The Remnant Fellowship 2013 Feast of Harvest – Helpful Info for Having a “Nothing but Joy” Weekend!

The “Feast of Harvest” is upon us!  Already, we are seeing Saints arriving in Nashville for what will be an extended weekend of celebration, fellowship, and praise to GOD!  Since so much is going on and since we have both new members and guests who will be with us for the weekend, we thought we would share a few reminders and some tips…so that the weekend will be full of “nothing but JOY!”


  • As we all know, GOD is the Creator of EVERYTHING…and He oversees even the minutest details of our WEATHER.  He can move clouds and rain and adjust the temperature in the blink of an eye.  Having said that, He does give us a “heads-up” through weather patterns and predictions through modern technology.  So, for “planning ahead” purposes, the weekend looks to be wonderfully mild…meaning that it shouldn’t be hot and humid, nor should it be unseasonably cold.  It likely will hover between the 70s and 80s.  As of now, there are chances of rain for the weekend, with the highest possibilities on the Sabbath, but as anyone who lives in Nashville would tell you, that can shift QUICKLY!  Have an umbrella with you during the weekend, but dress as you would for any late Summer/early Fall weekend.  And let’s PRAY that GOD will provide the exact weather that HE feels is best for the Saints to celebrate in His Name!


  • Wednesday evening, September 18th will involve a Gathering at the Church Building in Nashville at 6:00pm.  Those who join us via webcast can get a birds-eye view of some of the preparation, decorating, setup, and fellowship going on around the Building and Grounds.
  • Thursday evening, September 19th provides a special Gathering and fellowship opportunity for our NEW MEMBERS in the Remnant.  Invitations have been sent out to those involved in this 6:00pm event.  Shuttle service from the Church Building to the event will start at 5:50pm.
  • Remnant Fellowship Feast Of HarvestFriday – from 10:00am until 2:30pm – gives us a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor fellowship and a picnic lunch together.  Dress casually as you bring your family’s lunch/chairs/blankets and watch all of the sweet children play and have fun with a variety of activities.  Remember also that they can bring Scriptures that they’ve written out on paper…and place them on the “Booth” that will be set up.
  • Friday evening, September 20th will feature our kickoff Assembly for the weekend, and it will be full of joy and praises to GOD in music!  We WILL WEBCAST this event.  Everything starts at 6:00pm, and this provides a great opportunity to dress up and enjoy praising GOD in song…followed by a fun time of fellowship, complete with finger food appetizers and desserts and great beverages.  Remember to bring your BRANCHES to WAVE during our time of worship in song!
  • On the Sabbath, September 21st, the Weigh Down Building will be OPEN from 11:00am until 1:00pm for fellowship, lunch, and shopping.  You’ll find Weigh Down at 308 Seaboard Lane in Franklin.  It’s less than a 10-minute drive from the Church Building at 1230 Franklin Road in Brentwood.  During this time at Weigh Down, you can have a great lunch at the Connection Café and shop for awesome deals at the Angels Armoire Consignment Shop!
  • Remnant Fellowship Feast Of Harvest WorshipThe afternoon of the Sabbath, September 21st at 5:00pm marks our official FORMAL Feast of Harvest Assembly and Celebration…and we WILL WEBCAST this event!  We will “dress in our best” for the Lord, and as we arrive, we have the opportunity to present our “first fruits tithe” to the Lord.  We will have baskets in front of the Stage area where those envelopes can be placed.  We will praise GOD in song, hear a wonderful message of Truth from Gwen, and sing more praises to GOD.  Again, bring your BRANCHES to WAVE, and we will take away amazing memories, powerful conviction, and much joy from this time together.  This will be followed by another fellowship celebration, a Meal together, and lots of dancing!
  • Sunday morning, September 22nd gives us the chance to spend time in REGIONAL FELLOWSHIP GROUPS.  Each Church Shepherding family helps to oversee a portion of the Remnant for Guidance purposes.  We will announce the set times and locations for these Gatherings later this week, but our prayer is that this time of making connections with one another will draw us even closer as a congregation as we move forward.  NOTE – ALL of our YOUTH will gather as ONE LARGE GROUP during this time as well.


  • Gwen has ALWAYS…for the entire duration of her Ministry through Weigh Down and throughout the life of this Remnant Fellowship Church…warned everyone to be READY for our TESTS.  Satan KNOWS that you are preparing to join with other like-minded, committed to GOD, sold out to live like Christ believers for a weekend of Truth, praise, and celebration.  Satan HATES this!  He so badly wants to distract you and derail you and discourage you and destroy the PURITY that you are committing yourself to.  Make the decision NOW to say NO.  Make the decision NOW that when the travel delays come, you will remain patient, pure, and focused.  Make the decision NOW that you won’t allow arguing or disrespect or any other discord to be in your heart or mind…nor in your words or actions – NO MATTER WHAT!  Make the decision NOW that you will celebrate with clean hands and a clean heart with NOTHING but JOY this weekend.  Make the decision NOW that you will be a light to those around you…before, during, and after this Feast of Harvest weekend.  And remember that GOD isn’t going to allow any testing that is beyond what we can bear.  May we ALL give HIM the weekend that HE deserves!  And then may we take that mindset with us and live that out EVERY day going forward.  We can do it!

SO much more could be said and shared, but hopefully this gives everyone a quick summary of things to note and to remember as we come together to honor GOD and celebrate His Festival – the 2013 Feast of Harvest.  Gwen has shared with all of us that this should be a time of “nothing but JOY!”  May it be so…for the glory of our GOD and for the beauty of His Church!

Remnant Fellowship Church Feast Of Harvest Dancing

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