“God-cation” – A Vacation Centered on the ONE TRUE GOD of the Universe

Remnant Fellowship - Travel and FellowshipWe are blessed here in the Remnant Fellowship to have true Godly perspective on LIFE.  This isn’t a place where members just “go to Church” a couple of times per week.  This message compels us to give EVERY bit of our hearts, souls, minds, and our strength…to GOD Almighty…and to imitate ALL of the characteristics of Christ…ALL of the time!  That kind of a focus produces PERMANENTLY changed lives.  It produces joy and peace and happiness that is almost indescribable.  And with this full-time focus and appreciation for what GOD has done and continues to do in our lives comes a schedule and lifestyle centered around His will, His calendar, and His plans.  Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin has written and spoken about this for years – that ALL time belongs to GOD.  We don’t ever take a “break” from doing GOD’S will.  We don’t take a “vacation” from representing Him and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.  And these wonderful principles are embraced by our members of ALL ages as well.  Yes, our children and teenagers and young adults see the value and blessings in keeping EVERYTHING centered on GOD!  With this said, we have a special article to post for today.  One of our college-aged Youth – DOMINIQUE DUBOIS – has written an article from her own heart and experiences.  She recently took a trip with her family and with other Remnant Fellowship members…and her perspective and shared experiences will be a blessing to you as you read about what a “vacation” really SHOULD be about!  Enjoy this feature article from Dominique…

Vacations are such great times of fun and making great memories.  However, prior to contrary belief, vacations are not a time for “self.”  As this message has taught us, they are some of the best times to get closer to God, get still, look inward, and learn how we can change and strengthen this relationship with our awesome God.  Vacations are also great opportunities to fellowship with saints in the vicinity you are visiting.  That is what two families from Nashville got to do in their journey to Rhode Island.

Remnant Fellowship - Travel and FellowshipThis past week, the Dubois family and the Diaz family from Nashville set out for Rhode Island.  Upon arriving and settling in, we were blessed to have John and Nicole Divver from Riverside, Rhode Island and Lisa, Melanie, and Michael Lee from Deep River, Connecticut come to visit.  There is nothing like gathering with the saints to share and learn about God.  God is too good to allow us to enjoy each other’s company wherever we are.  The fellowship with the saints from New England was full of praises, God stories, and encouragement.  Every one of us was lifted up and strengthened to run this race for our great God Almighty even harder.

Although the entire week could not be spent with the local saints, the Dubois and Diaz families were able to sharpen each other under one roof.  The week was filled with refinement, training, and redirection that made us all the better.  Of course, no vacation is complete without a bit of testing and reminders from God to make sure our focus is always on Him and relying on Him for everything.  Such tests included traffic, car trouble, and a bit of rainy weather.  But despite some testing, there was peace in the house.

God is so good to those who obey Him and put Him first, and He is the God of fun!  Praise God for a message that teaches us to rely on Him through all situations and know that He is in control of everything. Where else on earth can you have nine people and a baby reside in a three-bedroom house with one bathroom for a week without any quarrels or complaining and nothing but sheer appreciation and thankfulness?  This can only be possible if each person is looking to please God and find His will in all things, and all credit goes to this great message of truth that has shown us how.  I love the idea, as we’ve been taught here, of replacing the term “vacation” with the term “God-cation.”  May any time spent away from home and all times in each person’s life be centered on the one true God of the universe!  Amen.

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