Behind the Scenes: The recording of “The Hosanna Symphony”

The Hosanna Symphony by Michael Shamblin

Hosanna-Practice02It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years…My wife Miley and I had recently moved from Los Angeles back to Nashville after joining Remnant and were living in an apartment just down the street from Weigh Down. It was during this time that Michael Shamblin and I were really starting to build a friendship when he asked if I would help him record and mix the final tracks to Hosanna Symphony.

He had basically recorded all of the music for the symphony and was looking to start recording the choir, angel voices, and individual character solos. Although I had been a variety of music settings at this point in my life, the volume and complexity of the music he was composing was not like anything I had experienced before…he was very prolific and musically complex.

Hosanna-Practice01I had set up a small recording studio in one of the apartment’s bedrooms and it was in this setting that the majority of the character voices were recorded. It was a sweet time of nightly fellowship. We would order out food and have recording sessions with friends in the cast. Miley and I did not have any kids yet so the recording sessions often went late into the evening in that small little bedroom (amazingly, the neighbors never complained). Everyone would hang out in our living room nd, as we needed voices, we would call the singers in and record their various vocal parts. Sometimes we would have 4-6 singers crowded around the mic as we recorded harmonies! Although none of us could have predicted the impact of the Hosanna Symphony, there was excitement as we had a sense that we were a part of something historical.

Hosanna-Practice0310 years later and time has flown. I’m so grateful to God for the total life changes that have occurred. Every year has gotten better! Staying on this path of living for God has brought tremendous blessing…I’m now full-time working under Michael and the incredible music keeps coming. I have a closer relationship with God because of what we are taught here, I have a great marriage, 2 kids who were miraculous answers to prayer, and countless amazing friends.

I’m looking forward to January and the performance of the 10-year anniversary of the “Hosanna Symphony,” and I am grateful to be a part of this powerful and timeless “Viewsical!”



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