The Celebration of Christ and Festival of Light – A Profound Message and Life-Changing Day

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Gwen Shamblin“The Festival of Lights… Now what do we mean by a light?  It is the immortalized ancient Saints that elucidate the path to eternal life… All the great Saints and Prophets and all the brave leaders were illuminators to the truth… Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rebecca, Joseph, Moses, David and Abigail, Jeremiah, Ester, Daniel, Judah Maccabee, John the Baptist, Paul and Peter, John, Mary and Mary Magdalene, and finally the greatest light, Jesus Christ.  Think of life like driving on a foggy night down a dark highway or walking down a dark cloudy path, only having a flashlight in the dark…” – Words from Gwen Shamblin – the Sabbath Day – December 20th, 2014

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Children ChoirThese words were amongst the very first ones given as Gwen began the powerful message that all who attended were blessed to witness on that day. For anyone who has been around this message, Ministry, and Church for any length of time, we must consistently REMIND OURSELVES that what we hear on a REGULAR BASIS…not just once a year for a special Assembly or only for Festivals, but regularly…are PROFOUND words from the Heavens. GOD has given Gwen a great insight into the wisdom and Truth that could only originate from Him, and she generously shares that with ALL who have ears to hear and eyes to see it. Our “tendency” as people is to “get used to” things that are repeated occurrences in our lives. You “get used to” seeing the sun come up and the sun set…and so if you are not careful and aware…you could actually lose your sense of AWE at what GOD just did this morning and this evening. The beauty of seeing even ONE sunrise or sunset should, as Gwen has said MANY times, leave our jaws dropped to the floor in amazement. Those sights ALONE should cause every man, woman, and child to fall to their knees in worship and adoration of GOD. But…we “get used to” it.

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Choir and BellsSaints…may we NEVER “get used to” receiving these REVELATIONS from the Heavens! These words and explanations of how we should be living our lives are literally giving us the “answer key” to the tests that make us candidates for HEAVEN! Every adult has been through at least some level of schooling and/or training for a skill. What if you had the answer key for all of the tests? You could, if you actually put in the TIME and EFFORT to be READY, make a 100…A+…perfect score on every test! THAT is what we are receiving here! When you think of it that way, and when we apply the words that Gwen has given to us over the years time and time again…remembering that “this life is a 70ish-year (a little more or less depending upon when GOD decides that our time on this Earth is over) job interview to see if we are candidates to be employed by GOD in Heaven”…then it SHOULD make every one of us want to SCRAMBLE to listen, watch, and take notes. It should spark us to make sure that our children are picking up everything they can on whatever level that they can follow – depending upon their ages. It should give us cause to pause and pray and thank GOD for such a HUGE CATALOG of resources that has been made available to us. Speaking of resources…let’s go back to Gwen’s words from the Festival of Lights and read more about what this means…

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Violins“I fear this day and age, for an unprecedented jealously from Hades is percolating on Earth. It is right to recognize men and women who have made the walk of salvation clear.  How we appreciate a good highway—and even more an expressway—paths that would have taken the original pilgrims a lifetime to cross, can now be traveled at lightning speed—all because of sacrificial labor of prior sojourners who cut through the mountains, smoothed the bumps, filled in the potholes and straightened the curves.  This is true for the Saints that have gone before us.  How rare are those who are lights, yet not only are they out there…they are infinitely more valuable than darkness. No one looks at the nighttime sky with excitement and asks others to take a look at the black spots.  To the contrary, all newborn infants, children and big children are fascinated with light, the twinkles, the stars and moon—the creations that reflect the light of the stars.” – More words from Gwen Shamblin – the Sabbath Day – December 20th, 2014

Remnant Fellowship - Messiah Celebration - Festival of Lights - Children SingingThat’s such a beautiful…and easy to understand…word picture. Gwen is exactly right. You don’t go “looking for darkness.” We spend almost all of our waking hours looking for and living in…LIGHT. And now, armed with this message, we can apply that same concept to our own spiritual growth. We have a tremendous opportunity to fulfill what GOD has asked of us…and actually BE a “bright spot” that this world can recognize. Even if many of the people around you in your everyday life do not acknowledge that GOD is GOD and they don’t give their lives to Him and serve Him every day, we all can testify that they STILL NOTICE a child of GOD when they see one. People are drawn to humility and to those who have the fruits of the Spirit, even if they don’t fully understand where it comes from. And if we put Gwen’s words and examples into practice…eventually…one or more of those people in your circle of everyday influence will ASK you what is so different about you. And that will lead to a conversation about GOD and about this message! So…let’s keep SHINING and be ready when those opportunities to share what we are hearing, witnessing, and living out here.

SnowflakesThis is the absolute best time in history to get to hear this message that GOD has given to Gwen to share with the world. Never before has it been this easy to CONNECT with people and share this Good News. You don’t even have to be a great “speaker” or “conversationalist.” You simply have to LIVE it and then be ready and willing to share the resources, website links, videos, audios, written materials, etc. that ALREADY have been painstakingly developed here. Those Weigh Down and Remnant resources lay out EXACTLY what any seeker would need to know. So…praise GOD for this time of year and for a messenger and clear message that is both wonderful and easy to share with a world that needs it! And may 2015 feature the BIGGEST GROWTH EVER, both spiritually and numerically, that this Ministry and Church has ever seen…all to the glory of GOD!

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