Remnant Passover & Resurrection Celebration 2016 – An Introduction

Remnant Fellowship - Resurrection of Christ and Passover 2016

Remnant Fellowship Passover and Resurrection Celebration LogoWe are approaching the time of PASSOVER…and the RESURRECTION CELEBRATION of Jesus Christ.  At the end of next month (April) the Remnant Fellowship will fully participate in this Holy Festival, and we as a Church are very grateful that GOD has opened our eyes through the teachings He has poured out through Gwen Shamblin…to turn our focus UP to HIM.  To know what this means to GOD and to each of us is a precious jewel, and so…listed below are some introductory words from Gwen that will set the stage for what is to come in the next few weeks.  NOTE – This is part one of a series of Remnant News articles that will address various aspects, events, and traditions of this special time.  We pray that GOD will be pleased with all of our hearts and actions and motives throughout this entire Festival.  And now, a few words from Gwen…

“The original Passover was over 3,300 years ago.  It is a night to be remembered for all generations to come…even until Jesus comes back and beyond.

Seventeen years ago – at the turn of the century our Lord called us to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  God has done all the work and He has not slumbered day or night and has created a beautiful light in the darkness and the darkness has not understood it.  We know that we have been led by God to celebrate His glory and His power.  He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. This should be a night of praise.  My prayer forGwen-Shamblin-2016 this beloved community is to return His love…to love Him and Him alone with all your heart and soul and mind.  To love Him is to adopt His wishes and leading into your heart.  To love Him is to put His ideas and will into your life, and God in His genius has created festivals and feasts and certain foods to wake up every sense to help us to understand His will and His glorious and loving intent for all mankind.

During this time it is most important to know that He wants your heart and mind to be attentive to Him and His Spirit.  It is not right to have a “ritual” (on the night we eat the Passover Meal).  It IS right to eat the unleavened bread, lamb and wine and bitter herbs as a reminder of the Truth so that your entire family will know and love our God better.  What is the Truth?  The Truth is that you should have the blood of Christ on the doorframes of your heart.  You will see redemption and salvation if you are under the blood.   To participate in the blood and body of Christ is a life of forsaking the world and living only for God and God alone.   If you forsake the world and its ways you will experience persecution and slander and false accusations and testing and correction.  All of this is love…for it shows that God loves you enough to invest time in you…to carve out a new creation that will live forever.  Share with your children your Exodus and help them remember the bitterness of the world and the sweetness of coming under God’s lead.  Remember that God hates religious feasts that are not from the heart.  (Amos 5:21 and 8:10)   God’s people have always kept vigil in the night to remember that God stayed up all night to rescue His beloved community from the hands of satan.

Please look to God’s lead during this time.  What an awesome day!  It is the year of God’s favor.  Make sure that you simply love Him with all your heart…for He is worthy of this and so much more for all that He has done for the Remnant over the past fourteen years!”

Those are words from Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen ShamblinWhat a perfect description of what the Lord’s PASSOVER means…both past and present!

Remnant Fellowship Passover and Resurrection CelebrationThis very special extended weekend in April is less than a month away!  The Remnant Fellowship’s observation of “PASSOVER” and the “Resurrection Celebration” will feature lots of special activities, Assemblies, and Gatherings.  The messages will be powerful, uplifting, and convicting.  The music will move you to worship GOD.  The Testimonies of the Saints will inspire you to keep changing to be more like Jesus Christ.  The Fellowship time will be amazing and memorable.  With these introductory words in mind, MARK YOUR CALENDARS…especially for that April 21st through the 24th weekend.  We will have a Fellowship Gathering for our NEW MEMBERS on Thursday evening, an Assembly on Friday evening, an Assembly on the Sabbath afternoon, and another Assembly on Sunday morning.  And there will be LOTS of Fellowship throughout the weekend as well.  STAY PLUGGED INTO this Remnant News website for MORE Passover information as the days and weeks unfold.  Let us ALL make this the most PURE Passover and Resurrection Celebration we have ever had!  Our GOD deserves our wholeheartedly devoted lives!  In conclusion, here are some of the highlights from a recent Passover and Resurrection Celebration.  After watching it, you’ll get a taste of the JOY and LOVE for GOD that comes out of our hearts.  And we pray that if you are interested in putting this life-changing message into practice in your OWN life, you will share this time with us.

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