The HOSANNA Symphony 2013 – A Powerful Production and a Beautiful Weekend

Hosanna Symphony 2013 - JesusYou blink…and it’s over.

Any time that the Remnant Fellowship Saints from around the world gather in Nashville for a special weekend, time FLIES!  We plan and prepare and decorate.  We take joy in each other’s company and have fellowship and great food and wonderful times of celebration.  And more than anything, we REJOICE as we hear and experience TRUTH together.  From Gwen’s messages to times of testimony to songs of praise and worship, we are living a very blessed and joyful life!  The only downside to ANY of this…is that it goes by so QUICKLY!

Such was the case this past weekend, as the Remnant Fellowship Saints gathered for our 2013 presentation of the HOSANNA Symphony Viewsical Production.  GOD truly blessed every single aspect of the production AND the entire weekend, and He made it the “best ever” HOSANNA performance and weekend that any of us have experienced…dating back to the original, first-ever presentation in December of 2006.  The UNITY of the Cast, Crew, and Tech Teams was so powerful, and it therefore put on display the true wonder of what GOD does when His people live pure lives for Him and seek to bring Him glory with every word, thought, and action.  For this article…this “retrospective” on the Symphony…we have gathered some feedback – a few quotes from Cast/Crew/Tech Team members AND from several Saints who were in the audience.  Hosanna Symphony 2013 - AngelsTake a look, and praise GOD for what He has done!

  • On the closing night of Hosanna, as I stood on that stage, and sang the last song, my eyes filled with tears and I could not sing a note, as I could not believe what God had just allowed me to participate in!!!  What an Honor!!!! Who am I??  Thank you God!!!! – Maggie – Cast Member
  • All that I can say about being in Hosanna Symphony is that it IS REAL, it was not acting for me, my heart was so full and overwhelmed.  It was very challenging for me at times to stay composed.  While singing the opening songs, Maggie Strong’s sweet hands fell victim to my squeezing and pinching, I was trying to stop the weeping, while crying out to our Hosanna to save us.  The joy that filled my heart during “Jerusalem, City of Peace,” oh my, KNOWING, that is where I truly dwell with my tribe, it’s in my heart, wherever God has me!!!  The WONDER and AWE, for me, is THE SAME as those who witnessed miracles at “At The Healing Well Wall” …..praying during “Patience”….I could go on, and on for every song, every narration.  For me, it is reality. It was an honor to be part of. – Tiffani – Cast Member
  • I am in awe of God’s Hand in this production that was performed for us this past weekend.  It brought a whole new understanding of spiritual warfare to me through the life of Jesus played out on the stage.  I cannot say enough thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting this together.  I praise God for the Shamblin and Hannah families contributing so much of their God-given gifts to this event. Amazing!!!! – Misty – Audience Member
  • I was honored to attend the Hosanna Symphony and was left speechless by the end.  The entire performance was a complete glory to God from the beautiful set to the talented and gifted cast!  I praise God for Michael Shamblin, who selflessly used his gift to write/compose the Symphony and share it with all of us.  It was moving and inspiring – an evening to remember!  Praise God!!!  Big thank you to Gwen Shamblin, Michael Shamblin, and Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah!! – Jaclyn – Audience Member
  • I have been in complete awe of the entire Hosanna Symphony production ever since the first time I saw it December 2006.  Then getting to be a part of the cast every performance after that has been such an honor because I know how moving it is.  Every rehearsal and performance always reminded me of the warfare around Jesus’ life and how satan could not win no matter how many attacks he threw at Him.  It’s SO convicting because THAT is the Jesus we are to imitate!!  I praise God for this Church where we are taught the life of the TRUE Jesus and we get the incredible opportunity to re-create His life visually through this beautiful production, so we can better understand how (through imitating His obedience to God) we too can be victorious over satan!  Thank you again to Michael and Gwen!!!! – Denise – Cast Member
  • The Hosanna Symphony 2013 was an inspiration and an encouragement to our family!  The cast captured the essence of the spiritual battle that we all encounter as believers and followers of this True message of Jesus Christ.  The music reinforced the emotion and the intensity of the fight and the victory that ensues for those who persevere with patience to stay the course on the right ship under the right Captain!  Thank you Michael Shamblin for putting this Truth to music and in a theatrical setting; the experience was unforgettable!… Thanks to the rest of the cast who dedicated time and energy for the Kingdom of God!  Thank you Joseph Langsdon and the Tech Team for the amazing stage settings, lighting, and audio!  Finally, thank you so much Gwen Shamblin for this Truth!  It is the foundation of it all!!! – The Caruso Family – Audience Members
  • Here is a small tidbit that many may not realize, but in order for a production of this size, with many untrained vocalists, technicians, etc. working, a line of authority had to be upheld so that chaos would not ensue.  And upheld it was to the highest degree!!  Instruction was taken without question from all and put into practice immediately.  The unity was there!  The joy was there!  Because of this we were able to rehearse together in just a matter of weeks.  The fruit of this obedience was evident, and God alone was praised!!  I praise GOD for the Truth we hear every week and we get to put it into practice each day through God’s established authority line! – Matt – Cast Member
  • Hosanna Symphony 2013 - DisciplesFrom the Message of the Ministry to “not your ordinary” musical… A Viewsical with a Powerful Message of the Truth of the battle that rages & the Victory that is Won when we KNOW and LIVE that Only God must reign ALONE!  Grateful to have finally found a Church where we have the unity that Jesus prayed for!  Christianity 2000 AD – Unity found in following in the footsteps of Christ …John 14:31 NIV – “but the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.” – Christine – Audience Member 
  • The fact that I was asked to be in the Hosanna Symphony was very personal in my relationship with God.  The timing could not have been more perfect and just reassured my faith in Him that I am walking this out with a heart devoted to God alone!  I really took to heart what Gwen shared at one of our practices [I’m paraphrasing] “The Hosanna Symphony is used by God as an evangelism tool, of course this is a blast to be apart of, but remember our purpose – to show others this production put on only by the grace God’s Hand.”  I was constantly praying throughout the entire show that my performance was glorifying to God!  Every song, every movement, every facial expression… I just wanted God to be happy and for everyone in the audience to see how joyful and honored I felt to be in the cast.  During the First Battle Rap it was all I could do as a Disciple to hold back a big smile as ‘The Pharisees’ got schooled by Jesus. – Wesley – Cast Member
  • I truly marvel at what God has done in giving us the HOSANNA Symphony.  How a young, “unschooled” musician could compose such intricate, incredibly moving songs, accompanied by such a powerful stage presentation shows that the Spirit of God is moving through Michael Shamblin and the teachings coming through Gwen Shamblin.  This year’s performance once again reminded me that the battle of the ages…the fight for our souls and God’s Church, is real.  I am inspired to be even more on top of my game, give my all and run harder after God! – Miley – Cast Member
  • As a member of the audience, I caught the message of “get out of self!”  It’s not about you!”  I feel like there were probably a hundred different messages portrayed in this symphony!  All individually wrapped specially for whoever has a willing heart to listen!  This Symphony was so Angelic!  And when the Angels surrounded Jesus I was in tears!… Praise God for allowing us all to take part in this!!! – Scotty – Audience Member
  • An epic performance of the life of Christ through musical truth….I am moved to never be hypocritical (Pharisee) again….I Praise God for the Shamblin and Hannah families….leading us on the right path…. – Durville – Cast Member
  • The HOSANNA Symphony weekend was AMAZING!!!  I really wanted to be in the Symphony, but singing is not a gift God granted me, so I was praying for another way to participate, and God let me be able to help with childcare during practices.  That turned out to be such a blessing!!  I got to know the kids better, see the Symphony many more times and learn even more, AND be a service to the Kingdom!  It was so cool seeing the total dedication of God’s people and their obedience to Him even through all the opposition, played out in such a powerful and memorable way; I was so convicted to go further in serving God and obeying ALL the way!  It was also comforting to know that I am not alone in this fight but that all by brothers and sisters-in-Christ are fighting hard too, and just as Jesus was always surrounded by the Angels and had their help, we too have the help from the Heavens and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!!!  I am very grateful to GOD for the Truth poured out through this production, for the chance to be a small part of it, and for all the others who helped bring it together! – Carol – Audience Member
  • One of the greatest parts for me was being able to see it again, since I was very young when I saw it last.  Seeing it in a new light, I was able to dive deeper into the meaning of each song and scene and understand more of the symbolism and the huge battle that rages around us!  Being in it was so much fun too.  I formed new friendships and built on old ones.  It was such a blessing! – Jackson – Cast Member
  • This was my second time being in the Hosanna Cast…I saw and felt the awe and childlike excitement of being a simple shepherd running to Mary who was with child and enthusiastically sharing what we saw on that night in the field, the Angels, jubilation, beauty.  Contrasted with a very different feeling, excitement and fear (for my life) as a citizen in the crowd when Jesus was going head to head with the Pharisees.  The people were scared to death to cross them.  They would be put out of society, be made an outcast, even killed.  I felt this intensely during the Battle Rap but extreme hope that Jesus would set me free from the legalism of the religious leaders of the day.  Joy to learn how to serve and love the Father. – Ron – Cast Member
  • Hosanna Symphony 2013 - Jesus and PhariseesHaving the opportunity to work with the Tech Crew on Hosanna Symphony as been a HUGE blessing!  Each song and performance is heart-moving, no matter how many times I see it – God shows me something different or takes the true meaning of each song even deeper each time.  The words and music and movement brought together by Michael, Gwen, and Elizabeth are God-inspired and truth-filled.  Only GOD can put together a performance – an EVENT – that will change your heart and make you fall MORE in love with Him with each and every song! – Michelle – Tech Team Member
  • What an amazing performance!  Our family was able to take all four of our children (ages 4-10) and they were all captivated!  They asked every night if they could see it again and listen to the music.  My husband and I went back Saturday night to what we believe to be the BEST Hosanna Symphony performance yet!  What an amazing visual of the Spiritual Battle!  Just as Jesus Christ Himself had to fight off the evil, we too get to choose to listen to the RIGHT voice and be with those Angels who are backing us up daily!  Thank you so much to all who gave their time and energy to advance the Kingdom! – Stacy – Audience Member
  • Having taken place in this a few times before I would say that this time was VERY DIFFERENT for me personally.  MUCH more warfare surrounded this during the rehearsal period, I now understand why, for it was truly the most powerful performance to date.  I literally, Saturday night, could feel God’s Spirit at several points which moved me to tears multiple times!… A picture of what I came from and have had the opportunity through learning about the truth of this ALL OUT REAL WAR, the Battle of the Ages, I can’t thank God enough EVER for letting me get out of that side of the battle.  How can one change sides and not get charged with treason and get imprisoned for it, spared from surely going down to the depths to getting a chance at eternity with God?… I have total enjoyment to get closer to Saints I didn’t know before through rehearsals; to be being able to be encouraging to others and to even get encouragement from others, how we all are a unit, a body… Finally, how much JOY & GRATITUDE I have for being able to get to take part in this. I am so grateful for the Hosanna Symphony. Grateful to Gwen, who has generously persevered and has never given up on any of us, and therefore we have the music from her son, Michael!  PRAISE YOU GOD ALMIGHTY! – Heather – Cast Member
  • My heart is STILL POUNDING from the weekend celebration of Hosanna Symphony!!!  I was filled with such HOPE for my own future and the future of Christ’s Church, which left me with a body, heart, and a mind that just wants to RUN after daily purity, every minute, every hour.  Between rehearsals and productions, I have seen Hosanna Symphony too many times to count.  Each time has been a life-changing experience, cementing the real reason Christ came – to make God’s Name renowned above all the nations by showing us how to live a Pure Life on earth for a chance to live with them in Heaven!  But this last weekend, it was even more different, more life-changing for me.  I know that I have changed and that my senses are able to take in more of what God is trying to get across to His people.  But what I saw in EVERY cast member of the latest production of Hosanna Symphony had me on the edge of my seat, singing every song, throwing a fist to fight, and lifting my hands in praise!  The finale had me filled with such passion for God, and so full of rejoicing for HIS VICTORY!  Every word, every movement of the body, every note played or song shouted PASSION…Hosanna Symphony 2013I could go on and on, singing the Praises of our Almighty King and God, the One True God, and His Son, our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ!   May I NEVER go back to any attitude, thought, or action that was out of place before God, before this past weekend.  May I NEVER take for granted any medium that God is using to teach me, correct me, and ultimately, give me GREAT HOPE FOR THE FUTURE! – Melissa – Audience Member

That is just a SMALL sampling of what filled the hearts of the Saints as we all took part in this HOSANNA Symphony.  We do indeed praise GOD for it, and may we count every blessing that He has given us…not just in this season…but all day, every day!

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