Zion Market 2015: A Celebration of Gifts

Zion-Market-03An annual tradition started by Gwen a few years ago, showcasing the beautiful God-given talents within our Church community, this year’s Zion Market was once again an incredibly fun and festive way to kick off the season of giving! The enthusiasm of the Remnant was evidenced by the packed crowd on “opening day” of this two-day extravaganza at the WeighDown Building.

While the Connection Café served up the best sliders in town and children lined up for face painting, happy shoppers filled the halls. Saints of all ages perused the beautiful vendor tables in search of the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones.

Zion-Market-Michael-SilverEvery year I am truly awed by the creativity, skill, and vast array of gifts that God is pouring out from the Heavens on His people. This is not your typical Christmas “bake sale.” We’re talking artisan goods, handcrafted housewares, one-of-a-kind children’s clothing, and fantastic sweet treats. As I worked my way through the bustling happy crowd, I couldn’t help but ask myself…

How fast did Michael Ormaza actually sell out of his silver stash? How much beef should I buy for my family from Bob and Cherie Beene? But the burning question on everyone’s mind was…Who knew Tom Tuxford could knit?

Zion-Market-02Yes, Tom’s Icelandic wool hats were quite the rage, rivaled only by Kimberly Vick’s fluffy bow collection. The magnetic votex of cuteness wrangled me into both tables, fueled by my children’s remarkable ability to “sell” their mother.
Thad: I really, really, really, really want one of those hats.
Me: Are you sure it’s not a little itchy?
Thad (scratching his head): No, I reeeeeeeally love it.

Zion-Market-Gwen-BowsSince I am eager to support the home team, I dropped ten buckaroos on the lovely knit hat. This is honestly chump change considering the quality of knitting. Again, who knew? And my daughter has been sporting a giant, fluffy red bow with cheetah print since Monday. Thank you, Kim Vick!
If you are not a Remnant “local” and are tempted to feel a teensy bit of godly jealousy for not getting to participate…fear not, dear friends! You can find several Saints offering their wares online. Look for Tina Clark’s children’s clothing line, “Lillian’s Wardrobe” on Facebook, as well as Rachel Zanoni’s jewelry, “Music City Babies.” For handcrafted and sustainable wood housewares, visit Chris and Paula Smith’s store on Etsy.

Zion-Market-01As for Tom’s fancy knit hats…you may just have to plan a trip for next year.

Zion Market Vendors:
Baker Coffee Bar
Jannie Crane: Brentwood Clean
Exodus Industries
Bob & Cheri Been: Beene Ranch-Meat, Moss & More
Cora Palmer: Jewelry & Decor
Mike & Cassandra Beiling: Wreaths & Farm Fresh Eggs
Aldith Diaz: Pecan Pies
Vickie Veeder: Popcorn & Baked Good
Kate Tran: Wood Ornaments
Chris Smith: Home Goods
Tuxford: Crochet Hats
Anna Jackson: Scarves
Ashley Nash: Stocking Stuffer
Zion-Market-CardsRuth Beld: Crochet Apparel
Stacy Sims: Bows, Photo Coasters, Hot Sauce
Colleen Day: Hand-Crafted Vanilla Extract & Ornaments
Carol Whitney: Pottery Painting
Angel’s Armoire​
Michael Ormaza: Silver
Kimberly Vick: Flower Headbands
Raegan Holmes: Burlap Purses
Brianna Holmes: Calligraphy Cards & Tags
Terasee Morris: Crochet Baby Goods
Lori VanHuis: Silver
Rob Auernheimer: CS Automotive
Rachel Zanoni: Jewelry & Baby Apparel
Larissa Ottinger: Lace Baby Apparel
Tina Clark: Fancy Pants, Flower Crowns, Bows
Anna Smith: Personal Wine Charms

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