Meet Our Remnant International Members

When you hear Gwen and anyone else mention “webcasting” from the Church Stage or in e-mails, it’s easy for your mind to picture Saints gathering around a computer screen, a tablet device, a smart phone, or even a full sized TV screen. And when you think about this, it’s wonderful to visualize Saints gathering at our set Assembly times as we share these Gatherings together…but REMEMBER, there are Saints gathered around the WORLD at completely different times of the day. There are people who, no matter what else is going on and even though they might be worshipping by themselves “geographically,” log onto our webcasts and faithfully participate and live their lives for GOD and in total support of this Church and its life-changing message. So…let’s take a few minutes to celebrate and honor those who are brothers and sisters in Christ with all of us…regardless of the “time zone” that they are living in. And let’s reach out and encourage these dear Saints! Take a look…

Australia (Sydney):

Melba Lamproglou joined in April of 2014. Jeannie and Tanya Van Der Merwe are new members as of September of 2015. And did you know that Sydney, Australia is 17 hours AHEAD of Nashville? On top of that, Sydney is 9,211 air miles away!


Carlese Henry has been a member since 2002. Nassau, Bahamas is 1 hour ahead of Nashville, but it is 950 air miles away!


Bride O’Grady is a new member as of July of 2015. Ireland is 6 hours ahead of Nashville, and it is 3,794 air miles away!

Seoul, Korea:

Shasta and her family have been members since 2009. Shasta’s husband is stationed in the military. Seoul is 15 hours ahead of Nashville, and it is 6,911 air miles away!

Cape Town, South Africa:

Amanda and James (her young son) Van Der Merwe have been members since 2014. Cape Town is 8 hours ahead of Nashville, and it is 8,323 air miles away!

London, England:

Chris, Beth, and Jack Ancona have been members since 2002. Their daughter Allyson lives here in Nashville and will marry Hunter Day on January 2nd of 2016. Janice Croft joined in January of 2015. Olusola Olaniyi joined in September of 2014 and her daughter Jemimah joined in April of 2015. London is 6 hours ahead of Nashville, and it is 4,190 air miles away!

Edinburgh, Scotland:

Jennifer Lawson has been a member since October of 2013. Edinburgh is 6 hours ahead of Nashville, and it is 3,967 air miles away!


We have 54 members in Canada, and every one of them is precious to us. We will feature a separate article on our Canadian Saints in a future issue of Remnant News…so stay tuned for that! We WILL go ahead and let you know that some of the Saints over our northern border drive as long as 3 DAYS ONE WAY…just to be here in Nashville for our Festivals. Wow! Praise GOD for these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

As you can see, these Saints are SMILING! They are thrilled to be a part of this Remnant of the Kingdom of Love, and if you spend any time at all corresponding with them, you will KNOW of their love for GOD and for this Church. So…if you ever find yourself feeling a little bit down or maybe tempted to “complain” about having to drive somewhere or be somewhere by a certain day or time, THINK of THESE DEAR INTERNATIONAL SAINTS! They literally save up their vacation time, financial resources, and coordinate with their extended families to be here with other Saints whenever they can. They are a DELIGHT, and we both honor and esteem them today and every day. Praise GOD for the Saints all around the world!



  1. Estelle Kaplen says:

    Do you have any classes of weigh down in South Africa

  2. Shirley Anne King says:

    I am a 70 year old Canadian seminary professor in Seoul, South Korea. As God has been leading me toward remnant teaching, my heart has been moving away from conventional mainstream services and sermons. I am now alone and lonely; looking for someone in Seoul who understands theology from a remnant perspective.

    Can you direct me somewhere?

    Sincerely in Christ,

    Dr. Shirley

    • Miley Barcus says:

      Hello Dr. Shirley! Thank you for your comment. I just sent you an email regarding how to join us for worship via webcast, as well as information on Remnant Fellowship Church. There are many wonderful video and written resources available on our website at Also I will reach out to some of our international members to connect with you. We will be praying for you! Please keep in touch with us. With much love and respect, Miley Barcus

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