Three Remnant Weddings, Three Mothers’ Joyful Perspectives

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Olivas-Wedding-DayIn an era where fewer and fewer people are choosing marriage over single life, the Remnant Fellowship Church has celebrated over 100 weddings in the past 13 years!  Often Church members and guests describe these magnificent occasions as incredibly unique compared to any of their prior wedding experiences.  Why is that?  Here are some thoughts from the mothers of the brides for our three most recent covenant weddings …


Wedding Preparations - Gwen Shamblin and Tiffani Day

Gwen Shamblin and Tiffani Day decorating the chuppa for Madison and Christian’s Covenant Wedding.

Remnant member Tiffani Day, who has had two daughters marry at the Remnant Fellowship Church, speaks of the unity of all involved, “In my not so distant past (though it truly feels like a lifetime ago) we had a family business doing weddings and events.  In my observations over those years, the time leading up to the ceremonies were filled with worry, strife, tears, and frustrations.  The contrast to here at Remnant is that these weddings are the most calm, peaceful, joyful and Heavenly experiences we have ever had the honor of being a part of!”


Gwen Shamblin - Wedding Preparations

Matthew Burns and Gwen Shamblin decorating two nights before his wedding to Francesca Peters.

All Church members would agree that the there is nothing but joy and unity in each Covenant Wedding Celebration itself, as well as the busy, full days leading up to the event.  While the Church building is bustling with activity, watching God’s Hand work through the direction of Gwen Shamblin, the leaders, and Remnant members is nothing short of miraculous!  The weddings here at Remnant Fellowship are by far the most magnificent, glorious occasions one could attend and look like something rivaling an occasion featured in a national magazine where hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent…and involving the hiring of much of outside assistance.  However, the opposite is true here.


At a fraction of what one would estimate the cost, every detail – the flowers, decorations, wedding cake, food, music – are remarkably all accomplished by the volunteer efforts from members of the Church.
Lisa Peters, mother of the bride to Francesca Burns, who on November 21st, 2015 married Matthew Burns, son of Remnant members Jason and Ali Burns, is a 15-year member of Remnant.  As a frequent volunteer with nearly every Remnant wedding, Lisa writes the following…“What an honor it is to work under the direction of Gwen Shamblin, Elle Shamblin, Amy Stites, and Joseph Langsdon…and alongside the WHOLE decorating team for weddings!  I cannot put a price tag on the experience.  It is a labor of love from the top down…and evidence that God’s Spirit is truly guiding this place.”​


With the divorce rate reaching record highs globally, many mothers may fear for their daughters’ futures, but not so with these three women.  Mary Ann Yarbrough, whose daughter Kristina married Michael Thorpe on November 28th said, “Michael and Kristina will have a successful marriage because they are already practicing the principles from what they learned at Remnant.  This Church and its teaching also worked for my husband and me.  This is the inheritance I wanted my children  to have!”


Remnant-Thorpe-WeddingLisa sums up the sentiment of all three mothers as she says,“My heart is so full of inexpressible joy and appreciation…the kind that goes far beyond being a recipient of such a glorious wedding for our daughter.  And I know ALL families whose children marry here feel the very same way.  I am so thankful to God…What is taught at Remnant Fellowship gave Francesca the tools to find a beautiful relationship with God and a beautiful life.”

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