Jared Peters & Abby Sroda…The 112th Wedding in Remnant Fellowship Church!

God continues to be the “Genius Matchmaker,” as evidenced in the upcoming Covenant Wedding Celebration of Jared Peter and Abigail Sroda, who were introduced to each other in May of 2015 at a Church event. One year later they will be the 112th wedding performed in Remnant Fellowship Church!  We all praise God for how He continues to draw the pure and humble in heart together!

Remnant Fellowship members, Abby Sroda & Jared Peters, Covenant Wedding Celebration is May 14th.

Remnant Fellowship Church members, Abby Sroda & Jared Peters, will marry on May 14, 2016.  This Covenant Wedding Celebration will take the place of our regular morning worship service. Everyone is invited to attend!

Remnant Fellowship Wedding services are considered Sabbath worship assemblies. Even if you do not know the couple who is getting married, the sermons are always God-focused, timeless and applicable to all the Saints everywhere.  Whether you are local or outside of Nashville, please join us for this powerful and inspiring worship assembly.

If you are outside of Nashville, click here to watch.



For those outside of Nashville, please join us via webcast at www.RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com

“Words cannot describe all of the beautiful and inexpressible JOY we are having with the upcoming Wedding of our son Jared to the most precious Abigail Lynn Sroda! We prayed for our children’s spouses and when you pray for a wife for your son…. And we prayed for a wife of noble character described in Prov. 31… “ a wife of noble character, who can find?” and then you see right before your eyes that God has answered that specific prayer, you can’t help but be filled with inexpressible JOY!! 

Longtime Remnant Fellowship members, Cliff & Lisa Peters, pictured with their son, Jared and his fiancé, Abigail Sroda.

Longtime Remnant Fellowship members, Clifford & Lisa Peters, pictured with their son, Jared and fiancé, Abigail Sroda.

We are THRILLED and so excited for this Remnant Covenant Wedding for Jared and Abby!  We are filled with gratitude and praises to God for his great LOVE and mercy with such a glorious gift as He did in bringing these two special people together. We have full confidence in this union from what they have learned and put into practice through the teachings at Remnant Fellowship Church.  We humbly anticipate that their devotion to God first and then each other will result growing and strengthening of this church for generations to come!!” Clifford and Lisa Peters

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