Make Remnant Fellowship Music into a Fun Family Activity and Evening

Hosanna SymphonyWe are in the midst of our 2013 “HOSANNA Symphony season!”  This powerful “Viewsical” is set to be performed during the December 13th and 14th weekend, and the Remnant Saints and our guests will be traveling from hundreds and even thousands of miles away to see this amazing production…this look into “The Battle of the Ages”…featured in just a few days.  Thinking about that, it brings to mind the incredible catalog and collection of MUSIC that this Remnant Fellowship Church has to offer!  Beginning with Michael Shamblin in the 1990s…and continuing with Michael and many more gifted musicians in this Church…we have experienced and continue to experience new and fresh music at a rate that feels like a fountain that never stops flowing.  As our focus has turned away from selfish desires and onto a wholehearted, 100 percent committed, totally connected relationship with GOD Almighty, those who are gifted with the ability to share, write, sing, and play music cannot help but give GOD praise for His rescuing Hand and for the abundant joy that we now have each and every day.  If you really take some time to reflect upon the HOURS of messages and music we can enjoy in the Weigh Down/Remnant Fellowship collection, it is both humbling and staggering to consider what GOD has so graciously opted to do in this generation…to DRAW His people close to Him.  And WE get to be a part of that calling!  Who are WE…to GET to have these resources and this invitation at our fingertips?  Praise GOD!

Keeping this in mind, when you compare what we have available to us here…VERSUS the current offerings on TV and RADIO these days…quantity (in what the world offers) does NOT equal quality.  Regardless of the fact that cable and satellite television, along with radio and internet music stations, offers literally THOUSANDS of viewing and listening choices during any given day or evening, the vast majority of that programming is of little or no use to a called-out Saint of GOD.  So, why not turn a family evening every now and then into a fun and encouraging REMNANT MUSIC evening?

Here’s a suggestion – Pull out the Legend to the Treasure Series Soundtrack.  You could also cue up the Legend to the Treasure Music Videos DVD.  And before you play each track, have a family member (who is old enough to read) read the lyrics out loud and explain what it means to him or her.  Then play the song.  Keep doing this as you go throughout the songs or videos…reading lyrics and then playing each song.  By the end of the project, you not only will have AVOIDED a lot of the mindless garbage that occupies the TV and radio airwaves, but you also will have taken the Message and Music that makes up that soundtrack and you will have learned things that you probably hadn’t known previously.  You ALSO will hear what is in the hearts of your family members…as they explain how the lyrics move them.  THAT would be a full and fulfilling evening!

ANOTHER “Legend to the Treasure Series” evening could involve you sitting down as a family and reading through one or more chapters of Gwen’s life-changing Legend to the Treasure BOOK.  While you take turns reading sections, you could play the UNDERSCORE music that Gwen and Michael put together just for those purposes…reading along while you listen to the quiet, beautiful melodies and sounds of the sea on that moving underscore soundtrack.

You can do this with the HOSANNA Symphony Soundtrack as well…asking if the children want to “act out” scenes from the LIVE Viewsical as you play the songs.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much they remember from the performances!  And with the production set to be performed on the 13th and 14th, this music is definitely on the minds of the children right now.  It is such a blessing as parents to see and hear your children acting out GODLY lyrics shared by GODLY Saints!

Yet another suggestion for a “music evening” could involve the Ring the Changes CD or the Life from Death Concert DVD/CD or the Give Him Praise Worship Project or the All In Concert CD.  We are finding that many of these precious children know nearly EVERY WORD to these songs and raps.  The Golden Streets Project is an instant classic.  And especially during this time of year, The Only Tree That Matters is the perfect musical companion for this Christ-centered season.  Ask your children what these words MEAN to them and how they act them out every day.  Talk about meaningful, purpose-filled conversation!  Their answers and that interaction is PRICELESS.

We could keep going with other suggestions, more projects, and more music, but you get the idea.  The opportunities abound!  Even though your viewing and listening options are many, when you consider what REALLY matters and what REALLY sets your mind and your family’s minds on the right path, the choices are clear.  Praise GOD for this Message…which gives us changed lives…which leads to our testimonies and songs…all of which all in turn gives praise to GOD and encourages all of the Saints around the world!

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  1. Zionnana says:

    The most joyous and peaceful Christmas times here in Zion where everything points up to God including the most beautiful music he has provided for those who love to do his will. Thank you Remnant Musicians for sharing your gifts with us. It is truly a must beautiful gift to receive and share with others. We can not wait to see the Hosanna Symphony. A most wonderful family tradition.

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