Falling into a Full Autumn Schedule in the Remnant

Announcements-ThissenWeddingGOD is a GENIUS…as Gwen has said many times over the years. His timing is perfect, His weather is perfect, His ideas are perfect, and His schedule is perfect! Over the past few weeks, we have transitioned from a Summer full of Day Camp and lots of other wonderful activities…into the powerful, convicting Days of Awe, through the celebratory Feast of Tabernacles, and NOW into a “Fall/Autumn” FULL of Weddings, Special Events, and plenty of Fellowship opportunities. Let’s take a look at a summary of what is happening, starting THIS WEEK!

  • SATURDAY (the Sabbath), October 24th – The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Scott Thissen and Denise MacPherson – There is nothing quite like a Remnant Wedding. We have had over 100 of these since 2002, and ALL of them are UNIQUE in their own beautiful ways. The actual Ceremony, starting with the Processionals, begins at 5:00pm. But arrive EARLY…as we will feature beautiful music as a “Prelude” to the Ceremony, and that will start by as early as 4:15pm. Remember that we will NOT have a 9:00am Assembly that morning. This Wedding Ceremony will be our Assembly for that day. Don’t miss out on what will be an amazing evening of Truth, worship in song, and a celebration of unity in putting GOD FIRST!
  • soccerSUNDAY, October 25th – YOUTH SOCCER – Our elementary school-aged children are in the middle of “Soccer season” at the Church Building. They will gather for a fun time of coaching, learning, playing, and great sportsmanship beginning at 3:00pm. It is amazing to watch 100+ children compete in a sport…with NO bad attitudes, NO arguing, and NO bad sportsmanship! They genuinely love the friendships that they are building, and it is a wonderful thing to watch.
  • rp_08a_month_AllSaints-300x296.jpgSATURDAY (the Sabbath), October 31st – ALL SAINTS DAY ASSEMBLY and CONCERT – We have learned here…in this clear message that GOD is pouring out through Gwen…to re-examine the “holidays” we’ve grown up observing. One of those definitely is “Halloween.” What started out hundreds of years ago as a time to honor the Saints who gave their lives all the way to physical death…for GOD and for Jesus Christ…has horribly turned into this country (the United States) glorifying all that is obviously evil. This time of the year isn’t about “ghosts, goblins, witches, demons, and trick-or-treating.” It’s about honoring SELFLESSNESS and purity…wholehearted love and devotion to and for GOD. SO…we will be observing “All Saints Day.” We won’t have a 9:00am Assembly that morning, but we instead will gather for a 4:00pm Assembly and Concert. The message and music will focus on being a “living sacrifice” in our daily lives. Our attention will be focused UPWARD, not on the rebellious spirits that permeate this world today. Join us!
  • SUNDAY, November 1st – YOUTH SOCCER – Enjoy the Fellowship with other Remnant parents as the Youth gather at 9:30am to play together!
  • Olivas-DaySATURDAY (the Sabbath), November 7th – The Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Christian Olivas and Madison Day. Once again, we will joyfully celebrate another pure Remnant couple who will live their lives together in complete love for GOD and for His Church. The Ceremony will begin at 5:00pm and the Prelude music starts around 4:15pm. This will be our Assembly for that day. Come and see a truly GOD-focused Wedding!
  • SUNDAY, November 8th – YOUTH SOCCER – Enjoy the Fellowship with other Remnant parents as the Youth gather at 9:30am to play together!
  • SATURDAY (the Sabbath), November 14th – We will be back to our regularly-scheduled 9:00am Assembly. EVERY weekend is a “good weekend” to visit us if you can make it. Join us!
  • SUNDAY, November 15th – YOUTH SOCCER – This will be our final session of the season. So come out and enjoy the Fellowship with other Remnant parents as the Youth gather at 9:30am to play together.
  • Burns-PetersSATURDAY (the Sabbath), November 21st – This will be our THIRD Wedding in a four-week stretch! And they ALL will be special! This will be the Covenant Wedding Ceremony of Matthew Burns and Francesca Peters. The Ceremony will begin at 6:00pm and the Prelude music starts around 5:15pm. Once again, this will be our Assembly for that day. NOTE ALSO that we will observe our “Church Dedication” as part of the theme for that day. In late November of 2004, our Church Building and Grounds here in Brentwood, Tennessee was “dedicated” and opened for the very first time. Come and celebrate this joyous Wedding and Dedication Assembly!
  • SATURDAY (the Sabbath), November 28th – This the weekend that immediately follows “Thanksgiving.” Everyone will gather at 9:00am for our regularly-scheduled Assembly time. Trust us when we say that this Remnant is a VERY THANKFUL group of changed people!
  • Remnant Fellowship - Zion Market 01SUNDAY and MONDAY, November 29th and 30th – ZION MARKET! – Zion Market is a wonderfully fun and festive two-day Market…and it will be held on Sunday, November 29th (10:00am-3:00pm) and Monday, November 30th (5:30-8:30pm). It’s an event where Remnant members share their gifts and creations.  These items can be purchased for Christmas gifts or for personal use and enjoyment.  This event will be held at the Weigh Down Building – located at 308 Seaboard Lane in Franklin, Tennessee.  Join in on the fun, fellowship, and shopping!
  • SATURDAY (the Sabbath) Assemblies – December 5th and 12th – We will have back-to-back 9:00am Assemblies for the first two weekends in December. Join us!
  • SATZionMarketURDAY (the Sabbath), December 19th – The Celebration of Christ and Festival of Lights – Join us at 5:00pm as we focus on our amazing example and the only Son of GOD, Jesus Christ. This Festival will be full of joy, Truth, and plenty of worship in song. This is a great way to kick off the “Christmas” week! Join us!

And those “big events” don’t even BEGIN to cover our regular Wednesday Assemblies, Angels Armoire being open on Sundays, Fellowship events in Saints’ homes, Gwen’s LIVE Radio Shows on Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays, Youth Group activities, and so much more! As we “fall” even further into Autumn, it’s wonderful to take a moment and ponder just HOW MUCH our GOD has provided to us for our growth, enjoyment, and ultimately for HIS glory. What an HONOR it is to be a part of His “Kingdome of Love!”

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