from Death concert has truly been a blessing to our family.  To be able to relive that memorable evening, to see the incredible gifts being poured out through Michael and the Remnant musicians, and to have our hearts pointed up to God in our homes – we are grateful!  The concert DVD has been playing in our home for the last week.  It makes us count our blessings for truth that has changed our live and for the music that backs up that message.  Getting to be on the tech team and serve that evening was moving and was a tremendous honor to see God bless the audio, video, lighting, etc. and for the under-authority/Spirit-led support from the tech team.  It was one of the best and most memorable concert events! – Jonathan
  • All the music is so relevant to what goes on every day in our lives.  It encourages, convicts, explains what’s happening, speaks right to the heart of the matters!  I so love “The Battle Rages On” – All inspired by God!!  Thanks be to God for true worship music!!! – Sue

All praise, honor, and glory goes to GOD for granting us the gift of this Message, Ministry, and Church.  His guiding Hand upon Gwen…through word, deed, and example…continues to inspire people all over the world to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ more and more – each and every day.  Praise GOD that LIFE truly does come from death.  Enjoy the clip from the Concert DVD…shared below…and feel free to pick up your own copy of the DVD/CD package in our online store.

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