More Life-Changing Memories – From Rebuilding the Wall to Changing the World for the Better

Cincinnati - Change the World for the Better

In our recent article, we shared just a few TESTIMONIES from Saints whose lives were and continue to be permanently changed for the BETTER as a direct result of Gwen Shamblin’s live Tour events over the past 15-plus years.  From “Rebuilding the Wall”… now to “Changing the World for the Better”… it is amazing to comprehend how MUCH people can change when the following things unfold:

  1. You make a DECISION that you need to change yourself.  You need to lose weight, improve your marriage, stop smoking, over-spending, over-drinking, end your depression, and on and on.  You need GOD and you want to know the Truth about how to find Him like never before.
  2. You find out where it is that people are making the positive changes that you desire and you seek out those people and the SOURCE of their changes.
  3. As you discover that source, you ADMIT that you NEED what that source is providing.  And we’re talking about TRUE teaching about GOD… not “I can’t do this.  I’m no good.  I’ll never be able to stop my bad habits and overcome my cycle of falling down time after time after time.”  On the contrary, if any man is in Christ, he is a NEW CREATION.  The old has gone, the new has come!  Refer to II Corinthians 5 (and specifically verse 17) for more great news!
  4. You commit to taking the necessary steps to making these changes happen.  You realize that you need to SURROUND yourself with others who have made and are making that same commitment.  You make it THE priority in your life…because this spiritual dedication and resolve is an investment in your ETERNAL destination.  SO – you go ALL IN!

THIS EVENT provides ample opportunities for you to see these steps through.  Person after person who has attended past events have shared publicly on many occasions that this was the catalyst that helped them go to the next level of both commitment to GOD and success in overcoming their strongholds.  In fact, we’ve had even more testimonies sent in to our offices in recent days… testimonies regarding the impact of these events… and we wanted to share those with you to get you fired up for the Cincinnati event on March 21st and 22nd.  Check out how these changed people have been inspired, and make sure you are signed up to attend if it is at all possible for you to go!

  • My favorite part about the Rebuilding the Wall tours is the anticipation of what God will put on Gwen’s heart to share with seekers of God.  Gwen makes the Word of God easy to understand and has dispelled so much confusion.  I love the friends I have made at the tour dates; they have become my best friends because we have all learned how to put God’s words into practice.  We have been taking our children to Rebuilding the Wall tours since 2001… Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Memphis, etc.  We learn and grow closer to God as a family. – Therese – originally from California
  • We attended a “Rebuilding the Wall” Event in 2002 in Orlando, Florida.  My wife and I considered ourselves born again believers who esteemed the Bible as the WORD OF GOD.  As Gwen quoted only the written WORD, our hearts were convicted that we had never truly looked inward to change our hearts of other loves of things on Earth above God.  That day put us on the true narrow path to lay down love for self and embrace the True Jesus Christ who always practiced “not my will but God’s will be done.”  We would NEVER return to the empty, self-focused, self-righteous life we lived before.  PEACE with God and man fills our every hour. – Al – originally from Florida
  • It’s a life-changing time to come to a Rebuilding the Wall event and meet all of the precious lives that are for REAL!  Really living for God, really living out what is taught in Weigh Down, people who have really lost their weight and really care enought for others to show them the truth as well…as taught by Gwen Shamblin.  This is an event you don’t want to miss! – Lisa – originally from California
  • Before my first Weigh Down/Remnant Fellowship hosted event, I had attended years of other “faith-based” weight loss, marriage, parenting, finance, and “life coach” seminars – I so desperately was seeking change and improvement in every category of life!!  What makes the Weigh Down/Remnant Fellowship hosted events different is that the Bible-based information presented by Gwen Shamblin and Ministry leaders actually produces PERMANENT and IMMEDIATE CHANGE, when put into practice, in ALL of these personal and relationship topics!  If you are wondering, “What is the NEXT STEP after taking some Weigh Down classes?” – this is it!!!  These events hosted by Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship are a MUST ATTEND for anyone who is hurting or seeking the answer to a healed heart and life!!  What do you have to lose?  Come check out the Weigh Down Workshop and Remnant Fellowship Church. – Regina – originally from Oklahoma
  • At first our motive was to learn more about the church and how to walk out a life free from sin.  After the first event, our minds were renewed and our spirits recharged.  We determined to do whatever was needed to get to the next event and to take as many seekers from the classes we hosted with us. When we lived in Pennsylvania, we attended every tour within a day’s driving distance (Columbus, Toronto, and Philadelphia).  There is something very powerful sitting in a room full of saints… it can be felt. We had never experienced anything like that before this Message.  If you are serious about being born again, it is important to attend these events. The message from the Heavens is hand-selected for that day and time. You have the opportunity to meet the folks who have testified during the class videos, meet the Church Leadership and get your questions answered. The times of praise and worship are like none other the world has to offer. It is just what your new self needs to be encouraged. You also will meet others in your area who are also seeking a new life.  ALSO, the Church is the BODY of Christ. The body has many members and you get a chance to see it in action. From the set-up to the tear down (of all of the equipment and resources), the body is under authority working as one man… without complaints.  The Leaders are there to answer questions and provide direction and encouragement.  The music is straight from the Heavens.  If anyone is TRULY seeking, you will know in your heart that you have found your way home at this event. – Cindy – originally from Pennsylvania

We literally could keep going and going and going…but you get the picture!  These are real people sharing real changes that have affected not only themselves but also their families around them.  And there is NO REASON why YOU shouldn’t experience the same incredible peace that these Saints have.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Cincinnati!  It will be a day to remember!

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