December – A Month of Celebration, Fellowship, Peace, and Love in the Remnant

Remnant Fellowship Festival of Lights Christmas LightsFor most people who are reading this, it is painfully easy to remember back to a time before you heard this message and became an active part of this Ministry and Church that is changing lives all over the world. You remember the excess weight, the overspending, the crankiness, the mood swings, the unrest in your home, the depression, the sleepless nights, and…unfortunately…much more. You probably also can remember a time when DECEMBER was a month of stress, unwanted travel, frustrations as you fought traffic, overspending, and…again…much more. But here…now…on THIS side of giving our lives over to GOD and His leading, we are finding DECEMBER to be the exact OPPOSITE of that list of tests and frustrating situations. We are finding PEACE and love and joy and contentment. We are seeing GOD’S leading in all of our shopping, family gatherings, travel, and parties/events centered around this season. And Gwen is leading the way in helping to direct our FOCUS on what really matters: loving GOD first and foremost, GIVING with a generous and selfless heart, not becoming “stressed out” when planning for special events…but looking for GOD’S leading on every detail. It truly is a feeling and a state of existence that cannot be adequately described with just words. It has to be experienced to totally understand how PEACEFUL it truly is. And in the midst of the understandably busier “pace” of activities during this month, we are finding a CALM in the middle of all of it.

WDWB - Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship RadioGwen talked about this on her Radio Show on Thursday, December 11th. She offered a charge to everyone…encouraging all of us not to be “overwhelmed” with the increased number of activities that most of us will be called to participate in. We were charged to turn our focus UPWARD and ask GOD if we are doing enough for HIM. She reminded us to…simply…do what is RIGHT and then watch everything else be “added unto you.” And Gwen never lets a public sharing opportunity go by without calling upon GOD’S people to PRAY MORE. Give EVERYTHING to GOD…all worries, cares, concerns, issues, etc…and know that IF we are living for Him first and foremost, He will organize our lives PERFECTLY! If you missed any of Gwen’s powerful words, catch the replay! With all of these great reminders in place, we have a wonderful opportunity to share in several special events during the remainder of December 2014 – this month of CELEBRATION. As a refresher, here’s what is happening…so that you can mark your calendars and be ready to enjoy the love and fellowship of the Saints!

  • Henry-Hudson Remnant Fellowship Covenant WeddingSaturday, December 13th – The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Connor Henry and Jennifer Hudson. The Wedding PROCESSIONALS begin at 5:00pm Central Time…which means that our Opening MUSIC segment will begin at about 4:25pm. Arrive early or log onto the webcast early to be encouraged by beautiful songs of praise and worship to GOD! Then, you will be moved and charged in your own Covenant relationship with GOD as you witness the Ceremony and Message that will be delivered. Following the Ceremony’s conclusion in Nashville, the Reception, Dancing, and continued Celebration will carry on throughout the Building. Join us!
  • Remnant Fellowship Festival of Lights and Messiah CelebrationSaturday, December 20th – The “Celebration of Christ”…also known as our “Festival of Lights.” The Assembly and Webcast will begin at 5:00pm Central Time. As we rejoice and remember the birth of Jesus Christ and recount the Saints who have gone before us, Gwen will take us on a trip through history that will both encourage and convict you to give EVERYTHING to GOD. This also is a music-filled Assembly, with special songs shared only at this time of year. Our Assembly Dismissal will be followed by a Meal and a time of continued Fellowship together.
  • Wednesday, December 24th – Christmas Eve – Join us at 4:30pm Central Time as we gather in worship and praise to GOD on this beautiful evening. We will dismiss in plenty of time for you to continue with however the Lord is leading your family plans for the Christmas Eve evening. But you will be glad that you gathered with Saints on this amazing night, and you will leave with a FOCUS on what is most important!
  • Wednesday, December 31st – This country (and a lot of the world) calls this “New Year’s Eve.” We see this simply as another opportunity to gather as Saints in worship and praise to GOD. And on THIS particular evening, our 6:00pm Assembly and Webcast will include a Music CONCERT, featuring Michael Shamblin and a variety of Remnant Musicians who will help direct our hearts and minds UPWARD in praise to GOD. Our Concerts are a BLAST, and there truly is a wide range of musical styles that are on display for GOD’S glory. As the Concert concludes, we will continue the evening with a Meal and more Fellowship time together.

Remnant Fellowship Festival of Lights Christmas ChoirAs you can see, there are a LOT of activities going on this month in the Remnant. And honestly, these are just the “bigger” events. There are still PLENTY of other opportunities for smaller gatherings, Youth events, Christmas-themed activities, and more going on over the next few weeks. We are highlighting a few of them for you so that you can see how FUN this life is that GOD has provided! He has given us an anti-loneliness remedy…a Church full of people who love to join together in FELLOWSHIP. Every member and every guest will be welcomed with joyful hearts, and we pray that GOD will grant you the PEACE that Gwen has talked about so often…as you live, first and foremost, for HIM! Happy December to everyone, the “Month of Celebration!”

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