Out-of-Towner’s Facebook Page – There’s a LOT Going On!

Our very own CHRIS WATERSON penned this article as a highlight and review of something that is incredibly EXCITING for Remnant Fellowship!  We are CONNECTED…no matter where we live in this world.  Keep reading and you will see for yourself what the “buzz” is all about…

By Chris Waterson – Alma, IllinoisChris-Waterson

As a member of Remnant Fellowship, but living outside of Brentwood,TN, do you ever have thoughts of being left out?  Thoughts like…I can’t be in “the middle of the pack” because I live states or countries away?”  Thoughts that you are all alone?  Well have I got news for you!

God has squashed all those “lies” through the leading of Gwen Shamblin, our leadership, and this wonderful technology we have access to.  Facebook now has a closed group called Remnant Fellowship Out Of Towners that currently has 323 members.  This is an answer to ALL your prayers about being CONNECTED. 

This group is headed up by Gwen Shamblin, Kristine Petralito, and our leaders.  Kristine has been diligent in using this page to coordinate gathering times to get together and chat…and for shout-out times after midweek worship, better known as the “You Can Overcome” Show.  She is making sure we are in the heart of things going on.  In fact, we just had the blessing of a Friday night and Saturday night Chat time on Facebook.rp_WDandFacebook_Thumb-300x300.jpg 

Friday night everyone had read (ahead of our Chat time) I Peter, and when we gathered, we chatted about what we learned in that book.  Then on the Sabbath night we chatted about the service from that morning and what touched our hearts or charged us to change. 

We hear there is such a “buzz” in Tennessee that the local members are all trying to find a way to get on this page and participate!  They are excited for us all because of the unity and connection we are making for the Kingdom. 

Here are a few highlights from our Friday night Chat time

  • Brenda Meyer (Pooler, Georgia) – “I Peter 2:23 has always been an encouragement to me…”
  • Jade Beld (Wyoming, Michigan) – “I feel like every time I read the books of Peter, I am even more convicted and find something I have not seen before.”
  • Diane Gauker (Camden, North Carolina) – “I Peter 2:20-22… I can’t hear this enough!  And it goes with so much of the Love book…we have been called to this sacrificial life of Christ and with Christ.”
  • Jaime Field (Longwood, Florida) – “My kids and I have been reciting I Peter 1:13-16 all week!  So this is awesome to be feeling unified in the Spirit.”
  • Olusola Olaniyi (Greater London, England) – “The last verse in I Peter 3…about those who suffer in God’s will should commit themselves to God and continue to do good…reminds me of the insufferables.”
  • Kristine Petralito (Glencoe, Illinois) – “These are all such beautiful comments!  I think we are all on a similar page that we are enjoying being carved out by the suffering that God allows in order to have the Character of Christ!”

Then from our Sabbath night Chat time…

  • Sean Munn (East Regina, Sasketchewan – Canada) – “I am so encouraged and grateful to God for providing so many WhatsApp groups that I needed so I can get off of self and now this group also – feeling very full and so loved by God.”
  • Alane Van Donsel (Cortland, New York) – “We are truly so blessed!  Praise God for all of this!”
  • Heather Williams (Regina, Sasketchewan – Canada) – “Podcasts, WhatsApp, several Facebook pages, All Access.  Wow!  Plus webcasting, e-mail, phone calls!  Letters, visiting other Saints. Who are we to have this much truth at our fingertips?  Plus Twitter, the Love book, Tablet, etc…”
  • Lorina Mentessi (Lake Katrine, New York) – “I so praise God for this Remnant, the testimonies today, and for this chat tonight!  This is the lifeblood needed…”

Multiple comments loved Hunter Day’s testimony and they say the Out of Towner’s (OOTER’S) Facebook page and chat time is “better than potato soup!”  We are so blessed to be living the words of Matt Weaver’s song, “Where we are, where we are, ZION IS!”

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