113th Wedding at Remnant Fellowship Church

Here is a glimpse of an incredibly joyful celebration from June 4th, 2016 at Remnant Fellowship Church! Christopher Radebaugh, son of longtime Remnant Fellowship members John and Julie Radebaugh married Brentwood, TN resident and Remnant member, Grace Betancourt marking the 113th Covenant Wedding in the church!


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On June 4th 2016, at 6:30 in the evening, Christopher Radebaugh was married to Grace Betancourt in a beautiful Remnant Fellowship Covenant Ceremony. This young couple marked the 113th Remnant Wedding and the entire festivity was a glory to God. Chris and Grace’s wedding was celebrated by hundreds of people from their Remnant church family and out of town family and guests. The entire wedding was also webcast from www.RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com to people watching around the globe worshipping God and celebrating the couple’s matrimony.

Every aspect of the wedding was completely devoted to glorifying God and His Heavenly Kingdom. From the decorations, to the music, to the couple themselves…all of it was all in, fully committed to making God look good. As with every Remnant wedding the decorations were done by church members who volunteered to use their gifts in decorating, flower arrangements, painting, and other gifts to make the entire building elegant and appropriate before God. The wedding colors were navy, champagne, and touches of light blue as led by God Almighty to perfectly set off the entire evening in beauty and grace.

During the ceremony itself, once again staffed by church volunteers, the music was primarily selections of original works by Michael Shamblin and other Remnant Fellowship Musicians. It also included performances by the groom’s family, longtime Remnant members, John and Julie Radebaugh, as well as members of the wedding party to honor God first and the couple also. Following the prelude music and readings of Scripture was a powerful message delivered by Gwen Shamblin which honored God by pointing out the blessings God provides when you fully obey him and devote your whole heart to Him, as described in Deuteronomy 28.

Following the Covenant charge, given by Gwen Shamblin, there was a joyful reception for all in attendance to revel in. The food and celebration was a triumph for God and His Kingdom of Love, as fellowship and dancing went on through the night. As with many Remnant events people of all ages danced to God’s good pleasure, and this wedding would be no different. Chris and Grace, members of the wedding party, Church members, and guests danced in celebration and their joy at what God had done was so very evident.

As the reception drew to a close, the young couple was surrounded by well-wishers who gathered to send them off in love. Chris and Grace departed amidst all the pomp and celebration the guests could muster as they waved sparklers and cheered in exaltation. Chris and Grace drove off into the night as fireworks lit the sky and God was glorified by the entire affair.


John and Julie Radebaugh, parents of the groom: “Huge honor to be a part of such a beautiful and joyful wedding celebration and so grateful that my whole extended family and friends got a chance to meet everyone. We all had such a wonderful time and the entire weekend was blessed from beginning to end. We are very humbled and grateful and so excited for Christopher and Grace!”

Becki Sindell (Maid of Honor): “Chris and Grace are such an encouragement to me, I’m so happy for them and the entire wedding was such a glory to God! I praise God for their godly examples and love for God, which is so evident in their lives and actions.”


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