Zion Market – A Beautiful Picture of the Remnant Fellowship Saints Using their Gifts

Remnant Fellowship - Zion Market 05Most adults in this country have been to some kind of “open market” in their lives.  Maybe it’s the local flea market.  Or perhaps you’ve been to the state fair…where booths and games and creative edible concoctions line acres of land as far as the eye can see.  Even bake sales and science fairs that we participated in as children would qualify as a display of “talent” or “gifts.”  Here in the Remnant Fellowship, Gwen established an annual tradition a few years ago that celebrates the GIFTS of the SAINTS…and it will make its return in just a few weeks – it’s “ZION MARKET!”

The Apostle Paul speaks about “gifts” in I Corinthians 12, and while he explains spiritual gifts with great clarity, we ALSO know that GOD gives His people varying physical and creative gifts…and when we use them for His glory, they are HIGHLY blessed.  Remnant Fellowship - Zion Market 03And that certainly is the case with our Zion Market!  On Sunday, November 24th and Sunday, December 1st the Weigh Down Building at 308 Seaboard Lane in Franklin, Tennessee will be filled with booths…with each one displaying something creative that a Remnant Saints has been given the gift to do.  You’ll enjoy live music and great fellowship as you browse the various stations.  You’ll see everything from artistic woodworking to imaginative sewing…the Connection Café and a Toy Fair…and MANY more inspired creations and services.  We asked one of the event’s enthusiastic supporters and coordinators, Candace Anger, to offer a quote about it.  Here’s what she shared…

“Gwen established this fun and joyful market for members to be able to share their gifts and wares with the whole Church during the holiday season.  For those of us that attend, it is great fun to shop for Christmas presents, have a hot cider, listen to live music, raid the Angels Armoire closet, and watch the kids get their faces painted.  It is truly a super fun way to spend the day and also get some shopping done!”

Remnant Fellowship - Zion Market 01Amen to that!  This brief introduction to Zion Market is just a small sampling of what is to come.  You won’t want to miss it!  More than the booth setup or the products and services offered…really more than anything…this is about celebrating the gifts and the fellowship that GOD has given to the Saints in this Church.  This is a perfect way to spend a late Fall day!  Everyone who attends this annual event reports that it truly is a “can’t miss” event.  Mark your calendars for both Sundays – November 24th and December 1st…and experience some of the resourceful and inventive gifts that GOD is giving to His people!

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