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Change the World for the Better - Cincinnati - AudienceWOW!  Just…wow…

Our recent “Change the World for the Better” Tour event in Cincinnati, Ohio (March 21st and 22nd) was nothing short of AMAZING!  There wasn’t a single aspect of the event…EVERYTHING included…that wasn’t totally touched and blessed and protected by the hand of GOD.

  • The travel was blessed and safe.
  • The weather was absolutely perfect.
  • The venue – Cincinnati Memorial Hall – in downtown Cincinnati was the perfect size and feel.
  • The acoustics and seating in the Hall were perfect for praise and worship music…and there wasn’t a bad seat in the house!
  • The sound, lighting, staging, and video resources all came together quickly…in LESS than one day…and combined to make the entire experience blessed, moving, and memorable.
  • The Memorial Hall Staff was very accommodating and allowed us all of the access we needed to the Building and its resources.
  • There was a City Park right across the street from Memorial Hall.  It was a perfect place for the children to play during our setup, breaks, and fellowship time.
  • The Westin Hotel (where we had an awesome group rate for our rooms) was less than a five minute drive from Memorial Hall.
  • The Hotel was beautiful, the Staff was very friendly and helpful, and the lobbies were HUGE…allowing for lots of fellowship opportunities.
  • Just across the street from the Hotel was a huge and open plaza…surrounded by several great restaurants that ended up being FILLED with joyful Saints!
  • This list could be a LOT LONGER…but let’s get to the main thing.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, Gwen was able to CLEARLY DELIVER the messages that GOD placed upon her heart.  We were in Cincinnati to hear the TRUTH…and to celebrate these incredibly blessed new lives that GOD has given to us.  That TRUTH has led us to change, and the changes have been rewarded with blessings from the Heavens!  There would be NO “Change the World for the Better” Tour Date without the TRUTH and the messenger who delivers it.  For THAT, we praise GOD ALMIGHTY and say “Thank you” to Gwen for pouring out her life to teach what needs to be taught!

And speaking of the TRUTH, look at this quote from Gwen’s message that powerfully sums up why we’re here in this Ministry and Church…and why we’re doing what we’re doing…

“God provided truth for us here—a clear but spiritually deep teaching of slowing down and looking and listening to what God is saying inside you starting with hunger and fullness.  The healing from obeying God’s leading of obedience was and still is phenomenal, but then if you continue on this journey of true religion of God first and God alone you will sense the start of all areas of life.  Your mind and heart are set on what God desires.  I knew that I was healed and lost my weight from listening to the signals from within and avoiding pain.  My leading was that pain was a tool from God to guide us.  So internal pain was what I used to monitor food, alcohol, my words, my interactions, my spending.  And reward was what I used to encourage me more.  So denial was achieved through a combination of avoiding pain and receiving peace and desire and longing for peace far outweighed my selfish desires for more—peace with no stress came when I stayed within in the boundaries of God.  The Holy Spirit that came once Christ died—GOD’S SPIRIT and His guiding hand—is the greatest gift of all mankind.  People have their fixes for all this but we have been here this weekend to speak of a better way, a superior path, and once you find it—you can share in our sentiments that it is the path that God intended for us to find.  There are indeed guidelines and boundaries set by God that remove pain, fear, stress, and give happiness and peace.  These have been found by this remnant of believers in this generation and we are here to testify about this path and we are here to be sure that you know that not one of us were on that path at one time and we all had multiple problems, difficult relationships, financial complications—no peace and much pain.  Change the World for the Better - Cincinnati - Worship MusicEach person who made the right choices walked free but none of us were able to do it without the body of Christ.  We found quickly that we were desperate for the gifts of the saints—whether it was wisdom, encouragement, counsel, etc.  But we also learned that the body of Christ lives on this earth for purification and training up for the afterlife and that means that God sends us suffering from family or unjust false accusations, persecutions, and a cross and so you have instant camaraderie thru sharing the sufferings, tears and picking up our crosses together.   I knew and the fruit proved that these words were from the heavens—that God is alive, close—not far away, that he does speak to this generation gave me the nerve to share what was really important about this internal guidance from the heavens—was that God wants a relationship with each and every one of us no matter how young or old, rich or poor, no matter how many mistakes you have made. He has provided a grace that will allow you to find His priceless Spirit and be led all the way to Heaven to live with Him forever.” – Words from Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship Founder – Gwen Shamblin – March 22nd, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio

There you go…that is the Truth…simply and perfectly stated!  AMEN!

And how did this impact those of us who attended the weekend’s events?  Let’s take a look at what several of our Remnant Fellowship Church Leaders had to say.  NOTE – These men and women have been a part of this message for a long time…and they have been an active part of many of these evangelistic events for years.  So their testimonies are important and very valid because they have borne witness to the timeline and progression of these life-changing events.  Here are just a few of their comments…

The Change The World for the Better Tour Event was SO INCREDIBLE!  We had the same eagerness for this life-changing event that we had when we went to our very first Rebuilding the Wall event 12 years ago.  This was WAY better!  The first one set us free to truly follow Christ with totally sold-out and like-minded believers – something that we had NEVER seen before in all of our travels – and this last one truly CEMENTED the foundation of LIVING and DOING.  Gwen shared “No matter how much you SAY you love God, your ACTIONS prove your love.”  And also: “Who murders who?” and “If you are still sinning you are hearing something false.”  We could go on and on because this event was a catapult forward!  May God forever be praised, glorified and exulted! – Rob and LuAnn Thatcher

After reading “The Tablet” and hearing what Gwen shared on this tour, True Life from beginning to end makes complete sense now and forever!  We have ordered 10 books to give out and cannot wait for this Cincinnati weekend to be on DVD or CD!!!  Praise God for everything and most especially Gwen who has fed and continues to so sacrificially and faithfully feed this Remnant!!!  Our family is forever grateful!!!!!!!  How does Life just keep getting sweeter and sweeter?!?! – Larry and Karen Sims

I cannot believe that God has allowed us to be a part of His Church, His True Church!! The testimonies this weekend of the hearts that have been changed FOR THE BETTER and continue to change were AMAZING!  But as always, our favorite is to hear Gwen pour out her heart to us!!  I love God and Jesus Christ more every time I hear her speak!!  We are more convicted and more focused on the narrow path before us and Our Amazing Most Wonderful Father and His Son!!! – Eldon and Sara Gormsen

The entire “Change the World for the Better” Tour Event in Cincinnati was inspired by God, led by God and blessed by God!  What He poured out through Gwen was incredible and life-changing!  The good fruit from this event will be plentiful for all to see in the days to come.  Also, through Gwen’s leading, webcasting the event to those not able to attend in person was such a blessing!  Thankfulness to Gwen and the tech team overflowed from those watching the webcast.  Like the rest of us, those participating in the webcast were inspired to do more and go further in their relationship with God! – Kent Smith

  • At every Weigh Down/Remnant Tour event, God is so sweet to bring new friendships into my life!  These friendships are unique as the bond seems almost instant and the heart leaps and is connected through this common bond of putting God first – A genuine love and concern is supernaturally natural!  The Cincinnati 2014 tour was no different – I met many people for the first time from all over the country who had been left so hopeless and desperate just desiring to somehow obey God!  Then we spent hours talking about how to fall more in love with God and helping each other on this walk of living out the practical words that God has given Gwen Shamblin that explain and teach HOW we really can live out the healing words of Jesus Christ: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on EARTH as it is in Heaven!!  HOPE was rekindled by this GOOD NEWS and many hearts immediately turned back to God and began to experience the healing of their hurting hearts and bodies! – Regina Smith

We loved Gwen’s talk on Saturday morning about the spiritual war throughout history, and the historical facts, especially the set up and politics of Constantine’s so-called end to persecution of the Christians and how today’s Christians see this as a monumental positive turn for the better in Christian history.  The detailed historic account brought the seriousness and reality of this spiritual war around us much clearer in our minds – these lies that kept us from knowing truth and from having a true personal relationship with our Creator and His son. – Ron and Jayne Dubois

Before attending the Change the World for Better tour, we prayed to God that our hearts would be open to hearing how we could be “changers.”  We learned from listening to Gwen that if we do not take a stand for what we believe in we will leave confusion for those around us and future generations.  We must live out what is true from God’s Word, first in our own lives, and take a stand for the truth. – Mark and Therese Marie Jost

This weekend was totally blessed.  My entire family and I are more charged than ever before to go further.  I was particularly stunned by the location at Memorial Hall.  It was perfect!  I was continually amazed at all of the small architectural, design, and structural details of the building and knew that God chose this perfect place because of HIS attention to detail and how important those details are to Him, whether it be a description of the Ark of the Covenant, the Most Holy Place, a Priest’s attire, our individual lives, or a building where a life-changing message would be delivered in Cincinnati.  A few examples of those details include: that the stage was guarded on both sides by murals of Archangels and the words Unity, Wisdom, Martyrdom, Philanthropy, Integrity, Equity and Will were emblazoned on the arch over the stage.  His Spirit was truly all over that place, this event and this weekend.  It was a life-changing and historic event that I am so grateful that me and my family had the privilege of taking part in. – Otis and Rhonna Rickman

Our family is moved, no doubt!  What comes to mind at the point from the weekend was simple but profound……are we the child-like Saints who “love obedience” and respond to God with a “yes Sir” immediately in following what he wants us to do?  Life-changing indeed! – Durville Patton

The event in Cincinnati was incredible!  Many answered prayers, powerful and life-changing teaching, music from the Heavens, testimonies of permanently changed lives and spending a weekend with people seeking the Truth, answers, and a deep relationship with God!  Many tears were shed as so many people felt true hope for the first time.  We went home this weekend with more brothers and sisters in an ever growing family of people who want to know and follow Christ for the glory of God! – Tedd and Candace Anger

This is just a small sample of what would literally be hundreds of pages of text…if we included everyone’s reactions and testimonies from the Cincinnati event.  So what happens next?  You STAY CONNECTED!  Just because the event is behind us now doesn’t mean that we can’t keep this momentum going.  In FACT, we MUST keep it going…for the glory of GOD Almighty and of His son Jesus Christ!  Keep tuning in to our Sabbath and Wednesday Assembly webcasts, and let’s keep “changing the world for the better!”


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