Words Cannot do Justice to the Joy and Power of GOD’S Festivals

Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and Passover - BellsWhile that title is absolutely TRUE…there are no adequate words to describe how AWESOME our GOD’S Festivals are…we have to TRY! We need to tell the world about what this Ministry and Church has in its possession. In reality, EVERYONE needs to hear the messages we are hearing. As the Scriptures say…and as Gwen has quoted and taught countless times over the years…the harvest is ripe! People are hurting and are looking for answers to any kind of meaning in their lives. And who are any of us to be able to answer that question?!?! And yet, GOD gives us His Spirit and Truth and Wisdom! As we reflect upon what was another historic weekend, first thing’s first – Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and PassoverThis was the LARGEST GATHERING of Remnant members in one location (here in Nashville) in our 16 year history. Praise GOD! We not only enjoyed the Lord’s Holy Passover and the Passion of Christ, but we also had the amazing opportunity to witness the “Voices” Viewsical two more times – leading into the weekend! It honestly was a perfect setup to Gwen’s messages over the weekend. We cannot truly be “passed over” unless we say NO to that selfish, satan-led voice that tells us to grab for ourselves, be greedy for ourselves, and put ourselves first. And through the mercy of GOD and by following in the example and footsteps of Jesus Christ – suffering as he suffered – we can say YES to GOD’S beautiful Spirit leading! Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and PassoverThat is something to celebrate! If we lined up the Testimonies about what this means to us, it would take thousands upon thousands of hours to express it all. But let’s just take a sampling from a few of our esteemed Leaders in this Church – and recount the love and the joy of the Remnant Passover and Passion of Christ weekend – 2015…

  • V2 Voices ProgramV2 showed the battle most or all are faced with, the fences people straddle. Gwen’s lessons removed those fences. I just wanted to state that folks who witnessed V2 should not think this was mere entertainment. It was many or all of our stories, struggles, fighting, swayed back and forth, to overcome. It was the beginning of our salvation journey reflected back at us – To include the victory in choosing the road less traveled, the walk of Jesus leading to God Almighty! This was personal to each of us. I will not forget as God has not forsaken. So much more as God is exalted! – Rusty Henry
  • Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and PassoverPassover 2015 was amazing! Saints traveled from as far away as Hawaii and Europe to come worship and celebrate together.  We are praising God this year that ALL of the Saints from Denver, Colorado made it to Nashville; there was nothing but love, joy, and a unified spirit between everyone.  It was great to see V2 again.  V2 gave a clear message and understanding of spiritual battles one may face daily, with Voices surrounding you everywhere.  One particular scene was with Aiode, a fallen angel.  She sang a song about “no second chances” for her as she went back down into the grave.  This was a convicting and sobering thought because God has been extremely merciful in my life, but He didn’t have to be.  It left me with a deep appreciation for God, yet it was convicting in that I want to live for God with a whole heart every day. One particular message from Gwen that impacted me greatly was about living for God’s dreams and not my own and how suffering will be part of our lives as we embrace and walk in the path of Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived for His Father’s dreams and not his own.  The conviction from this message has left me more in love with God than I was before Passover and has left me with an understanding and perspective of how to guide my family and to pursue God’s dreams – and your life will be blessed as you lay down your dreams.  There is no doubt that through V2 and Passover, Gwen is seeking what God wants for His people.  The messages that come from the Heavens have left us changed and convicted to live wholeheartedly for God! – Mark Jost
  • Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and PassoverThe 2015 Passover and Passion of Christ Celebration was incredibly blessed by God!  Gwen’s messages were powerful and convicting and made me appreciate more than ever the life-changing teaching that we continually receive.  I did want to share that as an usher, I see much of what goes on “behind the scenes,” and although this was one of the most highly attended festivals Remnant Fellowship has ever had, everything operated very smoothly!  From V2 and the Receptions on Thursday and Friday nights…to Registration on Friday…to an awesome Saturday morning charge…to the Sabbath Formal Assembly and Fellowship…to both Assemblies on Sunday…God blessed every moving part and the Church Body worked together so He was glorified!  There is nowhere else on Earth where this could happen!  Praise God! – Kent Smith
  • Remnant Fellowship V2We attended V2 three times and each time we felt so exhilarated, so encouraged, so humbled…we were teary-eyed and convicted and most especially thankful to be a part of this Remnant!!!!!!!  As Gwen said after each performance, “ONLY GOD could have put this together this quickly with submissive vessels willing to put their own wills down to DO HIS WILL!”  She PRAISED HIM alone for ALL HIS Saints, ideas, words, beauty, and powerful music!!! We have been here for almost 15 years and with each New Year, the PASSOVER becomes more meaningful and REAL!  Remnant Fellowship V2The children and young adults we have gotten to watch grow up in this teaching are strong and working diligently with the ones who have gone before them…from performing in V2 to working in all the arts, activities, and areas necessary to bring forth such events. IT ALL is miraculous, notable, glorious, and beautiful!!!  Words never are quite enough to express the love and gratitude and appreciation we feel for what God is allowing us to be part of here on Earth, and we pray always to stay in His Will exclusively! – Larry and Karen Sims

Remnant Fellowship Passion of Christ and PassoverThat’s just a small sampling of a narrative that literally could go on and on and on for as long as we would be able to keep reading! From the power of Gwen’s messages to the beauty of the Fellowship…from the conviction of the “Voices” Viewsical to the celebration in song and dance throughout the weekend…GOD was praised and lifted up. Jesus Christ was emulated and honored and adored. If YOU have a Testimony about the weekend that you would like to share, PLEASE send that to us. And let’s keep spreading the GOOD NEWS that we have been so blessed to receive in this incredible place!

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