Celebrating the Covenant Union of Kevin Higgins and Nicole Peters

Kevin and Nicole Higgins with Gwen Shamblin - Remnant FellowshipOur amazing GOD is the One True GOD of second chances! When people find this message, Ministry, and Church, they change in so many wonderful ways…inside and out. Regardless of what life’s circumstances were prior to dedicating EVERYTHING to GOD, His generosity and mercy plays out in more instances than we can count. He restores finances after we’ve made a mess of them. He allows us to return to our ideal body size and weight after we’ve distorted and polluted them. He helps us rebuild all types of RELATIONSHIPS after we’ve spent a lifetime misusing and not appreciating them. Everyone loves a comeback story…a shot at redemption…a chance to “make things right.” We all in this beautiful message at Remnant Fellowship are living, breathing examples of this! The ways in which our lives are BETTER now…through what we are learning here…are too numerous to count, but we should still count those blessings daily. Two Saints who are doing that right now are KEVIN HIGGINS and the new MRS. HIGGINS…formerly NICOLE PETERS. GOD brought these wonderful people together in marriage and united two growing families on Sunday, January 10th. With their grown children, several extended family members, and plenty of joyful Saints in attendance, their Reception was a praises-to-GOD-filled afternoon of testimonies to the power of GOD to change, heal, restore, and fill His people with LOVE from the Heavens. Kevin and Nicole are both delightful and delighted with what GOD has given them, and we who are witnesses of their happiness could testify for a long time about their relationship and about GOD’S power. In fact, keep reading for a few testimonies from Saints who have been moved by Kevin and Nicole…and how GOD has worked in their lives!

Remnant Fellowship Testimonies

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Lisa Roth” avatar=”https://www.remnantfellowshipnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/lisa-roth.jpg” byline=”” alignment=”none” class=”” id=””]Jerry and I, knowing Kevin and Nicole and having shared in their lives and watched them CHANGE, were very honored to hear their vows before God and each other last weekend. The wedding was a sweet testimony to what God has in store for those who learn to love and obey Him!  Two now very soft and humble hearts, who have found the safety in being under authority and the joy of obedience, have been blessed and God gave them the desire of their hearts in each other. He first tested and refined them to see if they would put Him ABOVE All – and they DID! So beautiful to witness how quickly He bonded the children on both sides and gave the couple a genuine love for all of them. Only God orchestrates so perfectly and He has more than enough love to go around – and it never fails! This is a beautiful family, united for the benefit of each heart involved and for God’s ultimate glory. What a wedding and reception – put together so quickly and so perfectly – as He moved the Saints to lay down their lives to make it happen. God was in every detail, and this only happens in His amazing Kingdom of Love![/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Naomi Howell” avatar=”https://www.remnantfellowshipnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Naomi-Howell.jpg” byline=”” alignment=”none” class=”” id=””]It was such an honor to be able to attend this beautiful wedding reception of Kevin and Nicole Higgins!!! It was such a treat to get to hear the story of how God brought them together. As with all showers and weddings at Remnant Fellowship, I left so in awe of God and His genius matchmaking skills. I also was so encouraged at how interactive and involved He is with all the details in our lives and I was convicted to love and wait on God more because I just got to see another testimony of Him giving back and answering prayers. I praise God for these two Saints and their precious families who have chosen to follow and put into practice wholehearted devotion to God that we have been graciously taught by and shown through the daily and selfless example of Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship leaders.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Bill Higgins (Kevin’s Father)” avatar=”https://www.remnantfellowshipnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Bill-Higgins.jpg” byline=”” alignment=”none” class=”” id=””]There was a sense of God’s blessing in Kevin and Nicole’s wedding ceremony that was enhanced by the beauty and the closeness of friends and family. The reception was spectacular.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Monica Weaver” avatar=”https://www.remnantfellowshipnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Monica-Weaver.jpg” byline=”” alignment=”none” class=”” id=””]It was such an honor to attend the wedding reception for Kevin and Nicole!  It was a beautiful time of fellowship with Saints who are running after wholehearted obedience to God.  Everywhere I turned I heard conversations about what God was doing in people’s lives and how sweet the day was, what a joy to God it was.  To be able to be present and hear the heartfelt testimonies from the friends and family brought tears to my eyes.  Each of the children got up to share their love for their new parent and each other and how thankful to God they were.  It was amazing to hear a blended family sharing such love for the new “step” members.  Only God could have brought together such a couple in such a peaceful way!  From the youngest family member to the Patriarch, Mr. Bill Higgins, each story shared was straight from the heart.  I am honored and blessed to be able to know such a family![/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Karen Perera (Kevin’s sister)” avatar=”https://www.remnantfellowshipnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Karen-Perera.jpg” byline=”” alignment=”none” class=”” id=””]What an amazing and generous God we serve. He is the perfect matchmaker, wedding planner, job recruiter—everything. Words cannot describe the incredible week we had leading up to the wedding/reception. All accomplished with much prayer and the love and generosity of the Saints. The wedding service itself was so moving—it brought me to tears to witness the beautiful union of my beloved brother to my new sister. Perfect in its simplicity—beautiful because it was all God. The reception was awesome. One WhatsApp post was sent out to His Precious Saints asking for them to bring whatever God led them to bring resulted in the perfect foods and drinks and an incredibly beautiful time of sharing at the lovely home of Russ and Melanie Morgan, who so graciously opened up their home to our family. All of this was done in the midst of Hosanna Symphony rehearsals. We even had food left after the reception to share with the Hosanna rehearsal that evening! Everything was perfectly orchestrated by God with peace and joy abounding. We are so incredibly grateful for Remnant Fellowship and all we’ve been taught that even made this day possible—how to lay down our lives and deny ourselves and allow God to lead in every aspect of our lives…INCREDIBLE!!![/ms_testimonial]

Here are a few words from the BRIDE…Remnant Fellowship Member Nicole Higgins

Our wedding was amazing! After the beautiful decorating done on the Huppah for the Hunter Day/Allyson Ancona wedding, God gave the wedding team the idea to marry US under it. We trusted God that all the rest could be put together in a week and it was so much more than we could have expected. I enjoyed the intimate and relaxed setting of having family and a few close friends at the ceremony. The generous Morgan family allowed us to use their home for a blessing reception. It was such a blessing that we were able to invite more people than I thought we would. Even though we did have quite a few people we were able to spend more time visiting with our guests…versus a large Church reception. Our friends and family organized food and a beautiful cake. I still wore a wedding gown and Kevin a tuxedo that allowed for beautiful pictures. I would not change anything about our wedding day. I am overwhelmed by God’s blessings and coordination. It is amazing how peaceful it all was. Then to top the whole day off we got to leave the reception walking through a line of bubble blowers. It was magical!

And here are a few words from the GROOM…

Remnant Fellowship Member Kevin HigginsIt’s hard to describe how amazed I am at the way God can move through His people to create such a perfect memory. One moment it was suggested to us to start working on our vows in hopes of a wedding within the next month or so, and the next moment we are being asked how soon we can be ready. Ready turned out to be a week from the day we were asked that question! In one week…by the grace of God and the generosity, hard work, and creativity of the Remnant Saints, we were able to put together a wedding, reception, find a new job for myself, find an apartment for our new family to live in and all while the peace of God rested on us. No one will ever be able to tell me anything can’t be done with our Amazing God and His precious Saints! I would not have been able to plan a more beautiful and touching event…even with a year to plan it. My thanks goes to all those who showed us their love through their generosity and selfless actions. We will never be able to express how thankful we are to the Saints and how grateful we are to be serving the One True God.

Don’t let anyone convince you that bigger is always better. The small, intimate wedding pulled off by our amazing Saints was the most moving experience I have ever had, with the exception of watching the birth of my three beautiful children. Praise God!



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