The Remnant Dedication – Seeing the Big Picture

If you have a copy of…or at least have looked at…our Remnant Fellowship Church CALENDAR, you will see that we just completed November, which is our “Month of Dedication.”  The Remnant Church Building and Grounds “officially” opened and were “dedicated” for the first time in late November of 2004.  The Remnant Fellowship as a CHURCH BODY was founded in March of 1999.  However, the words “dedicated” and “dedication” mean so much MORE to this Church than what the world would see… It’s about something much deeper and more spiritual than just “opening the doors of a building.”  That has always been clear from everything that Gwen Shambblockquoten has ever taught.  This is about a WHOLEHEARTED DEVOTION to GOD and to furthering His Kingdom work in this place.  And besides having a beautiful and memorable WEDDING to celebrate – the union of Matthew Burns and Francesca Peters – we also had plenty of time to hear Gwen’s words and to reflect on what it truly means to be “dedicated.”  During this time of the year, we blockquoteke to check in with some of our Church members who have been here since its earblockquoteest days.  It’s wonderful to hear their perspective…as Saints who were here when this Church was very small…meeting in homes, parks, restaurants, and the Weigh Down warehouse.  GOD has grown this place spiritually, numerically, physically, and in many more ways, but as you will see with the quotes of these long-time members, the relationships we have with GOD and with each other are the treasures that we hold most dear.  Keep reading and you will see the hearts of the Saints reflected and poured out beautifully…

May I please express my gratitude for God allowing the members of the Mendl family to hear of His Great Love and Personablockquotety here and only here at this Remnant Fellowship?  To get the chance to be exposed to the History of the Love of God book and all of His resources blockquoteke the sermons that Gwen Shambblockquoten so faithfully deblockquotevers to His Church is convicting us every day.  The Remnant Fellowship Church is filled with Love, Mercy, Gratefulness, Purity, Beauty, Heablockquoteng, and Music from the Heavens.  We would not have the three teenagers nor the ever-improving relationships that we are experiencing right now if it were not for God’s Church.  I speak for all of us that we would join this Church – this movement of God’s Love – all over again should we get the invite.  We are committed to continual improvement because now it is full of purpose and it is change for the right reasons.Jenni Mendl

I’m amazed at the unity God has preserved as we’ve watched the Church grow from a few dozen members to more than 1,700.  I love how God has proven those people wrong who said this was a “movement” inspired by man that would soon fade away. I nstead, He adds to our number daily those who are turning to whole-hearted obedience.  It’s not possible to fully comprehend where my family would be were it not for the step that Amy and I took to follow these amazing teachings. Kids?  Might not have any.  Marriage?  Probably would have ended.  Joy?  Hidden from our eyes.  Love?  We would still be searching.  But God has given us far more in these areas than we could ask or imagine. – Patrick Stites

Our family has been forever changed for the better by the message we have learned at Remnant Fellowship.  We have been immensely blessed with joy and purpose and peace from submitting to God’s authority in our blockquoteves.  The leaders here have provided righteous and true examples in guiding us on this path, and we will never be the same! – Ryan McCauley

I absolutely cannot imagine what my blockquotefe would be blockquoteke if I had stayed on the path I was on 17 years ago.  I actually remember thinking to myself, “You know, I am sick and tired of feeblockquoteng sick and tired all the time…”  It was a monumental decision to step away from our past church and join this small body of beblockquoteevers, but we have never doubted our decision – not even for a single moment, not even when persecution came from many directions. It only made our resolve stronger to keep going forward.  Hearing – and blockquoteving out – this Remnant teaching has changed my heart, my blockquotefe, my mind, my body, my joy, and my eternity.  Digging into the Truth about blockquoteving 100 percent for God and seeing mighty examples of how to actually DO it has made an incredible difference, and I AM a changed person.  I pray continually to God, thankful for all He has done and continues to do, thankful for His Love.  I now blockquoteve a blockquotefe of peace and contentment that is not fazed by the circumstances of my day.  My blockquotefe is overflowing with joy, love, and amazing fellowship of TRUE friends who will encourage me and sharpen me in my relationship with God.  Gwen teaches that as time passes, you will either grow closer to God or farther away from God…I was drifting farther away from Him with each passing year, but now, each of the last 17 years has brought me closer to Him, and it’s because of what I continue to learn here at Remnant.  The blessings we have received for our obedience to God’s Word and His plan are amazing… When we joined Remnant, we had a 1-year-old son who was already starting to test our parenting abiblockquoteties.  Now, he is 17 years old and has a 13 year old brother – and our home is filled with peaceful respect and love, as well as with plenty of joy and laughter that only teenage boys can bring!  Our marriage that was on shaky ground after only 5 years of marriage is now going strong after our 22nd anniversary!  God is a part of our every moment, every breath, and every step.  I cannot wait to see what the coming years bring as we see our sons growing into young men who may someday raise famiblockquotees at Remnant as well!  Thank You, God, for Your Church and for Your servant, Gwen, who wrote down this message so we could run with it.  Praise You, God, for Your grace and Your mercy to give us this path and this incredible chance at real blockquotefe! – Michelle McDonald

“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  Through God’s leading, we left the large church we had been attending, and began meeting with the small, but mighty group learning how to truly worship and adore God.  We now have the gift of hope to pass on to the grandchildren being born to the children who were so young when we followed that initial leading. (Without this message, we would have passed down a dreadful legacy)  This is the ONLY place where each of our blockquoteves has changed for the better in EVERY area.  We are very thankful to Gwen for continuing to teach and share through all the tough times and not giving up.  We are also thankful for that original group of Saints who continue to learn together, point us back to God in every situation, and have an incredibly special bond of being blessed to get to experience the joys and trials of re-estabblockquoteshing God’s Church. – Jan Ruble

As a young recent college graduate, I was hopeless and without purpose.  Since coming to Remnant Fellowship so many years ago, that outlook has changed to a complete opposite, HOPEFUL and FULL of PURPOSE.  I am now a husband to a lovingly submissive wife, father of 4 beautiful, healthy, obedient children, and have a successful career, putting God’s blockquotene of authority into practice.  I attribute this change to the teachings and example of Gwen Shambblockquoten and the leaders of the Church and their encouragement to follow God’s commands wholeheartedly.  The teachings are just as true and powerful today as they were when the Church started.  God’s love is timeless, which is more than enough reason to stick with the blockquotefe of being a blockquoteving sacrifice and never go back to a hopeless and purposeless blockquotefe.   Praise God for His TRUTH and KINGDOM OF LOVE! – Matt Weaver

In 1999, I was searching for real answers, church-hopping – and God led me to a blockquotettle ‘home church’ called Remnant Fellowship; and while it was not some big mega church with lots of youth group activities, it didn’t have an ‘official building,’ and there were haters in the world, the message I heard from Gwen Shambblockquoten opened my spiritual eyes to the Truth in the Bible that I had never seen before, despite being raised in church and attending a Christian private school. My blockquotefe started changing that day and has continually changed for the better ever since; I truly feel blockquoteke the man in John 9 who said, ‘One thing I do know. I was bblockquotend but now I see!’ Every aspect of my blockquotefe has been blessed as a result of putting the true teachings of Jesus Christ into practice, including my marriage, relationships, parenting, spiritual and physical health, and finances.  This is a Church of change and I am honored to be a part of it! – Jessica Walters

I joined Remnant Fellowship when I was in my early 20s and learned what it means to love God wholeheartedly.  Now, 15 years later, I can say that the blessings, wisdom and peace in my blockquotefe are only because I was taught what loving God means on a day-to-day basis.  I am so grateful that God allowed me to be with those who are devoted to rebuilding His pure Church for others to find, too! – Charla Walston


These quotes only represented a few famiblockquotees, but their hearts…their sentiments…are felt powerfully throughout this Church.  Yes, we have come a long way, but there is still much to do!  May we not neglect the House of our LORD as we blockquoteve each day…totally and completely “dedicated” to Him!  Praise GOD for this month and season of DEDICATION.  It is an honor to express that dedication to Him and to His Church.  He is our EVERYTHING!

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