Remnant Out-of-Towners…staying connected is easy!

“We are feeling like the early Church using 21st century technology!” reports Kristine Petralito, resident of Glencoe, Illinois and 13 year member of Remnant Fellowship Church. Kristine has never lived in Brentwood, Tennessee the “home base” for the church, however, she feels more and more connected to the Saints around the world. Here is an update from Kristine, on behalf of the Remnant Out-of-Towners…

Let’s hear it for the “ROOTERS”


“Out-of-town” Remnant Fellowship members Kristine Petralito and her son, Max.

The Facebook Out-Of-Towners group is up and running and has taken off!! What a group it is! Being a “ROOTER,” as we like to call them, (acronym for Remnant-Out-Of-Towner) is something that I have watched evolve in the 13 years I have been a member of Remnant Fellowship Church. It went from curling up with my phone in my guest room, to using speaker phone, to allowing us to see the real webcast on a computer…then on the big TV!  I remember always feeling like I was instantly transported when I heard everyone singing, right in the middle of the sanctuary with everyone. Then after worship we would text each other or call and then look forward to a gathering or traveling back to TN for fellowship at our fingertips.

Staying connected through Facebook

Then, we had WeighDown on Facebook as lead by Gwen Shamblin and her son, Michael. That group has been so blessed! There are now 8,400 folks on there looking for God and a relationship with Him. I am constantly amazed at what God is doing with that group. I became so involved with them that I can honestly say, I never thought about what God lead Gwen to do next on Facebook… form a Remnant members Facebook group for out-of-towners. As soon as she called, it was as if my eyes were opened to the possibilities and my joy was overflowing. I suddenly understood that I could instantly connect with all the people who were in the same boat as I am, a person longing for the connection to like minded saints!!

Recently on the OOT page, we have followed the direction laid out by leadership and have been in the book of Acts. One Saint, Gayle Mahnke of my state of Illinois, posted this that sums up what the page is like perfectly wrote: Acts 4:23 “On their release, Peter and John went back to their own people and reported all that the chief priests and elders had said to them.” I just love that…”Their own people” !!! That’s what God has provided for us here!!!!!!!! Praising and thanking Him!!! Amen Gayle!!!

The Enns and Janzens, both Canadian families stay very connected through Facebook and make trips to Tennessee as often as they can!

The Enns and Janzens, both Canadian families stay very connected through Facebook…and make trips to Tennessee as often as they can!

Through Facebook, we “gather” daily…we are gather on Wednesday nights for our own shout outs…and we gather on Friday evenings for a chat in order to prepare our hearts for the Sabbath morning teaching. We often gather after worship and share what God has spoken to our hearts about and what He is doing in our lives. Anytime we need fellowship we just step into our own “Fellowship Hall” and soak up what everyone is sharing and post our own thoughts and needs.

Last sabbath evening was especially lovely. I watched the Holy Spirit pour out a mighty movement last week. While our amazing leaders were away in FL on a planning retreat, they logged onto our Facebook site and suddenly prayer requests were pouring in like I have never seen. As a seasoned Facebook coordinator, I have never seen the likes of the amount of posts there were in less than an hour. I could not keep up!! It was just like walking through the Fellowship Hall.. and hearing snippets of every conversation, each one giving Glory to God! Even if you don’t talk to anyone, your spirit is lifted because the Glory of God surrounds you!!! Then even more so when you participate in the talk.

The love, the community is real…connect with us!



Jill Kelly and her boys joyfully traveling from their home in Illinois to Brentwood, Tennessee for Feast of Harvest.

If you are in the out-of-town category…PLEASE JOIN US!  If you don’t know how to get onto Facebook, reach out for help! Call, text, email another Remnant member who can help you and teach you how to get connected with us. In Jesus’ day, folks would lower a friend from the roof in order to get inside the circle and be touched by Jesus – Do the same!!! Be encouraged and transformed by the like-minded believers around the world.  Then, of course as God allows, go to Tennessee to connect with our brothers and sisters THERE. Praise God for the technology…

Wherever we live we can connect, build each other up and continue to advance this beautiful Kingdom of Love.

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