Experiencing God’s Greatness in the Great State of Ohio!

Remnant Fellowship Ohio Gathering

Remnant Fellowship Ohio Gathering Sabbath AssemblyThis past weekend, March 26th & 27th, a regional gathering was held in the great state of Ohio. What is a regional gathering you might ask? It is an amazing time where Remnant Fellowship members and Weigh Down visitors gather together at a location closer to home. It is a time of encouragement, fellowship, worship and iron sharpening iron. If there is ever one even remotely close to you city—get there!—you won’t regret it!

Gathering with the Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Saints

Remnant Fellowship Ohio Gathering - Hotel LobbyThis Ohio gathering was no exception. It began with a Friday evening meet and greet as guests arrived. Most didn’t make 10 feet in the door of the hotel lobby before they were greeted with hugs and love from friends both old and new. A van of Nashville youth arrived later in the evening driven by the ever fearless and totally fun Tom and D’Linda Law.

Saturday morning brought more than 100 saints from 7 different states together to worship God and hear a powerful teaching on God-Fearing Families (from Mrs. Gwen Shamblin). With the incredible technology that God has provided with webcasting and Skyping, we all felt one in Spirit with those in Nashville even thought hundreds of miles separated us.

Fellowship continued at a local restaurant and then moved to the home of our gracious hosts, Sharon and Terry Fickel and their children, Grant and Abigail. The youth gathered and shared testimonies, hearts where encouraged, testimonies of how one found Weigh Down and the changes that have occurred, lessons gleaned from the morning sermon and constant pointing up to God was heard throughout the house. A grand piano in the house was quickly used for more than an hour of praise and worship and singing up to God.

Sunday morning closed out the weekend with a small group skyping in with Flo Wright and her Weigh Down class in Lagos, Nigeria. Yet another example of being connected in Spirit even though an ocean separates!

Remnant Fellowship Ohio Lunch GatheringIt was like being in Nashville, just a little further north. Words cannot do justice and capture the Spirit of unity and peace that was over the whole weekend. Young children playing together and being respectful of their surroundings, several babies were loved on and cuddled and they were happy and content.

Reactions from Remnant Fellowship Members in Attendance

“Wow! Praise GOD for such a blessed gathering this weekend in Ohio. The beautiful hearts of the Saints were shining bright, and the fellowship was so encouraging and convicting! The Sabbath service was incredible, and it was so amazing to be assembled with over 100 Saints to hear such a powerful message! This weekend definitely encouraged me, and I know our family will forever remember this gathering! We are so grateful for all the Saints who traveled to the gathering so we could Praise GOD together!” – Terry Fickel, Columbus, OH

“The Ohio Regional gathering 2016 was an absolute “Glory” to God in every way!! Such an incredible message, so many answered prayers, a complete love and unity among the body of believes during the entire weekend! The youth were just a delight and such an encouragement to all! We had incredible music being played and sung during the day on Saturday! I received so much positive feedback!!” – Sharon Fickel, Columbus, OH

Remnant Fellowship Ohio Gathering - Local Fellowship Time“Being together with all the saints here in Ohio and our visitors from Nashville while listening to a life changing message just makes the connection with the saints and God all the sweeter.” – Paul Grimaldi, Cincinnati, OH

“My heart is so full! The beautiful, refreshing of being together with the saints was over the top and the teaching we heard once again was totally life changing! There is no other place I would rather be than with the Remnant Saints.” – Tracy Grimaldi, Cincinnati, OH

“‘It only takes one to make a change.’ I’m very excited to be able to change my relationships for the better by me changing, by being the person that changes instead of expecting others to change.” – Kris Wright, Illinois

“I had two previous opportunities to get together with the saints and missed both of them. If I have any opportunity to visit with the saints I will go, to build each other up and get to know more people. To be surrounded by the world can be draining so to fellowship with Saints is so encouraging.” – Alane Van Donsel, Courtland, NY

“Spirit-filled, fun-filled, fellowship-filled time of blessing and encouragement.” – Sandy Birt, Springfield, OH

“Absolutely fabulous! More than I expected! Getting to see people I haven’t seen for a while and new friends, loved every second! It was worth the trip!” – Patty Mullins, Nashville, TN

“It was so sweet for us all to just get together and look in the mirror. When you watch people the spirit convicts you to go further. The message was amazing and I AM changed. I have immediately put into practice convictions from the weekend! It was super fun!” – Beth Smiley, Cincinnati, OH

“It was totally worth the seven hour drive and we would have gone twice as far to be with the saints. I am charged up, encouraged and more in love with God because of what I see in these families!” – Amanda Baker, Nashville, TN

Whether you only have to drive 7 minutes or 7 hours, it is worth any travel time to attend a regional gathering and to get with the saints. It is a cool drink of water in the middle of a desert!

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