Remnant Fellowship Regional Gathering – Praises to GOD in Bakersfield, California

Remnant Fellowship CaliforniaThere’s nothing quite like traveling…and being able to spend time with Remnant Saints while you’re on the road!  Because there is so much genuine LOVE and camaraderie amongst the members of this Church, and because we all have been changed in so many wonderful ways through this message, the “connection” that we feel with each other is GENUINE.  Even if you don’t know someone that well yet, the common love for GOD and the joy that fills our hearts makes the fellowship time precious…and everyone looks forward to it!  Recently, several Remnant members met together in Bakersfield, California for a “Regional Gathering.”  While their time together was brief, it was full of testimony, praises to GOD, and awesome fellowship!  Naomi Howell took the time to pen a brief summary of the event.  Keep reading to share in the praise report…

On Saturday, July 13th the Remnant Fellowship Saints in California had a Regional Gathering in Bakersfield.  People came from the north and the south to attend this beautiful time of worship and fellowship.  Some Saints drove over four hours one way just to attend and would do it again and again for the opportunity to get together with the Saints.  There were 18 precious Saints in attendance, including 2 visitors – Bonnie Morgan and Justin Yarbrough (Mary Ann Yarbrough’s son).  Also, new member Alice Huerta joined the group and shared the amazing work God has done in her marriage and family since hearing this Truth!  One of the hosts, Vicki Holbrook, stated that “the Holbrook home was full of rejoicing and praises to our great and powerful God who continues to transform us according to His marvelous will!!!  We had a very blessed time being together sharing and testifying to the beauty that God has brought into our lives through love and obedience to God Almighty!  The time together was full of smiles laughter and hugs as we each were overwhelmed with the goodness of our God and His mighty work in our lives!!”  She also said she couldn’t think of a more exciting place to be on the planet then rejoicing with the Saints!!!  They ended the night “FaceTiming” (video chatting over the internet) with other Saints around the world. Remnant Member Julie Dragt stated that “FaceTiming with other Saints is so much fun and is always so blessed.

This Church is FULL of Saints who would travel over land and sea to spend time with each other.  The love is genuine, the change is real, and the fellowship is sweet.  Praise GOD for giving us His Spirit…which is always about the busy task of connecting people who love HIM with all of their hearts!

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